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Monday, 6 July 2015

#eBayFinds 4

Missguided Skort £4 | Topshop High Neck Top £5

Waaahooo look at me being a good blogger and sticking to a promise I made for once! As I said this would be regular I've made a hugeeeee effort to make sure that I'm true to my word! (Does it count that I'm writing these in bulk whiles I have motivation?) As always you can catch up with my previous posts HERE, HERE and HERE. Although I must make a tiny confession. These two items weren't actually bought from eBay*, soz! However, they weren't bought brand new so I feel it still counts. 

Missguided Skort, worn. Price: £4 Delivery: None
I bought this when I went through a stage of only buying going-out suitable outfits. I'm not even sure why I ever went through that phase, I rarely go out as it is and when I do go out I never normally enjoy myself. Anyways, I figured this would be nice for a summery outfit regardless. I'm thinking high top converse and a light t-shirt? We all know I am a skirts/dresses/shorts and trainers girl.

Topshop High Neck Top, worn. Price: £5 Delivery: None
I'm not actually sure I did pay £5 for this top but I cannot find the PayPal transaction so I'm going to say it was around that price. This was another item I wanted when it came in to store 2+ years ago and I don't think it was ever expensive (maybe £20 max?) but I just didn't buy it for some reason. I grabbed it immediately when I saw it whiles scrolling through my Facebook feed one day. I think it's a 6 which is now a bit too small for me as I've been putting on weight but it still looks fine. It's very simple and easy to wear which is why I love it so much! 

Have you got any #eBayFinds? Tweet me with pictures! Would love to see them :)

What was your favourite item of today? Let me know in the comments!

*The items were actually bought from a local things for sale page. Similar to eBay with the same kind of bargains, just most the time you don't pay for postage and instead you collect them. Not sponsored, bought with my own money :)



  1. I love that skort! It's so pretty!! : ) and £4 is amazing. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. Such lovely bits for amazing prices! - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Skorts are a summer essential in my opinion! Nice bargain!! Tania xx

  4. As ifffffff... that skort is a) FIT b) beyond a bargain and c) exactly what I'm looking for at the moment. I've just ordered a couple of skorts actually for some point in summer (and for on holiday, if I ever get to book one!) and I just all round am loving them right now, truth be told. I do enjoy your eBay bargain posts :} xx

  5. I love browsing ebay and selling sites for bargains! Although your local fb page must be much better than mine I never find anything on it!


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