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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bloggers I Love... #1

This isn't something I ever really thought that I would start doing on my blog but I read SO many blogs it's impossible not to. I love reading these posts as they always give me new blogs to follow and read so I hope you can find some new blogs from them!

Blogging has made me some VERY close friends, some I would even call besties. The internet is a very strange post, believe me. I speak to them all the time over Twitter, I have some as Facebook friends and I even speak to them by text most days. This first post is about some of my best friends and over the next few weeks I will bring you some of my absolute faves!

Luice @ FatBeautyx was the first blogger I think I ever spoke to and from that day she pretty much took me under her wing. This girl has been a life saver. For blogging and personal, too. An amazing, inspirational lady and also a great friend. Any problems? Go to Lucie. Any worries? Go to Lucie.

I think Jess was another of the first bloggers I spoke to. I absolutely love her blogging style. The way she writes, her pictures are gorgeous too. I recently had the pleasure to meet this lovely girl and we are already planning out next meet up!! Gorgeous girl!

I've always read Jess' blog and often commented on it. I've also spoken to her a few times on Twitter but over the past few weeks she has become one of my bestest. I often spend my days texting her about this and that, and we have genuinely just clicked. 

Don't you just love it when you read a blog for so long and then when you start talking to the blogger behind it, you become good friends? Yup, this happened with this gorgeous girl. Immediate friends. Such a genuinely beautiful girl with a huge heart. Adore her.

I have spoken to Charlotte loads on Twitter since I started blogging but never much more than just replying to a tweet here and there. I met Charlotte recently at a meet up and since we have spoken loads. I'm also planning to meet with Charlotte at imats (with PrettyChitChat) which is the most exciting thing EVER. 

I hope you found some new blogs to have a read of, I promise you won't regret any following any of these beauties!


Sunday, 15 February 2015

NEW IN | MAC Melon Pigment

I think Melon pigment is the only one I've ever really wanted to get my hands on. Just look at it. I posted a picture on Twitter/Facebook as soon as I got it and everyone went absolutely mental for it. I was told that pigments were really hard to blend but I was surprised how easy it was. I was expecting it to be a huge failure but not at all, I was seriously impressed. Such a gorgeous colour and goes with any eye look too! But, a word of warning, it's ALWAYS sold out so get it when you can! 

Have you tried any MAC pigments? Which do I need next?

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Of course everyone loves saving money. Weather you make a conscious effort or not, it's always a good feeling having some spare pennies at the end of the month to spend on that brand new mascara. I read something a few months ago about this but I completely forgot about it until now. A new way to store your Lush bubble bars. Yes, we all know I'm a huge fan of them. How many of you have 20 small Lush baggies sitting in your bathroom?

You know it's a hard life when your main worry of the day is which of your 50,000 bubbles bars your going to use. The struggle is real. I genuinely spend a good 20 minutes before each bath going through every little bag smelling to see which your going to use today. That is where this comes in handy!

   You will need:
  • tupperware tubs
  • grater
  • bubble bars

Yup, grating bubble bars into a tub. Simple as that, but a genius idea nevertheless.

I bought a £1 grater from The Factory Shop next door to my work and tupperware tubs which were also £1 each. I picked the 3 bubble bars I wanted to put into pots, and simply grated them.

I know it sounds mad but it really is a very good idea. When I use a bubble bar, I pull off a chunk and crumble it into my bath. The chunks are always different sizes and quite often I end up using much more than I need meaning I'm loosing money. Wasting money every time I use too much. Today in my bath I used just two small handfuls of the grated product and it was more than enough. Normally I think I would probably use 10x this amount which is crazy!

Another thing I love about this simple yet effective idea is that they are so much easier to see/smell. It saves SO much time rather than going through each paper bag to see which you want to use. You could even put stickers on the top of each tub what each one is!

So there you have it. A stupidly genius way of storing Lush bubble bars. Thank me later!!

Will you be trying out this method? If you do, tweet me your pictures! @daisydaisyxxo


Saturday, 7 February 2015

illummi | Fibre Lash Mascara

It's no secret that my eyes are my babies. If I could only have one product for the rest of my life, it would 100% be mascara. I pride myself on my eyelashes. So when illummi offered to send me their fibre lash mascara to try, of course I jumped at the chance. I had previously tried the ever famous Younique fibre lash mascara and was surprisingly impressed with it.

The first thing I really noticed about this product is the packaging. I love the fact that it has 'mascara' and 'fibres' really obviously written on the tubes because that was an issue with the Younique one. It is quite easy to work out which is which, but its a huge help. 

For newbies trying any kind of fibres on the eyes, you have to be very careful. It definitely takes practice, especially if you haven't used it before. Even for experienced fibre lash users, a brush too heavy could make or break your eye makeup! 

first - nothing, second- 1 coat of normal mascara, third- 2 coats & fourth- 3 coats

Of course I would pick a bad eyelash day ALONG with the worse eye to show this mascara. The pictures don't do it justice! If your like me and a love the look of stupidly full and thick eyelashes, fibres are perfect. I know a lot of people don't like this look and thats completely fine.

The product is really easy to use, you don't even need to use the instructions! A layer of mascara, a layer of fibres and another layer of mascara to lock in the fibres. You can clearly see a huge difference from using this product but I wish I could have taken the pictures on a better lash day. It's personal preference as to how much you would use; you could do one layer or you could do 10. It's down to what you like and what you want your lashes to look like.

Is it worth the price? Probably not for me. However, I will just point out that is because I don't generally spend anything over £5 on a mascara, I just refuse. I am the biggest cheapskate going and always get the cheapest ones possible!

Will I use it again? Yes, 100%.  I really enjoyed it and loved how very easy it was to use. Maybe next time I'll use it on a better lash day, ha ha ha.

Have you ever tried fibre lash mascaras? What did you think?

*this was sent for review purposes but all opinions are 100% my own

Sunday, 1 February 2015

My First Blogger Meetup | #nyLDNmeet

*Warning. This contains a lot of photos. Sorry not sorry!!*

I had seen #nyLDNmeet hashtag going around on Twitter for a while before I asked what it actually was. I asked Lauren from Blonde Vision about it and she told me it was a meet up that her a few others were arranging, in London
It sounded amazing but being in London meant it was a £45+ train fair which at the time I couldn't afford, at all. After a few chats with mumma, we decided that she would drive me and we could stay over to make a weekend of it! I was so nervous to go as it was my first event. I was worried that nobody would like me, which sounds silly to say but it's very real and I'm sure I wasn't the only one! 

 I had been told by a few people that business cards were essential for meet ups as you never know who might be there, both bloggers and brands. As I had left it super late to get any printed, my mum quickly designed me some at 4pm on Friday and printed me off a load. For all the effort we went to, I don't think I handed out a single one. In fact, my only one card used was one that my nan took. I was in such a panic with what I needed to take, I actually remembered to take TWO power packs and my selfie stick all charged but no camera. Uh oh.

Before the meet up I met up (ha ha) with Jess from Pretty Chit Chat and Charlotte from Vanity Fairest (and a few others, no photos!) as we were all feeling pretty nervous. I have spoken to these two countless times on social media and they are two of my best virtual friends. It was SO weird to finally meet them properly and have actual human chats but it was also lovely! I felt like I've known them both for years and I can't wait for future meetings we have planned! We stuck together for the whole thing which I was so happy about.

We had all been told there was a new range launching at the meet up which was so exciting. We were, quite literally some of the first people in the UK to see it! The range was firstly a skin care range called MooGoo that is based in Australia and then secondly a sister brand of makeup called Dusty Girls. The skin care sounded amazing but more importantly the makeup range was AMAZING! Seriously, very very good. I wasn't expecting too much as they were all mineral based but I was very shocked. The two swatches are actually a lipgloss which was gorgeous and a blusher! I will 100% be picking some bits up from these.

Next up was henna. I finally had a chance to get it done by the wonderful @designedbyhenna (on Twitter & Insta!) who was amazing. I LOVE my henna and I don't want it to ever leave! The little finishing touches really made it look amazing and I walked around for about an hour with one hand up (yes, imagine the girl with the hand up emoji, that was me)

The room was packed with various bloggers and brands! It was such a great atmosphere and the selfie stick came in handy! Although now looking back, I wish I took more photos! 

Finally, I had my hair done by an amazing salon called Fordham Soho. My hair was curly but has dropped out thanks to wind and rain, so I got them to add some more curls. The picture doesn't show how lovely it looked but the best way to describe it would be 'glamourous curls' (if there is such a thing!). By the time I got back to the hotel it had dropped a bit and just looked curly which I LOVED. They were absolutely fab and if you're around Soho area, defo go and check them out! 

We were given the most amazing goodie bags and I even managed to win in the raffle! I won a bag of W7 goodies which was amazing, as we all know I'm a huuuuge W7 fan! I can't wait to get reviewing some of these bits, although I am going to be posting more Twitter pictures of everything if they don't go up on my blog so please keep checking on there! 

Lauren, Tamsyn & Amy you all did AMAZINGLY and even though not everything went as planned it was a fab event and you made me feel so very welcome! Well done girls. Cant wait for the next one! Good luck! ;-)
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