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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Why I've Hated Every Minute Of Pregnancy

Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration but I can't be the only person to say I really, really dislike being pregnant. I never for a minute thought I'd be one of those people who loved every minute of pregnancy, but I can't really remember a minute I have enjoyed. I think I peaked at around 26-28 weeks when I felt normal, but before that and after that it's not been a good run.

My mum always says that I'm a drama queen (obviously this isn't true *princess emoji*) and pregnancy probably hasn't helped that. The problem is, you become a worrying wreck during pregnancy. Any kind of movement (or lack of in my case), any strange coloured liquid that comes out of you TMI or anything that feels slightly different is a panic. I, and a lot of pregnant people I know have been back and forth to the hospital like its our second home. 

I've been blessed to not have too many symptoms, except constant exhaustion. At the start, I had constant nausea, which although it isn't nice it is manageable. I haven't had sickness, my nipples haven't leaked yet, I haven't had any stretch marks (except my boobs), and I have had a fairly smooth ride. I have developed SPD, which is crippling so I guess it makes up for the other symptoms. But I really do feel for those who have suffered with anything and everything, as I've struggled with my few symptoms. 

When I lay in bed having woken up for the 194357th time that night, sweating buckets whiles being very uncomfortable and struggling to breath I do wonder what on earth was going through my mind when I decided this baby would be a good idea. I can't wait for her arrival, don't get me wrong, but I can't lie and say I've enjoyed the run up to it. The best bit has been buying cute clothes and I can't say I'd recommend pregnancy to anyone, EVER. Just don't do it to yourself.

Are you pregnant? Did you enjoy your pregnancy? 
Daisy xxx



  1. It really is such hard work and every week seems to throw a new challenge your way! Not much longer. xx

    Georgina Clarke - Pregnancy & Baby Blog

  2. I hated mine! As in, it was that bad I am just having the one kid! I think its more common than people care to admit!


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