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Monday, 6 July 2015


Hey guys, just a quickie from me! You might have seen me completely spamming Twitter recently with tweets about the #SuffolkBloggerMeet. Living in Suffolk, there are NO events close to me. There are always events in London etc but for me its a £45+, 2 hour train journey that I can neither afford or be bothered to do. SO on Friday I thought why not arrange my own meet up and WALAAHH. Here we are!

I had said all along that I wasn't committing to it until I had confirmed a venue, date and time. 3 days after deciding I was going to do this meet up, I have nearly confirmed a venue, pretty much decided a date and know a time. It's been like a crazy whirlwind but it's very exciting!

The reason I have been spamming Twitter and now I'm writing this post is because I need people to sign up! It literally takes 15 seconds and it really really helps me out. I'm unable to fully confirm a venue until I have an idea of numbers. I have had SO many people on Twitter say they really want to come but then haven't signed up so I can't count them as a number. It's by no means saying you are tied to coming, it's just counting so I can make an average! Please please please can you all sign up even if you are 1% interested, it would mean the world! Link below.




  1. This would be great!


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