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Monday, 8 December 2014

BLOGMAS | Benefit Calendar Week 1

Everyone and their dog knows that I managed to get a Benefit advent calendar. If you weren't sure what it was, it is literally an advent calendar filled with makeup every day. I expected there to be thousands of tweets and blog posts about it but I'm actually surprised that there hasn't been many! So this is my first weekly update.

Firstly can I just say how bloody disappointed I am with this? I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this. At all. I completely understood they weren't going to be full size products (because lets be honest, nothing is under £20 from Benefit). I had assumed they would just be minis but these are literally mini-minis. They aren't even mini size. I do feel a little ripped off at this because 1 or 2 uses the whole product will be gone. But maybe I should have researched it more before hand!! I will never learn.

DAY 1 - Benefit Paper Clips
I don't think anyone could believe it when day 1 was paperclips. I mean COME ON... I don't mind there being paperclips but the first day!? Maybe start it amazingly and get worse as it goes on but NO not the first day!! 
Day 2 - Ultra Plush Lipgloss
I'm yet to try this lipgloss but not being a lipgloss lover, I'm not expecting much. I swatched some on my hand and it was very sheer and I also wasnt a huge fan of the smell.
Day 3 - They're Real Mascara
The standard They're Real mascara. If you dont know Benefit as a brand, I'm sure you will have seen this mascara. Some people swear by it. I think its good, but expensive and nothing to shout home about.

Day 4 - Stay Don't Stray
Again, I'm yet to try this so cant comment. But it's a 'eye shadow and concealer' primer. I've never heard of a primer for concealer.. That sounds like its adding a very unnecessary step to doing your makeup.

Day 5 - It's Potent! Eye Cream
I know I probably should care a lot more about my skin than I do but I don't. Unfortunately. So eye cream is wasted on me, but my mum might like it.

Day 6 - The POREfessional
Heard A LOT of rave reviews about this stuff and I am excited to try it however it is SO small I feel it will literally be used up after 1 use. Boohoo :-(

Day 7 - Benefit Sparkly Hair Tie
Wow, what I always wanted!! Although hair ties do come in handy, these type are quite frankly.....crap. Not much more I can say about it.

I'm sorry if this is a complete downer on my 'was meant to be amazing' calendar but it's an honest review!! I don't know if I'm disappointed with the products because I'm disappointed with the whole calendar in general but I really cant see it getting much better, especially as I know everything that is coming as it's listed on the back. Well done Benefit, well done.

Do you have this advent calendar? What did you think of the first week?


  1. You are not the first one I have heard who is really disappointed. Hair ties and paper clips is just terrible but I didn't realise the minis were smaller than the usual sample. For the price they are charging that is just awful especially when some people have saved up as a treat! Hopefully it will get better x

  2. We'll that is a bit pants I have to say and I totally agree with you about the sizes of the products! x

  3. Wow. Well thats a little disappointing! x

  4. This is so disappointing! I was so desperate for this but I'm actually pretty glad I didn't buy it now. hopefully it'll get better as the month goes on :)
    millie xo | my bloglovin'

  5. aww, I really wanted a calendar like this.. i'm sorry you've been disappointed so far.. hopefully it will be amazing soon :) xxxx

  6. I've seen quite a few that have been disappointed by it! The paperclips completely baffle me...
    Love Vicki <3

  7. Firstly, I think spending so much money and getting clips, bracelets and stuff like that together with makeup, it's just down stupid! I mean you paid to get at least makeup samples and not stuff that you can get at the dollar store, so that throw me off immediately in the first place, when I thought on buying it. Secondly, why don't they offer their most popular and simple products? Seriously, a primer for the concealer? I don't know about last year, but this year's calendar it's pure waist of money!

  8. Wow this is just awful. I went for the No7 advent calendar - I've blogged days 1-7 - and the content has been fantastic. The sizes are all amazing too. Can't believe Benifit charged so much for this!



  9. Ohh it is a bit unfortunate that you got Hair Ties and Paper Clips~ ; ^ ;
    Filler items maybe? ; ~ ;

  10. Your not alone in this. I've seen quote a few posts and everyone i've seen got exactly the same as you. I'd be gutted myself. I expect they will have a few complaints about it x

  11. Paperclips? I can definitely see why you're disappointed! xx

  12. I don't know how they get away with putting paper clips in an beauty advent calendar its like a punishment! The eye cream is amazing for getting your under eyes smooth for concealer - I had a mini that lasted me about 6ish maybe more months and I noticed a difference when i stopped using it! xo

  13. See I would be happy with these, as these are the sample sizes they give you in the giftsets and I have that size mascara and it's lasted over a month so far so don't be too down lovely xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  14. I've seen people tweeting about these and I'm quite happy that I didn't buy this calendar! I found the paper clips and hair tie completely random! Hope the next few days are better!

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord
    MAC Gift Card Giveaway

  15. Apart from the paper clips and hair ties, I would love this so far. The sizes of the minis are the ones that come in all the gift sets and they do last quite a while. I got around 15 uses from the Stay, Don't Stray. The minis can be bought at Benefit Counters as stocking fillers and they're £5 each. I can tell you're down about it, but I think it's quite good xxx

    Anoushka xx

  16. Ah it's a shame that the sizes are so small! I think by the time you've got through the whole calendar, you'll at least be able to try loads of their things. I've got a few of their small minis and they do last a few uses :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  17. Haha, I loved this review so honest. I thought exactly the same when I saw people tweeting pictures of the products. It doesn't represent value for money, and benefit have so many products that they don't need to be doing filler items.

    Also I don't even know why they thought paper clips were a good idea, I don't know of any adults that need or use paper clips. I hope that the rest of the days got better, but I doubt it if this was the first 7.x


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