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Monday, 16 March 2015

Makeup Revolution I HEART MAKEUP | Pure Cult

I have actually only just found out this palette cost a mere £3.99 and I'm honestly gobsmacked. I actually cannot believe it. A few weeks ago the I Heart Obsession palettes were released and a few days later, 2 of them arrived on my door stop. Pinks? Nope, not me. I could never wear pinks. Nope nope nope, count me out. Ah, I was wrong. I must admit, I've always loved the idea of wearing pinks but never strayed too far from my classic brown/gold smokey eye. That has been replaced now. Pink smokey eyes are the way forward, truuuust me.

I am mainly excited that this palette has come just before Spring/Summer AKA my new all time favourite palette ever to be put on this earth

There are 10 shades (yes, 10!!) for £3.99 which is just insane. That works out at UNDER 40p a pan which is ridiculous. And they are large pans too, they will last you a while. If pinks arent your thing, there is 4 other colour ranges and I'm certain there will be something there for everyone.

I do think that this palette is something special. Like, really special and I will be using it on a daily from now on. AHH I LOVE IT.

Have you got your eye on any of these palettes?


  1. You look super stunning in this! The shadows suit you so well! I have been loving Makeup Revolution palettes a lot recently too! Super quality for an absolute bargain price!

    Gabriella xx

  2. love that palette! It will definitely be making its way into my collection! xx

  3. Your perfect girl I love reading your blogs! X

  4. such a lovely palette, really like the looks you've done with it too! x

  5. Ahhh that palette looks so nice! Might have to put an order in I think!
    Also, your eyebrows are incredible!

    Jade | Oh! You pretty things.

  6. I've always been a fan of pink smokey eyes, never tried the usual black smokey eye as I think it makes me look like a panda. You've created such a gorgeous look! The shades in the palette look so pretty.

    Jenny -

  7. Such a lovely look! I love a good pink smokey eye! I love makeup revolution!

    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  8. Such a gorgeous makeup look! I must try some revolution palettes as the price is insane and the quality and shade selection looks great.

    Ooh La Luce | Beauty, Life, Fashion


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