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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Threads Lashes & Brow | Beauty

I feel like lashes is one of those beauty do or dont's. You can either apply lashes or you can't, there is no other way around it. For the most part, I can't. Sometimes, I can (complete fluke believe me!). I'm not much of a lash wearer as I am blessed with some long ole' real lashes but sometimes I like to go all out and wear lashes.

I had never heard of Threads beauty before I was contacted by the lovely Jasmin to see if I wanted to try some out, Threads do lashes and brow products among other things too, so of course I said yasssss gimme all da lashes and brow products. I received two beautiful pair of lashes and an eyebrow pencil. 

Threads Beauty | Brow Pencil
I'm not much of a brow pencil lover however this one claims to be semi-perminant, sweat proof & water proof, so I am all for that. It's quite a sharp pencil and I find you have to press quite hard to get any pay off but I've started using this on my less heavy brow days and it gives a really natural look too. However at £15 a pencil, I doubt I would rush to purchase it time after time.

Threads Beauty | Lashes
I received two pairs of lashes, Celestial & Emiloo. The Celestial lashes are the more natural pair out of the two, when I wore these they were super natural and I would even go as far to say they looked like my natural lashes. When I wore the Emiloo lashes, of course they were much thicker and fuller. The Emiloo lashes didn't stick as well, which I'm unsure why. They were lifting and eventually fell off before I got home on a night out (although this was probably down to my bad application!). 

The one thing I found with both of these was the glue. It has absoloutely destroyed my natural lashes, so much so I can't even wear mascara at the moment as it just looks terrible. I'm not sure what it is about it, it just got in to the roots of my lashes and won't come out. I still have glue stuck from two weeks ago when I first wore them! I would love to use these lashes again however I wouldn't recommend using the glue that comes with them.

Have you ever tried Threads beauty before? What did you think?
Daisy xxx



  1. Wah! I'm pretty useless at applying false lashes BUT I hardly ever wear them (I'm totally making up excuses) :P I'm most likely to opt for the Celestial lashes as I much prefer natural looking lashes, although I wouldn't use the glue after hearing what it's done. Have you tried applying some coconut or almond oil to a cotton pad and rubbing it on your lashes? Hopefully the oil will break down the glue Xx


  2. These look gorgeous, and I love finding new lashes brands :)

    Claire | xx


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