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Tuesday, 31 March 2015


I took so many photos for this post. Did any make the cut? Nope, of course not. Fussy ole' me, at it again! If you want to see what the shades look like then please google them, they will give you a better idea. 

I was thinking that I hadn't done a giveaway in such a long time so I wanted to change that. I absolutely love the excitement that you get when running a giveaway, wondering who will win etc. It makes me suuuuuuper excited. I will just add this is only a TINY giveaway and I am aware of that.

So today I am giving you the chance to win 3 of my all time favourite lipsticks.. Rimmel Kate Moss in 3 different shades. I decided to get 3 really different shades so that there is something for everyone, and even if not all 3 shades suit you I'm sure somebody you know will have them. Enter through the RaffleCopter widget below, good luck! T&C's apply. *UK ONLY


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

#eBayFinds Sparkly Top £2 | Missguided A-Line Printed Skirt £3.50

Welcome to the first in my eBay finds series! I have been super excited to finally get round to posting this because it means I can finally take all the tags off the items, wash them and actually wear them!

I must admit, go back a few months ago I would have never bought second hand. Never, ever. No way. I had the view that no matter how poor I was, I would never buy second hand as that is trampy and just generally not nice. Oh how was I wrong! eBay has fast become my newest and biggest addiction. With tags, without tags, you really can get the most amazing bargains. Although I wanted to write this so I could show off all my lovely new clothes, I also really wanted to show you what you can get from eBay. It's very underrated and I think sometimes has a bad reputation because of bad buyers/sellers but you could potentially have that with anything online.

Much like car booting, I am very much on the lookout for a good deal. If something goes over £5 I'm a bit like *eeek step back* which is mad because I probably wouldn't think twice about paying full price for the item in a shop. It's very strange. A lot of people asked me what I search as they don't have a clue but I normally just search 'Missguided size 8' or 'Topshop size 8'. It really is as simple as that!

I have also been suckered into bidding too much (several times) purely because I'm quite competitive; if I've bid for something and somebody outbids me, I bid back just to win. Crazy. Some things I do regret bidding so much on and unbelievably, luckily not me, but I have seen used items going for more then you could buy them brand new. That's when I know people are really mad. Enough of me talking about eBay.

The first two bits I want to show you are my two favourites.
Firstly, sparkly (slightly cropped) top, brand new with tags. Price: £2 Delivery: £3.20
I don't know what bought me to buy this. It honestly isn't my style, and I'm not really sure what I can wear it with but I love it. So much. The sparkles are sequins and they are silver and white depending which way they are sitting. I mean, brand new with tags and totalling at £5.20 you cannot really go wrong! I'm thinking this will be nice with high wasted jeans but I'm not sure about shoes just yet. I will think about that later.

Missguided printed a-line skirt, brand new with tags. Price: £3.50 Delivery: £2.99
I wasn't letting this go, honestly. I wear very plain clothes with a pop of colour and print. I don't know why, I find it easier like this. I rarely wear just colourful things, it's always plain with a print or colour. Although my mum, my nan, my cousin and most of my family absolutely HATE this skirt I literally adore it. I love the print, I love the colours, I love the style, I love the material. I just love everything about it!! I really cannot wait to wear this on a night out or in summer with trainers. It is so cool and different to anything I've ever seen before.

Well here are my first two #eBayFinds, I hope you enjoyed it. I would LOVE to see your #eBayFinds, tweet me at @daisydaisyxxo with your pictures!


Monday, 16 March 2015

Makeup Revolution I HEART MAKEUP | Pure Cult

I have actually only just found out this palette cost a mere £3.99 and I'm honestly gobsmacked. I actually cannot believe it. A few weeks ago the I Heart Obsession palettes were released and a few days later, 2 of them arrived on my door stop. Pinks? Nope, not me. I could never wear pinks. Nope nope nope, count me out. Ah, I was wrong. I must admit, I've always loved the idea of wearing pinks but never strayed too far from my classic brown/gold smokey eye. That has been replaced now. Pink smokey eyes are the way forward, truuuust me.

I am mainly excited that this palette has come just before Spring/Summer AKA my new all time favourite palette ever to be put on this earth

There are 10 shades (yes, 10!!) for £3.99 which is just insane. That works out at UNDER 40p a pan which is ridiculous. And they are large pans too, they will last you a while. If pinks arent your thing, there is 4 other colour ranges and I'm certain there will be something there for everyone.

I do think that this palette is something special. Like, really special and I will be using it on a daily from now on. AHH I LOVE IT.

Have you got your eye on any of these palettes?

Monday, 9 March 2015


I am in no means an experienced blogger and in no way am I claiming to be. I have been blogging a little over a year and in my time I’ve learnt a few things. One main thing that you learn when writing a blog is that people value your opinion. Strangers, people that you have never even spoken to actually value your honest opinion so whenever I get asked anything blog/beauty related weather it be simple questions like ‘what is your favourite mascara?’ or ‘how do I add BlogLovin to my blog?’ of course I try and answer as best and honestly as I can.

I am a member on Facebook of several blogging type groups. One of the main ones I use is amazing for any blog related help you might need. Myself and a few others have been noticing a few threads on there recently all relating to the same topic. It has become apparent that a certain brand (that I will not name) have been getting on a lot of peoples nerves lately. Firstly I saw others writing about it, and today I encountered it first hand. A PR company, and thats the only clue I’ll give. A lot of bossy, 'do this do that’ emails for pretty much nothing in return. Of course a lot of PR companies don’t always have budgets to pay people for blog posts and I completely understand that but can they really ask new (and old) bloggers to do all sorts, sometimes spending hours on blog posts for nothing? I think not.

Rewind 6 months and I would have jumped at the chance to potentially win a prize. Just writing a simple blog post and having the chance to win a PRIZE?! It doesn’t matter what prize, the point is you could WIN! I’ll be the first to admit I did a few of these ‘blog about us, promote us loads on social media and be entered to a draw to never win anything’ blog posts for a few brands but when you start getting better opportunities and you see your blog grow more, you realise that you don’t need to do that. I’d rather spend my valuable free time writing relevant blog posts or interacting with other bloggers than writing a pointless, non relevant post for nothing. I remember once I spent a whole college day perfecting a blog post (when I obviously should have been working!) to come third and ultimately, that meant absolutely nothing.

It’s all about knowing your worth. You, as a blogger are worth so much more than promoting brands for absolutely nothing in return. A lot of them try it on but you really need to remember you wouldn’t work for free so why should you spend your free time blogging, for free? You shouldn’t. And please don’t think you should. No matter what the companies tell you, it won’t get you anywhere any faster than a bit of hard work will.

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