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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Freedom Makeup London | House of GlamDolls Palette

This is a post which I must admit has been sat in my drafts for months. I got sent this palette a looooong time ago, however for some reason never got round to posting about it. Soz. This Freedom palette is something of a brilliant, genius idea. I'm sure there are thousands of this type of thing but ayyyy, I love Freedom so I'll let them take the limelight ok?

The idea of these House of GlamDolls palettes is basically an all in one. There are four in the collection, and obviously mine is quite brightly coloured but there are more toned down ones for more everyday looks. Included in the palette are: brow colours, highlighters, eyeshadows, contour & blush and finally lip colours. What more could a girl need?

Freedom Makeup London are the 'MUA sister' of Makeup Revolution, a brand that is targeted more at the actual makeup artist rather than myself for example, who just enjoys makeup. So this is perfect for any MUA to take along with them as it is very simple, sleek and small enough to carry around.  Win win!

What do you recommend I try from Freedom London next?
Daisy xxx


  1. The Strobe palette looks really nice, I have been waiting for it to come back in stock. Great post, this palette looks so bright and big; beautiful x


  2. I actually have been trying out some of the Freedom products and the contour kits are really good. I mostly love the eyebrow products; I love the eyebrow powder duos they do and the shade selection is amazing like the Anastasia ones and they have dip brow dupe as well which I really want to try but there also sold out when I go into superdrug!
    Sarah x

  3. What a stunning palette with such a range of shades! I really want to try this brand out, I have heard so many good things!
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  4. There are so many different colours going on there - I'd love to see how you wear them! I stick to my trusty naked palettes as I'm too much of a wuss!

  5. I really need to try more Freedom makeup so think a little haul will be needed once payday rolls around. Will definitely be checking out the palettes :)

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx


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