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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Duty Free/Airport Haul

I recently went to Greece flying from Heathrow. I went to the airport with intentions that I was going to treat myself. I didn't go craaaazy, but if you've followed me for a while you'll know I have next to nothing in the way of 'high end' makeup (I didn't even really own anything MAC before this) so I wanted to get a few bits.

I started with MAC as I knew I wanted to get my first ever lipstick. I didn't even bother looking at the shades, I just asked if they had Velvet Teddy (£12.50) as I had tried my cousins a few months ago and loved it. She found it for me straight away and I was super pleased. Secondly, I wanted a highlighter. I was browsing them but if you've ever been to a duty free MAC, especially Heathrow North terminal, they are normally quite small with very few assistants so as soon as she was free I just asked her recommendation... She said the Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade (£20ish) was her fave, I swatched it and liked it, so didn't even think twice and purchased it. It was quite a rushed, panic buying experience! 

If you haven't seen Benefits new releases, you must have been living under the rock. I had the Benefit Brow Zings a few years ago and loved it, although since something put me off buying it again (I think it was the price...), however my mum bought it a few months ago in Duty Free and I always use hers so I decided to pick a new one up. I went for Benefit Brow Zings 04 (£20) which I wasn't sure would be the right shade as I haven't tried the new shades but its fine, it matches perfectly. The only thing I would say is I'm sure they have changed the product as it doesn't overwhelm me like my mums does when I use hers....

I got Bourjois Bronzer & Highlighting Duo (£7.99) from Boots, in the airport so it counts, but I really don't like it, soz. I know its every bloggers fave bronzer but nah, I don't like it :(

And lastly, just to sneak it in, I actually FINALLY bought Mary Lou Manizer (£17.50) (before holiday but it also counts). I've been eyeing it up for the longest time, but when FeelUnique sent me a discount code I ended up buying it for about £12!! BARGAIN!! And I ADORE IT! I actually have a full review coming soon so look out for that. :)

Have you picked up anything from Duty Free recently? Let me know if you've done a haul!

I just wanted to mention the new blog design and a slight name change too, I love love love it so would be grateful for any feedback! :)

Daisy xxx


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

22 Week Pregnancy Update & GENDER REVEAL!!

Ahhhh how the devil are yah? I read back on my 13-14 week update post just to see what kind of things I wrote about, and I said at the start I wanted to do WEEKLY updates!! Pahaha, who was I kidding. It's been 8+ weeks since my last update (which was actually my last blog post, I am terrible!!), so grab a cuppa as you know how I like to babble on.

So as I write this I am 22+1 day. If you follow me on Twitter you should already know as I haven't stopped talking about it but we are having a GIRL!!! As you can imagine this was a huge surprise, after the amount of times I said I would put money on my baby being a boy. He turned out to be a she, which was the biggest shock I've ever had in all my life and if I'm completely honest it still hasn't sunk in. 

I am obviously so over the moon to have my own baby girl, but I hadn't even looked at anything girly as I was so set she was a boy. I thought I would be obsessed with buying clothes straight away but if I'm honest it was the last thing I wanted to do. I liked girls clothes, but I loved boys clothes. I had already picked out bits I liked from certain shops so I had to take a while to get used to not going straight to the boys section. I have also realised I'm very fussy when it comes to picking her clothes so she hasn't actually got much so far, poor baby. 

I went shopping with my mum on Saturday just gone (haul coming soon...) and I tweeted that it was the first day I felt completely happy I was having a girl. I can't lie and say I wasn't a teeny, tiny bit disappointed (well, more shocked than anything) when she told me it was a girl but I am finally over that and I'm ready for my little lady.

We recently got back from our pre-baby holiday to Greece. It was stupidly hot, and I only managed two days in the sun before I had to retire to most the day under shade. I still really enjoyed it though, all I kept thinking about was next time we go away we will have a child in toe. The picture was taken at nearly 21 weeks but I feel I had a massive growth on holiday. I am now over that 'are you fat or pregnant?' stage, and have actually been asked a few times when I'm due. I love when people notice I'm pregnant, as before I used to just get looks of confusion. I haven't grown much since the picture, and I am forever being told how small I am, although I'm not convinced anyone can actually tell.

I have put on nearly a stone, and in my last update I said I had put on 4 pounds so its gone on quite quickly since then. I'm not too worried as Ive had people tell me they put on stones and stones, and I needed a bit of extra weight.

I still haven't had any cravings. I try and explain at work whenever somebody asks me... A craving to me is something you HAVE to have there and then. I've been told I would wake K up at night because a craving was so bad he needed to get me it, but i've had none of that. I've fancied stuff, but never NEEDED anything which I think is the true meaning of a craving.

My sleep is up and down. The past few nights have been awful. I have been getting 4-5 hours sleep, then I will wake up, usually at silly o'clock ready to get up for the day. It's like my body is just rejecting sleep and I don't know why. The thing is, I don't then feel really tired during the day, I just feel normal. It's really odd and I hope my pattern goes back to normal soon!

My sickness/nausea has gone completely, I never ever get it anymore *touch wood*. I have been getting acid reflux on and off, but I've only really had it about 3 times properly. It's a strange old thing! My back has been terrible but as I've mentioned so many times I do actually have back problems. And my boobs/nipples have been SO itchy I can't do anything to get the itch. Asides from those little bits, I have felt the most normal I have felt in 22 weeks. Everyone said to me I would start feeling better but did I believe them? Did I heck! 

I can't believe how much I've wrote for this 'small' update, I guess thats what happens when you don't do an update for such a long time!! I'll do better next time, I promise.

I also feel like my blog is becoming very baby based, which is just because I've had no time to do anything else. I love writing the baby posts, and I can write and write and write, however I promise I will be doing some more other posts soon. I want to get back to blogging as I miss it so so much!! And maybe a make over is on the cards too...

Daisy xxx

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