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Friday, 20 May 2016

13-14 Week Pregnancy Update

I was certain that I would do at least weekly updates on here during my pregnancy, even if you don't like reading them, for my own viewing as I really want to be able to look back on my pregnancy. It's been a struggle to gain the energy to even write this one, which I have been planning to do for nearly 2 weeks now. I will do updates when I can, however I have come to my own conclusion that they will probably (almost certainly) won't be weekly!

Today I am 14 weeks + 3 days pregnant. I have been pregnant for 101 days. I am firmly in my second trimester and my baby is the size of a peach. I am not enjoying pregnancy, full stop. There, I said it! Call me a bad person, but I have not enjoyed a minute of it so far. *que the violins* 

One of my main and worst symptoms is sickness. I must admit, I haven't been sick once however I have all day every day nausea. It really starts to get irritating when you just cannot do anything to shift it. Some days its worse, some days I gag even when I talk and some days I just want to run to the toilet and make myself sick as its that bad. Obviously I have times where it passes slightly but there is always a niggling sicky feeling in my stomach somewhere. The recent weeks I was certain it was beginning to pass completely but nope, its back with a vengeance. I'm sure it's worse now than it was before.

How far along: 14 weeks + 3 days

Days until due date: 179!!!!

My bump: growing more every day! I look in the mirror every morning and I'm sure I get bigger by the hour.

Weight changes: I have put on about 4 pounds in the past month, ouch.

Cravings: food!!! The only thing I've really been craving is ice lollies. I think its due to the weather though! 

Sleep: Terrible. I usually sleep on my front so for the past few months Ive been trying to get used to sleeping on my back/side. Its really not going well meaning I have restless sleep pretty much every night. SAD TIMES.

Symptoms: sickness as mentioned above, I've had heartburn tonnes, my back has been aching, I have had a headache every day for the past 2-3 weeks but again, I think it could be due to the weather, sore boobies!

Gender: unknown at the moment (28th June I will find out!) however I'm certain it's a boy.

Mood: terrible. I'm always so snappy, exhausted and tired and if I'm 100% honest I've really struggled lately.

Looking forward to: our next scan and going on holiday the day after!! My holiday shopping is out of control.

I still have so much more that I could say, I feel like my pregnancy posts will all be one massive ramble as I can talk for hours about it! but I won't bore you now, maybe soon ;-)

I hope you like the update posts, please do let me know if you would like to see regular ones and I'll try my best for you!! 
Daisy xxx



  1. Hey, congrats on your pregnancy!
    I can totally relate to your first trimester symptoms, I was never sick but my god did I feel terrible.. Trust me, it gets better! Hopefully your symptoms should die down soon :)
    Bet your excited for June to find out the sex :D Hopefully time flies by so you'll be cuddling your little one in no time.

    Looking forward to your next update! :)

    Sarah x

  2. Congrats on the pregnant - sorry to hear about the sickness but it will all be worth it once the baby arrives :)

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  3. Sounds like you're having a bit of a bad time right now, so I hope the nausea goes soon! Hopefully by the next scan and holiday time, you'll be feeling better! *fingers crossed* Tania xx

  4. I had the worst sickness at the start to the point I couldn't keep anything down not even water I got given pregnancy sickness tablets and not even they worked properly they stopped me feeling/being sick for a couple of hours a day if that! But now I'm 26 weeks and I don't get sickness very much other than from the heartburn I keep getting which is the worst I've ever had heartburn and I don't like gaviscon so I've been drinking milk to try and calm it down but that barely works either, I know what you mean about hating pregnancy I'm not enjoying it either to be honest I'm just looking forward to the end result but so nervous about when it comes to getting her out of me ��

  5. Oh I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough pregnancy! Hopefully your symptoms will start to ease soon ♥

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  6. Aww lovely to read your update but I can't believe how rough it's making you feel! I hope it gets better over time! :) xx


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