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Monday, 13 July 2015

#eBayFinds 5

Missguided Crop Top £2 | Topshop Blouse £3.50

I'm actually shocked I'm still writing these posts. I think this is the longest I've ever kept up with something so you should all be proud of me (even if it did take a while to get up and running!). If you're confused what I'm even talking about you can catch up with the previous posts HEREHEREHERE and HERE. A bit of a mixed bag this week, 2 items as usual but with 1 being from eBay and 1 being from a selling site like last week.

Missguided Crop Top £2, brand new with tags. Price: £2 Delivery: None
I actually bought the skirt to this about a week before I saw this on my Facebook feed. This was from the same girl that I bought the skirt from last week, I bought a lot from her. I have never ordered/worn a co-ord because I genuinely cannot pull them off to save my life but she wanted so little for the top I thought I'd get it anyway. I tried it on once, I couldn't even do it up over my boobs. I've never tried again.

On a completely different note, Missguided sizes are soooo strange! I admittedly have put on a fair bit of weight recently but a few months ago I ordered a skirt which was a size 6; as I would usually buy. It wasn't even close to fitting. I ordered an 8 and it fits but it's tight. I couldn't cope with ordering a 10, not that there is anything wrong with being a size 10 but how can someone fit in a size 4 pair of jeans from Topshop and need a size 10 skirt from a different website?! Has anyone else found their sizing weird?! Would love to know! Back to the blog post...

Topshop Blouse, worn. Price: £3.50 Delivery: £4
I paid too much for this item. For starters, it's over 2 years worth of seasons out of date. I was sucked in to a eBay war, as usual. I'm competitive, what can I say?! Secondly, I'm an avid eBayer. I know how much it costs to post a flimsy little blouse and I can tell you right now it isn't £4. If you really tried you cost post it in a letter, it would even cost £1 but hey ho it could be an honest mistake. 

Nevertheless I'm the stupid one that paid this amount of money and luckily I really love the top. It's a bit tight on my shoulders but not so much that I can't wear it. It's very see-through so I have to wear something underneath which, if I'm honest, I hate the look of. But it's a really lovely summery top that I think I will get a fair bit of wear out of and then I could just sell it on again to make some of my money back. Walaaah!

Have you got any #eBayFinds? Tweet me with pictures! Would love to see them :)

What was your favourite item of today? Let me know in the comments!


Monday, 6 July 2015


Hey guys, just a quickie from me! You might have seen me completely spamming Twitter recently with tweets about the #SuffolkBloggerMeet. Living in Suffolk, there are NO events close to me. There are always events in London etc but for me its a £45+, 2 hour train journey that I can neither afford or be bothered to do. SO on Friday I thought why not arrange my own meet up and WALAAHH. Here we are!

I had said all along that I wasn't committing to it until I had confirmed a venue, date and time. 3 days after deciding I was going to do this meet up, I have nearly confirmed a venue, pretty much decided a date and know a time. It's been like a crazy whirlwind but it's very exciting!

The reason I have been spamming Twitter and now I'm writing this post is because I need people to sign up! It literally takes 15 seconds and it really really helps me out. I'm unable to fully confirm a venue until I have an idea of numbers. I have had SO many people on Twitter say they really want to come but then haven't signed up so I can't count them as a number. It's by no means saying you are tied to coming, it's just counting so I can make an average! Please please please can you all sign up even if you are 1% interested, it would mean the world! Link below.



#eBayFinds 4

Missguided Skort £4 | Topshop High Neck Top £5

Waaahooo look at me being a good blogger and sticking to a promise I made for once! As I said this would be regular I've made a hugeeeee effort to make sure that I'm true to my word! (Does it count that I'm writing these in bulk whiles I have motivation?) As always you can catch up with my previous posts HERE, HERE and HERE. Although I must make a tiny confession. These two items weren't actually bought from eBay*, soz! However, they weren't bought brand new so I feel it still counts. 

Missguided Skort, worn. Price: £4 Delivery: None
I bought this when I went through a stage of only buying going-out suitable outfits. I'm not even sure why I ever went through that phase, I rarely go out as it is and when I do go out I never normally enjoy myself. Anyways, I figured this would be nice for a summery outfit regardless. I'm thinking high top converse and a light t-shirt? We all know I am a skirts/dresses/shorts and trainers girl.

Topshop High Neck Top, worn. Price: £5 Delivery: None
I'm not actually sure I did pay £5 for this top but I cannot find the PayPal transaction so I'm going to say it was around that price. This was another item I wanted when it came in to store 2+ years ago and I don't think it was ever expensive (maybe £20 max?) but I just didn't buy it for some reason. I grabbed it immediately when I saw it whiles scrolling through my Facebook feed one day. I think it's a 6 which is now a bit too small for me as I've been putting on weight but it still looks fine. It's very simple and easy to wear which is why I love it so much! 

Have you got any #eBayFinds? Tweet me with pictures! Would love to see them :)

What was your favourite item of today? Let me know in the comments!

*The items were actually bought from a local things for sale page. Similar to eBay with the same kind of bargains, just most the time you don't pay for postage and instead you collect them. Not sponsored, bought with my own money :)


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A Evening At The Races - #NewmarketNights

This wasn't actually a planned blog post (heck, if it was I would have got a better picture of my makeup and outfit!) but I thought I'd do a quick little write up about it anyways as it's more 'lifestyle' and as I've mentioned 1000 times I want to start including more lifestyle here on my blog.

Newmarket Nights come around every single year and I always say 'next year I'll go to some'. Come next year and I'm still sitting there wishing I was going. Two things you might not know about me: I love the races and I love gambling. Hey, I'm not the biggest spender when I do gamble but I go through phases (please don't call me an addict!). I once won £100 off a 25p scratch card, but I think that was probably my biggest win to date.

As soon as tickets were released for Madness I knew I had to go. My family, especially, are always that one annoying family dancing to every Madness song at weddings and parties, lets be honest everyone loves them. An excuse to dress up, listen to live music and gamble? I'M THERE! I got two Grandstand & Paddock tickets which were around £35 each. My boyfriends auntie, mum and step dad also got tickets and we arranged that we would all go. Fast forward 6 months:

Would you believe I went through buying 3 different pairs of shoes, 4 outfits (2 of the same dresses in different colours) and 2 hair styles to decide what I was going to wear! In the end I went with this gorgeous black dress from I ordered it in black and blush pink but the black was 10x better in my opinion! Kayne is wearing a River Island shirt and Topman jeans. He looked gorgeous.

Being in the Grandstand & Paddock meant that we had shelter which came in handy because at one point it did tip it down. Luckily it did stop after a while but you can't expect to go to the races and not have any rain! I actually won/placed in 5 out of 6 races which always happens. I never put much money on but always win some back! All my family get so annoyed because I really am so jammy! Although I wasn't technically 'up' when I ended the night, but I went home with money and spend a lot whiles I was there.

I haven't actually got any more Newmarket Nights booked but after going to this one I really want to book some more last minute. McBusted are on the day before my birthday so I'm hoping someone will want to come to that with me! Fingers crossed...

Do you enjoy the races? Who have you seen?
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