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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Montagne Jeunesse Facemasks

When my email pinged and I saw that it was about reviewing some Montagne Jeunesse face masks I did have to take a double look. I noticed the name, but I wasn't sure. After a bit of Google research, I was right. Montagne Jeunesse were the same face masks that I have used since before I literally can even remember. I used to take these masks to sleep overs when I was about 10! I was so pleasantly surprised, if I'm honest I wasn't even sure that the brand were still going! 

A few days later I had some of the masks I knew only to well come through the post. I used one (Tea Tree Face Spa) the same day. I'm not sure why but I was drawn to this one. I think it's because it had Tea Tree in the name and we all know I'm a huge fan of tea tree based products. The actual mask itself was strange. It wasn't like a sticky, gooey mess that you had to some how apply to your face trying not to get it all in your hair and on your clothes, nothing like that. The only way I can describe it is that it was a piece of fabric with eye, nose and mouth holes cut out completely soaked in a liquid. It wasn't runny, the mask had soaked it all in. I don't think I've ever used a face mask like this before so I was intrigued. 

I laid on my bed with the mask on. The only way to keep it on your face was by laying down, it would seem. This didn't matter though as it was quite relaxing. It was really cold too, which I wasn't expecting. Then again, it is a tee tree based product and tee tree always have a nice cooling effect. I think I laid with it on for about 15 minutes which was a perfect excuse for a lay day, y'know 'for blog purposes', of course

I rarely see results with face masks, the only one I can get along well with is the Boots own brand tee tree peel off mask. The next day I woke up with a few huge, sore spots. For me, that means its worked. That means its pulled all the bad things out of my skin and that is a job done well. 

I have since used the two others and I've even gone out to Superdrug to buy more (sometimes even less than £1 you really cannot go wrong!). I am loving these and I'm so so glad I've been re-introduced to my childhood pamper sessions at friends houses. It's very nostalgic which is so nice.

Do you remember Montagne Jeunesse face masks? Have you used them recently?


  1. These are the face masks I grew up with too! I haven't seen them recently but you've made me want to get a few :).

    Christie x

  2. Haha i took these to sleepovers too lol. I'm going to superdrug at lunch so will need to pick some up x

  3. These face masks literally remind me of my youth (which makes me feel SO old!) I love them, and they were 100% my sleepover mask of choice too ;)


  4. I love these masks!

    Serena /

  5. I love these, I used to use them all the time!!! the chocolate ones are my favourites, of course ;) x
    Eden x / edenroses

  6. Love these masks :)

  7. I always use these masks - love them! While they're always £1 in the shops, places like Feel Unique often do really nice mixed packs which are worth getting in bulk :)
    Lucy @ Lucy—Loves xx

  8. I love these masks, so lovely for the teeny price!
    chantelle | chanbelle x


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