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Monday, 15 June 2015

The Best Triangl Dupe On Earth?

Triangl Dupe | eBay

Well this doesn't feel weird at all.. Nope, not one bit. *I'm lying if you can't detect my sarcasm, it never translates well through the computer screen!* Anyways, I haven't died but thanks for those of you that checked up on me. I'm still here. Just a serious lack of motivation - yup, again - so I thought today I'd gently ease myself back to my blog by writing about something that is easy peasy and doesn't take much thought.

If you've been here since the start you probably (or if you don't, you now will) know that back in the good old days I blogged about anything and everything. Yup, quite literally. My blog had no limits! After a few months, I took a look at my stats and realised that certain posts were really not doing as well as others. Fashion posts, if I'm being honest with you. I just cannot see how anyone can blog solely about fashion! Although then again, just because it doesn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for everyone. There are plenty of fashion blogs out there that do well. Each to their own, n'all that! So I quickly sacked them off. For a long time I classed myself as a beauty blogger. A long time being a year+. I've recently changed my genre again. Whiles I still blog mainly about beauty, I haven't limited myself to just beauty and I let myself chuck in a different post here and there. Albeit not very often, but still. It makes me feel better about it.

Anywaaaays I'm a self proclaimed cheapskate. I've admitted it plenty of times and hey, were all friends here. I can't imagine I'd be too much different if I had all the money in the world. Why would you pay so much money for something you can get for literally 1/20th of the price?! It doesn't make sense to me. *brings on the star of the show* 

The Best Triangl Dupe On Earth. There, I've said it. It's a bold statement to make. But I genuinely believe that out of all the dupes I've seen, this is probably the best. I don't tend to keep up with trends but I think the Triangl trend has died down(?!) although with Summer slowly upon us I can already see the copious amounts of bikini pictures that will grace my eyes.

I must admit I have never even searched a Triangl bikini so I'm not 100% certain on the prices of them but I do believe they retail at around £100, give or take. This dupe? Not even £5. Go mad, order one in every colour. The postage and packaging costs more than the bikini does! The only difference is the fabric. From what I gather, the Triangl bikinis are made from scuba material. These are your bog standard bikini material but hey, you've got to compromise. For such little price, who cares what the material is. The sizing is a little strange so I would recommend actually measuring your size as I have one in a S and one in a M and they both feel the same. Sounds too good to be true, I know. But have faith, try one for yourself..

You can thank me later. *kissey emoji*



  1. Just went on a bought myself one! I got the pink white and orange one, now to hope it turns up before my holiday! Plus it's better to be yourself than to fit in any category! So glad to see you're back blogging girl!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  2. That is a bloody brilliant dupe! All the ones I've bought for like £2 from Hong Kong were shite hahahahah. Cheers doll *reciprocates kissy emoji in gratitude* xx

  3. LOVE that colour. I have a slight bikini buying obsession.

    I am off to pick out one (or two... or three) for myself....

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  4. Hey, fancy seeing you here *wink*
    Loved how honest you were in this post, you have a similar sense of humour to me so I could tell when you were being sarcastic. Btw I think this bikini in red would suit you too!

    Much love,
    Lauren "Sweetened Sour" O'Hara

  5. 'I'm a self proclaimed cheapskate' haha Dais you make me die! This dupe is bloomin' amazing, definitely the best I've seen! I was looking on Triangl the other day but headed straight to eBay after I type this! Missed you on here girl xxx

  6. I think I might purchase one of these for our holiday to Mexico, I can't justify £100 for a bikini? Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely be looking into it. It's such a pretty colour too & with a tan (on point!)
    Bee xxx

  7. For that price you may as well get one in all your favourite colours, such a great bargain even if the quality isn't as great! This find is amazing girl! I do really love that blue colour too x

  8. This is really nice :) I got a similar one to the Triangl bikinis from ASOS for slightly more but it's a really great fit xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  9. This looks exactly like Triangl! Such a great dupe, i'll have to check it out on Ebay I love finding a bargain xx

  10. Oh wow, what a great eBay find. I may have to let you find me a load of dupes as I am so poor right now haha xx

    Anoushka Loves xx


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