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Monday, 25 January 2016

Easy Contouring Palettes | Beauty

Contouring. The big 'c' bomb that divides all beauty lovers out there. Powder or cream? Fluffy brush or beauty blender? It's something every guru has different tips for and everyone will tell you different. The honest truth is, every persons face is different. Every persons skin is also different. Contouring is never the same for any two people. But these two little palettes will definitely help you out.

Firstly, this little palette of joy. I bought this last year from Cohorted. I think it's only about a tenner  but I got it for about £9 and it was face changing. Literally. It's very buildable, the matte brown colour can either be used very lightly or built to a deep contour depending what you fancy. The bronzer is gorgeous if you want a wash of colour but you can also build it to a lovely contour too, if a shimmery contour is what you want. And the highlighter, ah, the best part of this palette. If a disco ball is the look you want you've got the right tool.

Makeup Revolution - Sculpt & Contour Kit
I recently bought this for my best friend who is just getting in to makeup. I used it on her and went out to buy it the next day. I'm not sure if there is shades, if there is I have quite a fair one as the contour is quite light and ashy, but it can be built to be darker however I love using this for more natural, every day contour. The blusher is very comparable to Sleek Rose Gold, which I hear is an exact dupe for Nars Orgasm. A gorgeous pink with tonnes of gold shimmer running through, again can be used lightly depending on how pink you want your cheeks. Finally, the highlighter, the reason I always run back to this palette. I will admit you do need to blend the highlighter once you've put it on as it can be quite harsh but it really is an amazing highlight shade which I adore.

I'm still such a newbie at highlight & contouring but these palettes I find amazing, especially if you don't know what you're doing! Have you tried either of these? Do you have recommendations?

Daisy xxx


  1. Love the look of both palettes! The Sleek one will be perfect when I'm a bit more tanned, but the Makeup Rev one will suit my winter skin-tone better, during the next couple of months. I'll definitely check both out when I'm next in Superdrug!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  2. These sound gorgeous! I've heard so much about sleek countour kit and i have to say, i'm really impressed!I don't really like a strong contour but i find it looks beautiful just lightly dusting it under my cheekbones

    lovely post,

  3. Both these palettes look amazing! Contouring always scares me a little bit, I always feel that when I've done it it either doesn't look any different or it's way too harsh! I think i'll give these a go to see if they work for my skin, I always love a good high end dupe & MUR are one of my favourite brands!

    Tania | x

  4. I also have Sleek's Face Form Palette in the shade light and I love the contouring powder. It's amazing and something I ALWAYS find myself going back to. I wasn't too fond of the highlighter or blusher though so I might invest in their Contour palette next time, opposed to this one. X


  5. I'm still such a contouring newbie! I own two palettes - the seventeen one and a makeup revolution duo sculpt one. However, the makeup revolution one you featured looks good - I've actually picked it up once to buy it and put it back for some reason. I've heard such good things about the sleek contour palettes xx

    Jasmine ||

  6. I love the Sleek Contour Kit. I wasn't a big fan of the MUR one as it was too warm, but I think the Sleek one is really good. The W7 one is amazing too if you ever get to try it xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. All those contour products look amazing. x


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