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Friday, 3 October 2014

Lush Creamy Candy | Bubble Bar

When I started my blog I half promised myself I would never be the same as every other Lush/Mac fanatic blogger. I own 1 mac lipstick and I hate it. I have never really dabbled in Lush either and I know, I know.. you've probably completely changed your opinion of me by those few sentences and I won't blame you for unfollowing. Without going into too much detail, I simply don't like Mac because I think you can get it for a lot cheaper in other brands. But why haven't I dabbled too much in Lush?

I think the only 1 reason I can think of is because there isn't one near me. Saying that, I placed an online order last night (would you like to see posts about Christmas Lush stuff?) however it cost over £6 to send which in the grand scheme of things isn't a huge amount of money I know, but my just over £10 order quickly became £20 with VAT & P&P and it can be off putting. 

I read so many blogs and watch so many YouTubers that are huge Lush fans although I never really knew what my 'thing' would be. By 'thing' I mean people like certain things.. some people are bath bomb fans, some are cleaners etc. I can now officially say mine is bubble bar's. 

The idea fascinated me!! A BAR that creates BUBBLES?! Cannot be true!! When I went to Cambridge for my 18th birthday recently I made it my mission to find a bubble bar. Lush isn't expensive at all but I wanted to get something cheap so if I hated it I wouldn't be out of pocket. At £2.75 for this, its loose change that you won't miss in a hurry! I have been through 4 of these since.

I don't use much because this is a huge case of 'a little goes a long way'.. I personally get about 3/4 baths out of 1 bar but it could easily do a lot more. It has a sweet candy floss smell which is lovely and really stinks out your bathroom. My mum even commented that she could still smell it on my skin the day after. The bar is filled with chunks of pure almond and cocoa butter which honestly makes the skin SO nice. 

I have really really been enjoying this recently and it is defo my no.1 September fave! My Christmas Lush order consisted of lots of bubble bars so let me know if you want to see some posts including those! I am officially no longer a Lush hater. Yay me.

Whats your fave lush product? Do you like bubble bars?



  1. They have so many great products, most of mine come in the christmas range. If you like sweet smells you will love Snowfairy. I mostly use there bath products but some of their skincare stuff is great too.


  2. I'm obsessed with Lush! I really need to order some of the Christmas items :)


  3. This is probably my favourite Lush bubble bar ngl....I have so many bombs/bars! Great to ask for loads for Christmas/Birthdays! I always ask for a few :) xxx

  4. I love lush, cannot wait for their christmas and halloween collection!


  5. One of my faves! You cannot go wrong with this one and it's so cheap too! ^^

    lovely post

  6. I absolutely love Lush but I find it so hard to actually figure out what to buy. It's quite an overwhelming experience going into the shop because it smells SO amazing but it's more of a collective scent than any product in particular. I also find that whilst they're really nice the staff are always wanting to chat - something I hate when shopping haha but the bubble bar sounds really lovely, I'll have to keep an eye out for it xx

    Jade | skinsweet

  7. This is one of my favourite lush products, it smells amazing x


  8. I don't like Lush myself, so I'm definitely breaking the rules as a stereotypical blogger haha! I do like MAC though, but they're not my favourite higher end brand by far xx

    Gemma |

  9. I love Lush but I haven't tried this one yet. I'm def picking this up when I'm next in!
    <3 Fran - :) xx

  10. I've used this a couple of times, but I find it too sweet for me. Blue Skies is my favourite bubble bar xx

    Alice Anne | Annie Writes Beauty

  11. I love lush, I can't wait for their chrisrmas range, although it becomes addictive haha :)
    I'm new to your blog and love it already :)
    Jo xx

  12. The bubble bar sounds amazing! I've never been a huge Lush fanatic but might have to try this out. I am a MAC fanatic though, Russian Red lipstick is my very favourite.

    Love Tweet xx

  13. I'm a fan of their fresh face masks, so I'd definitely recommend those! I've never tried their bubble bars before but I love the sound of it containing almond/cocoa butter, I want to try this! xx

    Hannah xo | hannatalks

  14. I've not tried much from Lush before, but one of these is definitely on my wishlist! <3 xx

  15. I think LUSH is sometimes over-hyped, I like some of their products but loathe even more. And I think it's even better for you not having a store close-by, because the staff in there is so bad! It's not their fault that they're trained to ask "Can I help you?" questions every minute, but it's so annoying. Seriously, every time I go to LUSH store I start counting how many times will I get asked that question (sometimes twice by the same staff member!) - last time it was 4, but I got to even 8! I just simply walk out without buying anything it's so annoying, just let me browse in peace! ;)

  16. this is one of my favourite lush bubble bars! Personally, I just love the scent :) x

    I've got a giveaway over on my blog if you want to check it out :)

  17. I've used this one too and it's so nice! Make sure you get the pink star wand which is an xmas special, that smells amazing and makes big bubbles :P xx


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