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Monday, 25 January 2016

Easy Contouring Palettes | Beauty

Contouring. The big 'c' bomb that divides all beauty lovers out there. Powder or cream? Fluffy brush or beauty blender? It's something every guru has different tips for and everyone will tell you different. The honest truth is, every persons face is different. Every persons skin is also different. Contouring is never the same for any two people. But these two little palettes will definitely help you out.

Firstly, this little palette of joy. I bought this last year from Cohorted. I think it's only about a tenner  but I got it for about £9 and it was face changing. Literally. It's very buildable, the matte brown colour can either be used very lightly or built to a deep contour depending what you fancy. The bronzer is gorgeous if you want a wash of colour but you can also build it to a lovely contour too, if a shimmery contour is what you want. And the highlighter, ah, the best part of this palette. If a disco ball is the look you want you've got the right tool.

Makeup Revolution - Sculpt & Contour Kit
I recently bought this for my best friend who is just getting in to makeup. I used it on her and went out to buy it the next day. I'm not sure if there is shades, if there is I have quite a fair one as the contour is quite light and ashy, but it can be built to be darker however I love using this for more natural, every day contour. The blusher is very comparable to Sleek Rose Gold, which I hear is an exact dupe for Nars Orgasm. A gorgeous pink with tonnes of gold shimmer running through, again can be used lightly depending on how pink you want your cheeks. Finally, the highlighter, the reason I always run back to this palette. I will admit you do need to blend the highlighter once you've put it on as it can be quite harsh but it really is an amazing highlight shade which I adore.

I'm still such a newbie at highlight & contouring but these palettes I find amazing, especially if you don't know what you're doing! Have you tried either of these? Do you have recommendations?

Daisy xxx

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Pancake & Waffle Shack @ Barton Mills | Lifestyle

Yesterday, I had the day off & K finishes work at 12pm so we were looking for something to do. After googling 'things to do in Suffolk' and only castles, beaches or museums coming up, we were stuck. It needed to be cheap/free, so of course our first idea was head out for a meal! Do you hear my sarcasm? We decided to try out the Pancake & Waffle Shack, which I think I'm right in saying opened late last year. According to Google, it is 10 miles away from where I live so we made the short drive to see what all the fuss was about. 

I must be honest, I wasn't expecting much after hearing very mixed reviews about it. I've heard that there are always queues coming out the door, service is slow and not to bother going there. Then again, I have also heard very good things! So of course I had to check it out for myself.

Upon arriving, we couldn't see anybody inside so we thought we had come at the perfect time! Inside, it's much smaller than I thought but the decor is amazing. I'm not sure I'd say it's american diner themed, but I really enjoyed looking around at all the different posters and bits on the walls. The lights were amazing, and it's left me searching on Pinterest on how to do it myself!

As we went in, we were greeted and taken straight to a table. It was empty! There was only one other group in there, so our order was taken almost immediately. Other tables that came in after us seemed to be getting their food before us but I assumed this was because I ordered chips (yep, fussy eater over here!) and not pancakes/waffles.

K ordered a Milky Bar milkshake and I, of course ordered an Oreo milk shake. It was nice. Like, really nice. But it was just a simple milkshake which I could make with my blender in the kitchen. K also enjoyed his and I would say they were worth the money. I think we only paid about £3 for each of them.

I didn't bother photographing my boring chips, but for £2.50 you got tonnes and I only managed to eat about a quarter of them! If I'm honest, I wasn't very hungry but the fact K ordered 'Banella' (Banana & Nutella pancakes!) I felt like I should probably order something. K only managed to eat about a quarter of his pancakes too, he said they were 'lovely, but very very sickly'. 

So, would I return? I wouldn't be in a hurry to go back. This is purely because I only went for a milkshake, which as I said before I could make in my own kitchen. I imagine for pancake & waffle lovers this place is heaven on earth! I'd be interested to know what the waffles are like too.

Rating? 3/5.

Have you tried this restaurant? Do you have any places like this near you?
Daisy xxx

Saturday, 9 January 2016

An introduction to Too Faced... | Beauty

I'm not the type of person to ask for much for Christmas. For me, it's all about surprises. Now I'm at an age where I can afford to save and buy anything that I want, that's exactly what I tend to do, which leaves birthdays/Christmas pretty tricky for anyone asking me what I want. I love not knowing what I'll be receiving and that really is part of the fun for me - hence why I don't ask for much.

I had sent mum several links to different beauty bits and pieces I wanted, including a few bits from Too Faced. As my mum went away at the start of December, all her Christmas shopping was finished in November which meant I had even more of a surprise because I had forgotten everything I had mentioned to her - yey! Of course I didn't get everything (yup, I'm still upset I didn't get Mary Lou) but I did get some amazing bits.

Too Faced isn't really a brand I hear much about. Don't get me wrong, I hear people talk about it but not as much as Mac & Urban Decay. I had a tiny sample of Too Faced - Better Than Sex mascara last year which I was honestly obsessed with. I used it every day, even when it was dried out I still tried to make it work. I was stupidly upset when I had to come to terms with the fact it was all gone and I probably should just throw it away. 

For some reason, I've just never repurchased it. It's one of those things I never want to buy myself. It's £19, it's quite large and a big part of the price tag is the packaging. It's very heavy and sturdy, not plastic and it's kind of embossed, all fancy like.  I pay £10 for my HG mascara, so I don't see why I can't get my brain around spending an extra £10 on a mascara that I genuinely, really do love. I'd happily go and spend that £10 on sweets and crisps!! I think the fact I could only order it online put me off too, my local Debenhams has now got a Too Faced stand which makes it even more desirable to me! Bring on payday.

Another Too Faced item I was eager to try was the Melted Lipstick. Now, I (didn't even realise I'd) sent my mum the shade 'Peaony', that was just the shade option online. When I opened it, it certainly took me by surprise. A bright, barbie pink lipstick? Would I ever choose one of those? Most certainly not! We all know my hate for barbie pink lippys. Mum had assumed this was the shade I wanted as I sent it to her... oooopsie. However, you'll be pleased to hear I wore it on Christmas day and really did like it. If you don't smother it on, it's more of a pink nude making it easier to get away with wearing. Phew! I will certainly be getting some more though - although am I the only one wishing there was some muted colours in there? They are all fluorescent colours! Darn.

Have you tried anything from Too Faced? What should I try next?

Daisy xx
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