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Saturday, 3 December 2016

BLOGMAS | Christmas with I Love...

Available from Boots, Argos, Sainsburys & Asda - not online

I was super lucky to be sent some of the gorgeous Christmas range from I Love... I remember I Love from when I was in school and I always got the gift sets for Christmas. I think I even got my youngest step sister one of the sets for Christmas last year. They really are great for any age. All the scents are SO mouth wateringly delicious! 

I think my favourite is the Raspberry & Blackberry scent. I've tried this before so I'm very familiar with this set, I love it. 

I've never tried the Strawberries & Cream range, but if you're a lover of sickly sweet scents this one is for you. I'm a sickly sweet lover (think snow fairy x10) so this is one I love.

Lastly there is the new (I think?) scent, Chocolate & Caramel. You should all probably know I'm a bath bomb lover so these are right up my street, and in fact these smell so chocolately, my dog was licking them when I got them out. The Miniature treat box are also such lovely gifts, they would make perfect secret santa presents! And how gorgeous are the heart shape soaps?! They'll keep you going for a while! 

Unfortunately I'm not sure of the prices of these, and I can't find them online anywhere! Most of these are exclusively available to buy from Boots.



Thursday, 1 December 2016

BLOGMAS | Introduction & Christmas Decorations

So, call this a massive cop out but I really didn't think about how hard Blogmas would be with a newborn. I'm not kidding when I say I've been trying to write this post ALL BLOODY DAY! It's not even a real post! How has it taken me so long?! Anyways, I promise I do intend to make the rest of Blogmas better so please bear with me... oh and if you haven't already realised, I'M DOING BLOGMAS!! 

(how nice are all these decs????)
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