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Friday, 24 February 2017


Valentines Day was always more of a one sided thing for me & K. I mean, he isn't exactly the most romantic of people at the best of times! But this year he absolutely blew me away by surprising me with a voucher to have my hair done and not only that, he had actually booked me an appointment the same day. I had been dropping hints for ages, as one of my mummy friends had re-opened the salon. K has very selective hearing so I doubted that he took any notice but the boy came through!!! Major brownie points.

I had never actually been in the salon before but I can't praise the interior enough. I genuinely think it would probably be very similar to the way I would decorate if I had a salon myself. There are lots of different textures and patterns, which all work amazingly together and my favourite part, lots of rustic wood around the place as you can see from below.  

They are a small team, made up of 4 lovely ladies who all in fact knew each other before opening the salon which gives it such a lovely vibe as you can tell they are all genuinely good friends. I knew my stylist Amy from school so we just spent the whole time catching up which of course was lovely! Also, as if this place wasn't ticking the boxes enough, for Valentines Day they were offering prosecco & orange juice along with heart chocolates! WINNING!

K had booked me in for ombre/balayage, which again I was surprised he remembered that was what I wanted. I'm not going to pretend I know anything about hair so won't be able to get very technical I'm afraid, but I know I had it curled and look how pretty it looks!! #HairGoals.

I am absolutely in love with my new hair, I'm going to be going back in a few months to get it even lighter but for now, this is as light as my hair will get without damaging it. You can find their website here, their Facebook page here, and the most amazing Instagram here where they are always posting the best before & after pictures which I am obsessed with!  

*Disclaimer - I haven't been paid  to post this, nor am I receiving anything in return  for posting! K paid for this in full

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