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Monday, 20 March 2017

Has Maternity Leave Made Me Addicted To My Phone?

When I left my job to go on maternity leave, I was living in quite a secluded place. I don't drive and our house wasn't near any public transport so I relied heavily on family and friends. I lived out of town though, so obviously I couldn't expect them to transport me around all the time. It was very lonely, I'd have days where myself & Isabella wouldn't even get out of bed. Because I just couldn't be bothered to sit and talk to a sleeping baby who didn't even smile back at me (oh the newborn days). Fast forward 4 months, we are back at K's mums which is a short walk from the town centre. I have more real life mummy friends than ever, however I can never put my phone down.

I am guilty. So so guilty of always being on my phone. It never leaves my side, and it's just too easy to pick up. My baby, as fun as she is getting now can't talk to me. If I'm by myself, I am pretty much just that; by myself. Bella smiles and sometimes giggles, but she can't have a conversation.

I am part of 4 different group chats, with 4 different groups of ladies all covering different topics. I have my real life mummy friends, I have my online mummy blogger friends, and I have 2 separate blogger friends chats. I am on so many mob like mum Facebook groups, where everyone judges each others parenting and argues with everything anybody does. I am also admin of my real life mum friends Facebook group. Then there is Twitter & Instagram. I instastory almost daily, I know it does some peoples head in but the amount of love and support I get for mine & Bella's daily life is unreal. I take a lot of photos. I post pictures of my daughter daily on Instagram and I never miss anything she does, ever. I'm always there with my camera snapping away. I watch youtube, all the time. Finally, I play games. I get bored, especially when Boo sleeps and I am having a sit down. Monopoly is my fave, I am obsessed.

I find it hard to switch off. K gets frustrated because I'm 'always on my phone' which is true. I struggle to just put my phone down for a long period of time, I really hate to admit. I couldn't even tell you why. Maternity leave has made me addicted to my phone & social media, and it needs to stop.

I'm going to try and stop relying so heavily on my phone. I need to stop picking it up every 2 minutes to check social media, because nothing will have changed. I wont miss out on some life changing news, if anybody needs to get hold of me they can call me.

My addiction needs to stop today!

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