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Monday, 16 November 2015

NPW Gifts - The Perfect Gift Shop For Anyone

Let me start this post by apologising. I must be truthful and tell you I've had this little box of goodness sitting in the spare room for god knows how long. My little break may definetely caused me to forget about these bad boys, but then I had the age old blogger problem of 'I haven't photographed it, so I can't use it yet' - even though I wasn't actually blogging at the time - c'mon, we've all been there. 

I found NPW Gifts when searching out brands to donate to the #SuffolkBloggerMeet. They were unable to gift anything to the meet up, but they still wanted to gift something to me *happy dance*. I had one of those moments where this arrived through the door and I didn't have a clue where it came from. After a little digging I found the emails between us and it all made sense. Yay.

NPW Gifts were SO generous to me and sent me several bits to try. Sadly, I have tried to register on their website so that I can find out prices but it won't accept my blog link as a web address. I'm not sure if they are a wholesaler, or if anyone can buy from them *will update this soon*. The packaging for every single item is just absolutely amazing, I would buy these products from that alone!

These tiny little pots come in threes; cucumber hand cream, paw paw & pomegranate face mask and almond hair mask. On the website it says that they are for 'woman on the move, one time use pods for on the go', which I really love the idea of. Picture being on a train and just whipping one of these out your bag - well, hand cream only. Imagine putting on a face mask on the train?! I must admit I haven't actually tried any of these yet however they sound lovely. Almond hair mask just screams out to me! 

These had me as soon as I saw the packaging. Little milk shape bottles in a brown paper box?! Again, I can't comment on the actual product as I am yet to try them but jeeees these sound amazing. I always remember I used to read about putting yogurt on the face when I was younger; they do coffee face masks which you can buy on the high street, and I'm sure oats will be good too.

Beauty Junky Tissues* | Beauty Junky Wipes* | Panda Cotton Buddies*
All of these are massive hand bag essentials. I use cotton buds on a daily and the Panda cotton buddies make them so much more fun! The hand wipes have gone straight in my handbag - ha ha, get it? - who couldn't want strawberries & cream flavoured wipes? And, *touch wood* I've not actually had a cold yet this year but as we go into the cold months I'm sure I'll be suffering. I always suffer from bad colds :(

I bought some exfoliating face pads from Primark once and really wasn't impressed. I just didn't feel like they were doing anything for me, I really didn't understand the point of them. However, I would try them again as that was quite some years ago and I might have a different opinion now! 

If you follow me on Twitter - and if you don't, do it now - you'll have seen that I have recently become a bit obsessed with face masks. Don't ask why, I have just been loving them and really noticing a difference to my skin when I use them. These cooling eye masks will be amazing when I have a pamper session using my new found love of face masks! 

Hair glitter is one of those things you love to use at festivals but probably wouldn't use it for anything else. Sadly festival season is over now but this will stay in my draw - I'm thinking a potential Christmas eye look?! 

Lastly these lovely rollerball trio. Do you remember rollerballs? I'm sure I used to have them when I was younger so this brought back loads of memories for me. Lipgloss, body glitter and perfume. A complete 90's throw back, eh! The lipgloss has flowers in it too!  

Yet again, these would have been perfect for festival season (although who am I kidding, I don't think I went to a single festival hahaha). I have a black tie & ball gown Christmas party to go to in a few weeks and I have this image of a low back dress with one of these gorgeous tattoos on my back.

I am stupidly excited about this one. Christmas is round the corner so all the advent calendars are creeping out, but this one isn't made for Christmas, it's mad for ALL YEAR ROUND! How bloody exciting. This year I bought Tanya Burr's 12 days of Christmas calendar meaning I won't have one for the whole month so I might double up and have this one too. It could work, right? I'll update Twitter/Facebook with the contents if you're interested.

SO, there we have it. My mammoth post is nearly over. I'm sorry if I've bored you to death, there was a lot to write about! I might do an update post reviewing everything once it's all been tried & tested - please let me know if this is something you'd like to see! 



  1. the packaging of everything is so cute, definitely going to check it out!

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. I've never heard of this brand before but it appears to be love at first sight as everything looks super cute :) X


  3. I've never heard of this brand before, but everything looks really cute! I love the look of the Beauty Junky 7 day surprise.
    samantha xx

  4. There are some people that I'm really struggling to buy for that would love some of these bits.
    Thanks for the tips!
    ♥ Fran - xx

  5. I've never even heard of npw before, but their products sound amazing, definitely going to keep them in mind while gift shopping! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

  6. what a great website! i've not heard of this brand before but everything looks so cute, i love the little cotton buds!

    Jen | Jennifer's Journal x


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