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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Eyebrow Palette

Well this post has been a bloody long time coming. How long ago did I receive this in the post? Gosh, I don't even want to think. Have you noticed how slack I have been with blogging just recently? Well, I can't even say 'just recently', it's been for about a year or so. I reckon I'm probably the only blogging in the world that has 30+ drafts ready to be written but just no inspiration or motivation to write them. Feeling utterly crap about my blog on Tuesday I decided to try and have a clean up and ultimately ended up breaking everything. I've added buttons, have you seen? But they are too big and I don't know how to change it. It's a working progress but back to the reason you are here..


Believe it or not this was actually a 'new release' when I received it, the day it came out. Better late than never though, eh? Meet the new love of my life. Now we all know about my brows. You must know about my brows, it's not like I ever bore people to death with brow chat?! Me, no, never!! Until this brow palette came along I just got by with my trusty MUA £3.50 brow palette. Yup, you heard me right! I don't pay hundreds of pounds for brow products like some people seem to think I do. That has been replaced. 

When I saw this on the new releases page on the website, I thought it looked pretty compact and small. Easy enough to carry around every day. But much to my surprise, it isn't as small and compact as I was expecting. If you've ever had/seen the Makeup Rev eyeshadow palettes, its exactly the same size as that. I can't carry it in my makeup bag, thats for sure. Nevertheless I do end up carrying this around with me every day, it's my new favourite makeup item I own (and thats saying a lot!).

4 powders, 2 waxes, a cream highlight, a powder highlight, a pencil, 2 mini brushes and mini tweezers.. please tell me what more you could possibly want from an eyebrow palette? Weather your a pencil, powder, wax, wax and powder girl it doesn't matter. It has it all covered! And guess what?! They are all brilliant. With so much going on you would expect certain bits to be worse than others but they really aren't! I honestly could not fault it, and thats coming from the self proclaimed brow obsessive. 

This brow palette comes in 3 different ranges; fair to medium, medium to dark and extra dark to black. Not only does it come in 3 ranges, each has (technically) 7 shades of colour so you'd be very wrong if you told me you couldn't find a colour to match you. With so much product and at only £7.99, this palette is going to last you a long while and won't break the bank when you need to repurchase. I will 150% be buying it again, maybe even before I've run out so I can have one at home and one at the boyfriends. That way I don't have to carry it around with me! 

What is your brow holy grail? Any brow palettes you recommend?

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