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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Tanya Burr Cosmetics

I know a lot of people aren't in to the rising YouTube/blogger stars 'take over the world' kind of thing. Although I would love to agree, I always find myself buying in to it in some way or another. I mean, I spend hours every day watching various videos and hand on heart I think every blogger/video creator would be lying if they said that ultimately that wasn't their goal. Imagine doing this for a living? You can't deny it would be pretty fab.

I have never bought any kind of 'merch*' (*mainly talking about clothing), but when YouTubers I 'look up to' - how cringe is that, but no other way to put it - bring out beauty products, thats when I really pay attention. I tried, and disliked Zoella's products but I am pretty happy to say Tanya Burr's products are a completely different story. 

I'm not claiming to love them and replace all my old faves with them but I must admit I am a fan. Her old collection eyelashes were always my go to lashes and although I'm not a gloss wearer, if I HAD to I would highly recommend Tanya's. I have never gone out of my way to buy these products, as for the same price there are others I enjoy a lot more, but I'm never sad to receive them as a gift. Tanya's old collect consisted of lashes, glosses & nail polishes (avid lash wearer, hate glosses and I bite my nails). Her old collection wasn't really for me. But makeup?! That's what she's best known for so I expected a lot from these.

The main and obvious point is that the packaging is very different. I absolutely love this new packaging, I feel like this shows a lot more personality and I also think it gives the brand a lot of brownie points - especially from bloggers and girls - because who can resist the gold and pink packaging with the gorgeous text.

I've chosen not to feature too heavily on the lip glosses, as I feel like I wouldn't give a fair review on it because as I've mentioned, a thousand times, I don't wear gloss if you didn't already know.

But the eyeshadow. A very mixed bag for me.

Lets start with Nude Delight. In Tanya's video where she uses this palette, she describes nude delight as the shade for highlighting under the brow bone. I'm unsure. It's very chalky and almost a matte white, with little to zero shimmer at all. I wouldn't recommend it as a highlight as it doesn't give any light. I haven't tried it as a base shade, which it could be used for too. Next we have Gold Coin - one of my firm faves. It's not amazingly pigmented but you can really build it which is what I like to do. Either have a real light wash of a goldy colour, or you can really build this to be a heavy shimmery gold. It's certainly an every day colour, no matter how you choose to wear it.

Enchantment was the one that I thought would steal my heart with this palette. A dark brown with really large and heavy chunks of gold glitter running through it - perfect! Even on swatching it looks gorgeous however this is so not the case when you put it on the eye. I honestly don't know what it is! You can see from the photo its had quite a lot out of the pan and this is because every time I try to use it, I use so much product in hope for a real deep gold but it just never happens! Maybe I might try using it wet or something, as I'm really sad about it. Lastly Bookworm - the most perfect crease colour if ever there was one! It's very very build-able, and again, you can really build this to make a strong colour. I have been reaching for this daily, and its 100% my favourite from this whole palette.

Although it's a mixed bag, I know there has been products added to the collection including a bronze, highlight and blush trio which I swatched in store and they looked amazing! I would be curious to try more products from the range, as I'm not completely overwhelmed and I'm not completely disappointed.

What is your fave from the new releases?


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