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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Why I've Hated Every Minute Of Pregnancy

Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration but I can't be the only person to say I really, really dislike being pregnant. I never for a minute thought I'd be one of those people who loved every minute of pregnancy, but I can't really remember a minute I have enjoyed. I think I peaked at around 26-28 weeks when I felt normal, but before that and after that it's not been a good run.

My mum always says that I'm a drama queen (obviously this isn't true *princess emoji*) and pregnancy probably hasn't helped that. The problem is, you become a worrying wreck during pregnancy. Any kind of movement (or lack of in my case), any strange coloured liquid that comes out of you TMI or anything that feels slightly different is a panic. I, and a lot of pregnant people I know have been back and forth to the hospital like its our second home. 

I've been blessed to not have too many symptoms, except constant exhaustion. At the start, I had constant nausea, which although it isn't nice it is manageable. I haven't had sickness, my nipples haven't leaked yet, I haven't had any stretch marks (except my boobs), and I have had a fairly smooth ride. I have developed SPD, which is crippling so I guess it makes up for the other symptoms. But I really do feel for those who have suffered with anything and everything, as I've struggled with my few symptoms. 

When I lay in bed having woken up for the 194357th time that night, sweating buckets whiles being very uncomfortable and struggling to breath I do wonder what on earth was going through my mind when I decided this baby would be a good idea. I can't wait for her arrival, don't get me wrong, but I can't lie and say I've enjoyed the run up to it. The best bit has been buying cute clothes and I can't say I'd recommend pregnancy to anyone, EVER. Just don't do it to yourself.

Are you pregnant? Did you enjoy your pregnancy? 
Daisy xxx


Friday, 9 September 2016

My 4D Scan Experience

From the minute I found out I was pregnant, I knew I always wanted to have a 4D scan. When I was researching in to it, my brain was mushed by 3D/4D scans, all the different packages, all the extras you could buy, all the places that do them I honestly didn't have a clue. I asked on Twitter and a few baby groups on Facebook and like everything else, everyone had their opinion and I was no further forward picking a location to have my scan. If I'm honest, I completely stopped looking for a good few weeks because I was so overwhelmed by it all.

I knew time was ticking as they won't do 4D scans after a certain amount of weeks so when I was around 24-25 weeks I started to look in to it again. I found a place in my own town, which I didn't know even existed, with Ultrasound-Direct (Baby Bond). There was a package called 'simply 4D scan', which was the cheapest I had seen a scan anywhere. It was £59, with the option to add on extras (photos, DVD etc). I booked it without even thinking twice. 

I was able to pay half and then the rest at the scan, which I think is really lovely as it can sometimes be a lot of money to pay out in one go. I also chose to add on a USB stick of pictures which was an extra £15 which I didn't mind as I would always have the pictures of my baby.

When we arrived we were shown to a lovely little room, it was very dark and quiet which was really relaxing. I decided to take K and my mum, as she hadn't been to any of my previous scans and it was something I really wanted her to see. The lady came out to let us know she was running a bit late but I didn't mind at all, I was so excited I had barely slept the night before! I can't remember exactly but I believe I was around 26+1 when I actually had my scan. The Simply 4D scan only offers from 25-28 weeks so I was perfect timing. 

The package included a 15 minute appointment, about 10 minutes of that is actual scan which doesn't sound like a lot compared to some packages where you get a lot of scan time but we all agreed when we came out that you couldn't have had much longer scan because we had seen all there was to see, I really don't think I could've sat there for much longer seeing it all over again! 

Luckily baby played nicely and let us see her really well, and also confirmed the sex as I still didn't believe she was a girl (and yes, she really is a girl, I saw her bits!!!!). We saw her beautiful face, hands and feet. She looks like her daddy already which is scary. I always thought people were mad when they compared a scan to a person but honestly, she has daddy's big nose and pouty lips like mummy! 

Baby Bond have studios all over the UK and offer so many different packages (although it can be scary picking them!). Everyone has their own opinions on 4D scans, some say its a waste of money however I would happily spend that money again to see our baby. I am actually desperate to have another scan before she arrives but I am running out of time!

Have you had a 4D scan? What did you think?
Daisy xxx


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

What does a baby actually need?

When I found out I was pregnant, before even knowing the sex we went to our closest Mothercare which is quite a large one. My baby was going to have e v e r y t h i n g brand new, everything. I wasn't going to compromise, she was only having the best of the best. 

The buggy we picked was £840 for just the base, it didn't come with a car seat (or anything else for that matter) and that was an extra £200+ on top but it didn't matter, that was the buggy she was having. 

I picked the furniture for her room, a room she didn't actually have as we both still live with our parents, but again that didn't matter because at least she would have nice furniture, and her room would one day be pretty. 

After a few months of picking up bits and pieces, an opportunity for a house came up. We went to visit the house about a month ago and fell in love with it. I was having the house weather it meant struggling, believe me. Now with just over 9 weeks to go, moving in to our first house with nothing and still lots to get for our little princess the reality is setting in fast. I can't afford that £1000 buggy, I can't afford the £700 three piece furniture set I so badly wanted and I am going to have to compromise.

The problem is, these days there is far too much to choose from. My mind is mush with all the gadgets and technology you can buy, but what does a baby actually need? Lots of people will tell you as long as your little one has a roof, clean clothes, food and love they have everything they need. I'm beginning to realise that this is very true, and although we will never struggle to support our baby, for the first few years she might not have everything in the world but that is okay, as we will be a family and at the end of the day thats all that matters

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