BooHoo.com Sparkly Top £2 | Missguided A-Line Printed Skirt £3.50

Welcome to the first in my eBay finds series! I have been super excited to finally get round to posting this because it means I can finally take all the tags off the items, wash them and actually wear them!

I must admit, go back a few months ago I would have never bought second hand. Never, ever. No way. I had the view that no matter how poor I was, I would never buy second hand as that is trampy and just generally not nice. Oh how was I wrong! eBay has fast become my newest and biggest addiction. With tags, without tags, you really can get the most amazing bargains. Although I wanted to write this so I could show off all my lovely new clothes, I also really wanted to show you what you can get from eBay. It's very underrated and I think sometimes has a bad reputation because of bad buyers/sellers but you could potentially have that with anything online.

Much like car booting, I am very much on the lookout for a good deal. If something goes over £5 I'm a bit like *eeek step back* which is mad because I probably wouldn't think twice about paying full price for the item in a shop. It's very strange. A lot of people asked me what I search as they don't have a clue but I normally just search 'Missguided size 8' or 'Topshop size 8'. It really is as simple as that!

I have also been suckered into bidding too much (several times) purely because I'm quite competitive; if I've bid for something and somebody outbids me, I bid back just to win. Crazy. Some things I do regret bidding so much on and unbelievably, luckily not me, but I have seen used items going for more then you could buy them brand new. That's when I know people are really mad. Enough of me talking about eBay.

The first two bits I want to show you are my two favourites.
Firstly, BooHoo.com sparkly (slightly cropped) top, brand new with tags. Price: £2 Delivery: £3.20
I don't know what bought me to buy this. It honestly isn't my style, and I'm not really sure what I can wear it with but I love it. So much. The sparkles are sequins and they are silver and white depending which way they are sitting. I mean, brand new with tags and totalling at £5.20 you cannot really go wrong! I'm thinking this will be nice with high wasted jeans but I'm not sure about shoes just yet. I will think about that later.

Missguided printed a-line skirt, brand new with tags. Price: £3.50 Delivery: £2.99
I wasn't letting this go, honestly. I wear very plain clothes with a pop of colour and print. I don't know why, I find it easier like this. I rarely wear just colourful things, it's always plain with a print or colour. Although my mum, my nan, my cousin and most of my family absolutely HATE this skirt I literally adore it. I love the print, I love the colours, I love the style, I love the material. I just love everything about it!! I really cannot wait to wear this on a night out or in summer with trainers. It is so cool and different to anything I've ever seen before.

Well here are my first two #eBayFinds, I hope you enjoyed it. I would LOVE to see your #eBayFinds, tweet me at @daisydaisyxxo with your pictures!

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  1. Love the sparkly top, hun. I could never pull it off but I can totally see that on you, what a bargain too. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. I LOVE that skirt! I've bought a couple of things clothes wise off of Ebay before, but never secondhand, thank you for the tip! :) x


  3. eBay is amazing! I know people can't trust the website but i've been using it for years and never had one bad thing happen, these look so nice!

    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

  4. You should definitely wear that crop top with white denim! In the states, all white everything is trending for Spring. :) Is it for the UK?

    Autumn || A Fabulous Hippie

  5. eBay is amazing, you can find some fab bargains! It was my best friend at uni. I love the skirt, the colours and print is gorgeous!
    sammy xx

  6. I really need to check eBay out more, I have checked before but I think I need to dig a little deeper! You got some great buys there thought! xx


  7. Love the skirt, it's so cute! I bloody love eBay at the moment, can't wait to see more posts like this.

    Catherine xx

  8. Oh I love the sparkly top! I never buy clothes on eBay but maybe I should give it a chance!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  9. Nice finds - I never know how to search for stuff on eBay, so I gave up a while back haha. Loving the sparkly top!

    xo Mel || Sketch & Scribbles

  10. I have to admit, I am guilty of being a bit cautious of Ebay but these were such good bargains that I may need to reconsider x

  11. The missguided skirt is gorgeous, I am really loving patterned skirts at the moment!

    Ooh La Luce | Beauty, Life, Fashion

  12. Wow! You definitely got yourself some bargains there!! I love ebay, it's amazing what you can find if you have a little nosy around. That skirt is just gorgeous!! x

    Toni x

  13. I bloody love that skirt! The pattern is so different, really nice! I'm rubbish at shopping on ebay, I never use it! Great post!xx

    Honeypot Blogs

  14. WOW! This skirt is amazing, such great print and well done of spotting them on eBay!


  15. I blooming love that skirt!! What a bargain as well!! I LOVE your blog so much Daisy!
    Abi x

  16. I really love that skirt! And what a bargain well!! :)
    Must try this!!
    I LOVE your blog so very much Daisy!
    Abi x

  17. Just found your blog and I love it! Also inspired me to get bargain-hunting on ebay!

    Lauren x (www.foodthoughtslife.co.uk

  18. I love that skirt, the print is so unusual! The top would also look lovely with skirts and ankle boots. You've inspired me to get on eBay now.

    Holly Olivia x


  19. Can't believe how cheap you found the top and skirt. I never seem to be able to win stuff on ebay, I always get outbid in the last minute. Maybe I need to sit refreshing the page so I can get in too.

  20. I love shopping on eBay! I went through a period last year when I was constantly on it looking at clothes haha. You should check out something like goofbid? They have an eBay sniper where you can put in your maximum bid and the number of seconds you want it to bid at and it does it automatically. I used it all the time to make sure I didn't forget to go and bit at the last minute but it could also be good to stop you from getting carried away and bidding too high?

    Tara Eavan x