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After initially moaning on Twitter about all the Zoella Beauty posts that I thought would be coming, here I am with one myself. Shoot me. (or let me explain..)

It happens a lot in the beauty blogging world. A product comes out and you see 50,00000 posts about them. For example: Tanya Burr Lips & Nails. Admittedly the products were good, I did like the lip glosses and my mum did like the nail varnishes however I honestly couldn't tell you how many posts I saw/read about them. If you know me I do a lot of commenting. I spend an AWFUL lot of time commenting, hours and hours every day. I really enjoy it, what I don't enjoy is commenting on the same post a thousand times.. So I bit my tongue and carried on commenting but in the end I was just clicking 'mark as read' on the BlogLovin' posts. Sorry not sorry.

Anyway back to my first point; I wasn't going to buy anything from the range, nor was I planning on posting about it but I'm actually surprised at how little has been said about the products. *note* this could be a long post. Apologising in advance. 

The first day they were released I headed on to Superdrug to buy some bits just for the sake of it. I actually don't know why because I am NEVER one to follow trends.. I wont buy a product because I've seen rave reviews on it. I wont buy a product because its just been released and I want to be cool. I guess as I've watched and admired Zoe for such a long time I just wanted to be in on the action. Superdrug sold out within the first few hours and baring in mind the only 2 things I wanted (the candle and fizz bar) were going out of stock so quickly every time they re stocked, I gave up. I heard that they were selling it on Feel Unique so I headed over there.... only to find they had marked up each product by about £3. The stubborn monster inside me didn't want to pay this plus whatever P&P would be so I didn't bother.

Fast forward 1 week. Shopping in town, popped into my local Superdrug (how many times can I say Superdrug in 1 post?!) and I see my mum just standing down an isle pointing. Yes, you guessed it!! #ZoellaBeauty in MY store. The store that I genuinely think would win smallest store of the year award!!! They had everything in stock so before even thinking about it I had paid for the candle and fizz bar. Brilliant.

When I got home I was analysing my purchases and remembered I had bought the products and here is where I get serious. If you're still reading well done.

Zoella Fizz Bar from Superdrug *currently out of stock*
We all know Zoe's love of Lush so I was really excited to try this. You get 8 big squares and obviously they are meant to fizz (clues in the title). Now, this might be because I haven't read up about it but I'm not sure if its meant to make bubbles, make your bath feel nice or what its actually supposed to do but I cant say much happened. It turned my bath very cloudy and didn't exactly have any kind of desired effect. I hate the smell. I'm not actually sure what I'd say it smells like but I really didn't like it. My mum commented on how nice the bathroom smelt (because of the fizz bar) but I guess some people would like it, it just so happened I didn't.. I would say you need to smell it for yourself and make your own mind up. I will use the rest of the squares up but mainly for the sake of not wasting product, not because I love them and I want to use them again. Majorly disappointed.

Zoella Let's Glow Candle from Superdrug *currently out of stock*
This is another huge meh. It's a candle. A candle is a candle by my standards and being that I hate the smell I cant say I'll get a huge use of of this at all. It's pretty looking, they all have lovely packaging don't get me wrong but this is a bog standard candle. Quite expensive really for what it actually is (it's quite small) and I would much prefer to get myself some Yankee Candle tarts for my burner. If I didn't really dislike the smell I think that I would have used this up then used the pot for some kind of storage but I don't even want to burn it. I think my mum can finish that one for me. Disappointed again.

 I definitely think that these products are a huge 'try it yourself to find out' and they are very affordable so they wont be breaking anybody's bank. I'm so sad I don't like the products as I had very high expectations. I think when 'big' YouTubers/Bloggers release products it's easy to say 'this product is amazing' to go with the majority and to obviously support these people. I think what Zoe has done is amazing and I still think she is a huge inspiration to me and millions more but I just didn't enjoy her product range. As I say, please don't let this post put you off. You need to try them for yourself because only you can make your mind up, this was just my opinion.

Thank you very very much for reading if you've got this far you are a champion!!

Have you tried #ZoellaBeauty? What did you think? Send me any review links!

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  1. I am SO glad someone did an honest review, as people will probably give you stick for it. (Zoella fans who don't blog). I don't think I'll be trying them but good on Zoe! Still love her :) xx

  2. Hi Daisy I read all of your post ! I have seen a lot of people not saying a bad word about the range - sigh - but maybe that's because to them the product IS perfect. It's nice to see someone be honest and say actually it's more a "try for yourself" product. I will give them a little sniff in store when I see them but I don't think I'll be buying them myself. Great post though, it's nice to know there is a real honest post about something with so much hype surrounding it.

    Lots of love
    Jamie xox
    Reaping Beauty

  3. So good to see some real honesty on products that were bound to get a lot of love regardless of how they actual were. The two products you purchased were the only two I was interested in, and I still might get them, but I'm in no rush!

    Bryony xx

  4. So good to finally see an honest opinion! I wasn't planning on buying the body products from Zoe's range as I had a feeling that they may be like this, however the candle looked appealing so thanks for the honest opinion my lovely I think we should stick to our Lush Bubble Bars! :) xxx

  5. Thanks for the review! I was curious to see what her products would be like. I actually haven't read any about them yet (except yours). Maybe I'll try them one day! http://leatherandlipstickkv.blogspot.com/

  6. This is the first review I have read the whole way through - solely because yours is the onl honest one I have seen!
    I am not looking at trying the fizz bar,love me some lush instead,but am intrigued to have a whiff of the scent of the range,very curious now!
    Great post.

    Kate | talkingtransplants

  7. Oh, I think a bit of my hear just got broken :(
    I was so insanely impatient, thinking about buying whole collection, I even put all the items in the bag- online. But this is a wake up call.
    Thank you for being honest.
    It's a big deal for us who don't live in the UK and must pay P&P (I'm in Croatia).
    So, thanks.
    And so disappointed you are disappointed :/

  8. So good to see honesty! I haven't followed zoella or the craze at all but did hear about it coming out and was a bit curious.

  9. I read your whole post and really admire your honesty. I havent tried any of the range and I'm not particularly interested in doing so. I think I might be the only person not to like the packaging. I will say though huge well done to Zoe on getting her own range, how amazing for a bblogger/vlogger - the ultimate dream! :)

    Fiona @ www.dollydowsie.com

  10. So glad to read an honest review of these products, everyone seems to be raving about them and I'm just not buying it haha. I was really disappointed that the products contain SLS and petroleum so I can't use them :(

    Jess xo

  11. I found it odd that Zoe did such a huge lush haul days after launching her own bath and body products. Maybe she's not so keen on the bath products herself xx

  12. I didn't like the smell of any of them when I stumbled across these in Superdrug. The packaging is cute but that's about it. Also when I read 'Zoella Beauty' I was expecting makeup and stuff, not just body/lifestyle products. Glad I gave it a miss, I think a lot of bloggers are saying amazing things because they love Zoe or don't want to go against the crowd x


  13. I didn't expected this! I'm still willing try them, so I can smell them and have an idea. Do these products smell fruity, floral, oriental? xo!


  14. I totally agree! I'm not a fan of the smell either. I bought the fizz bar but haven't used it yet and I got a makeup bag but the amell just isn't great! Xx


  15. I managed to get the make up bag, the one with the guinea pig with the glasses on and the shower/bath creme and the body lotion. I have not yet tried them, but I did smell them in the bottle, and there is not much fragrance that I could tell. But I will have to see after I have used them a few times.


  16. Lovely post! I think the problem with this range is that this is all meant more as a promotion stunt for Zoe than as actual beautyproducts. These are basically just random products with Zoe's name on it. I know that a lot of people have probably put a lot of effort in making these products and I know that Zoe herself also worked on them, but honestly, I think this range was a well prepared marketing stunt. People know how popular Zoella is and they know how well those products would sell, especially with young teenage girls who love to say they have zoella's products. Anyway, I still love Zoe, but I'd rather pay a bit more for some well made qualityproducts than buying a Zoella bodylotion just because it has her name on it.

  17. great review, i love for once reading some honest reviews on products, I try my hardest to be honest with all my product reviews and especially the ones from brands that sent me items. Can't wait to read more of your posts.


  18. So glad you're honest! I saw a lot of reviews on the release day and half of the people probably hadn't even had a chance to even try the products! Great post :)


  19. I'm not surprised that you found the products disappointing, they don't look too appealing unfortunately. I appreciate your honesty, great review!

    Sam // www.thatsfetch.com

  20. Really great to read an honest post! I think the products look super cute but I don't think I will be purchasing xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  21. Loved reading an honest opinion, I thought the products were also priced slightly high for what they were.

  22. Love reading this post. I was expecting something amazing and lush-esque from zoella and its rather sad that the products are just bog standard. :/ You have saved me some money. I thank thee :)


  23. Happy to see your honest opinion - dont live in the Uk, but love Zoey :) Am not mad that someone doesn't like the line that is so individual but agree that its strange she did not do any makeup?! :)

  24. I'm SO glad someone's given an honest review on these! I might try other parts of the range when they're released but for now, you've saved me some pennies! :)
    ❤️ Fran - Frannymac.com xx

  25. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to things like this. I wasn't blown away by the scent, it smells really light and quite cheap, and similar to something else that I can't put my finger on. Like everyone else who has released their celeb line, it is cheap and mass produced to bring in the sales as it is because of that person why consumers are buying it. I do like the quirky packaging though but its very young for my taste.

    Anoushka xx www.Anoushkaloves.com xx

  26. Sometimes the little shops always have what you're looking for! I admire your truthful review and totally agree that it really is up to an individual to check out the products themselves. I saw Zoe's vlog where she admitted that she didn't think everyone would enjoy the smell, but was happy she chose something she liked-which is great. Unfortunately, I have horrifically sensitive skin & branded products like these aren't the kindest on my skin so I won't be trying them. Maybe I'll give the candle and make-up bag a go, HeHe!

    Row Bow
    What Row Chose...

  27. Everyone is raving about the range, and I just don't get it - it's AMAZING for a YouTuber, but it's very much for young teens xxx

    Gemma | missmakeupmagpie.com

  28. It's good to see honest reviews on the products, mostly beacuse they are girls from the youtube beauty area you only hear that they are amazing, and maybe they are, or meybe they're not.
    Loved your review and I am glad I found your blog!

  29. Loved this post! I know you've already been told but it's so refreshing to see an honest review as I'm sick of ready the same old beauty posts all the time!!

    Love your writing style too :)


  30. I'm so happy to finally read a honest review, I think so many people aren't saying their honest opinions on the products purely because Zoe is huge in the beauty blogger world and everybody wants their own recognition for a good review. I haven't tried out anything from the range, but I did try some of Tanya's products out after reading good reviews and was majorly disappointed. I do think these kind of products are all down to personal choice, but I don't think some people are being completely honest in their reviews x


  31. So refreshing to see an honest review that doesn't just go with the majority vote. Don't get me wrong it's great to see Zoe's success but I am not at all interested in her products. I think the problem is that at the end of the day these products are not really aimed at the likes of 20 something beauty bloggers but instead fan-girling teenagers who want anything with Zoe's name on it.
    Grace xo

  32. I reviewed the Fizz Bar and the Body lotion and I was pretty disappointed. The body lotion was actually ok, but the Fizz Bar didn't really have much of an effect, so it was a bit of a disappointment.


  33. I think the products sound great but I honestly don't know if I'd buy anything from the range! I loved your honesty in this review! xx


  34. Shame you didn't like them! I have the make-up bag and I love it! :)


  35. Always good to see an honest review! I think the range looks lovely, but I feel like it's definitely aimed at a younger audience. I feel too old for it! xo


  36. i really want to see what these smell like before i buy! the fizz bar isn't meant to do much but fizz then make your bath feel nice. if the candle has good scent pay off and you like it then i guess it's good but such a shame that you aren't a fan of the scent!

    hannah @ http://hansaddiction.blogspot.co.uk/

  37. Hey :) nice review. It was really good (as everyone else in the comments already said) to read a different review about the negatives of the products. Seems like everyone is a bit afraid to say something bad about them because of the creator (one of my all time favourite youtubers n bloggers), however there should be made a clear difference between the person and the product (which is often disregarded). For example the author of a book - his/her book might be a lovely read, however the person might not be your cup of tea haha (when watching interviews etc) and vice versa.
    The products you've mentioned were the ones I was mostly interested above, especially the fizz bar. I wanted to order it online, due to out of stock issues, but now you definitely made me think of giving it a sniff in the shop. haha it's normal to be curious about things that are a current rave - if so many ppl like them, must mean that there must be something really cool about their quality, although you might not necessarily be a fan.

  38. This is a great review! Shows your honesty. I've only tried Dreamy Madly Creamy body lotion and I like the scent but, as you said, it is bog standard. I just bought it because I watch Zoella.

  39. great reviews and I read it all haha! :)
    I won't get her product (nothing against Zoe) I rather spending the money on Lush or else. x