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Friday, 9 September 2016

My 4D Scan Experience

From the minute I found out I was pregnant, I knew I always wanted to have a 4D scan. When I was researching in to it, my brain was mushed by 3D/4D scans, all the different packages, all the extras you could buy, all the places that do them I honestly didn't have a clue. I asked on Twitter and a few baby groups on Facebook and like everything else, everyone had their opinion and I was no further forward picking a location to have my scan. If I'm honest, I completely stopped looking for a good few weeks because I was so overwhelmed by it all.

I knew time was ticking as they won't do 4D scans after a certain amount of weeks so when I was around 24-25 weeks I started to look in to it again. I found a place in my own town, which I didn't know even existed, with Ultrasound-Direct (Baby Bond). There was a package called 'simply 4D scan', which was the cheapest I had seen a scan anywhere. It was £59, with the option to add on extras (photos, DVD etc). I booked it without even thinking twice. 

I was able to pay half and then the rest at the scan, which I think is really lovely as it can sometimes be a lot of money to pay out in one go. I also chose to add on a USB stick of pictures which was an extra £15 which I didn't mind as I would always have the pictures of my baby.

When we arrived we were shown to a lovely little room, it was very dark and quiet which was really relaxing. I decided to take K and my mum, as she hadn't been to any of my previous scans and it was something I really wanted her to see. The lady came out to let us know she was running a bit late but I didn't mind at all, I was so excited I had barely slept the night before! I can't remember exactly but I believe I was around 26+1 when I actually had my scan. The Simply 4D scan only offers from 25-28 weeks so I was perfect timing. 

The package included a 15 minute appointment, about 10 minutes of that is actual scan which doesn't sound like a lot compared to some packages where you get a lot of scan time but we all agreed when we came out that you couldn't have had much longer scan because we had seen all there was to see, I really don't think I could've sat there for much longer seeing it all over again! 

Luckily baby played nicely and let us see her really well, and also confirmed the sex as I still didn't believe she was a girl (and yes, she really is a girl, I saw her bits!!!!). We saw her beautiful face, hands and feet. She looks like her daddy already which is scary. I always thought people were mad when they compared a scan to a person but honestly, she has daddy's big nose and pouty lips like mummy! 

Baby Bond have studios all over the UK and offer so many different packages (although it can be scary picking them!). Everyone has their own opinions on 4D scans, some say its a waste of money however I would happily spend that money again to see our baby. I am actually desperate to have another scan before she arrives but I am running out of time!

Have you had a 4D scan? What did you think?
Daisy xxx



  1. This is so cute! I bet you're so excited for your new arrival :)) xx
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. The scan photos are fab - I think for the price you paid it was a great deal. I took so long deciding if I wanted a 4D scan or not that I missed the boat with the Simply 4D scans. I'm not prepared to pay the price for the bonding scans now so I'll guess I'll have to wait until November to see our baby!! :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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