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Saturday, 2 August 2014


Smock dresses - both £15 in the sale - AX Paris via Newlook

Fashion is something I've consciously stopped on my blog recently. I found that it rarely got views/comments (and no, I'm not just worried about that but its always nice!) and it was never a huge talking point on my blog. I love fashion, but I prefer writing about beauty. I find it a lot easier to do and my readers obviously prefer it as well. I mention a lot that I'm a huge blog commenter and I spend hours every day commenting on blogs and although I read my fair share of fashion blogs, unless I really love an item I don't tend to comment on them as much (sorry!!!).

When I was in Newlook having a payday spend I picked up a dress that I had tried on a few weeks ago but decided to not buy full price. When it was in the sale of course I had to pick it up. I then went in the next day and they had the exact same dress in a different pattern so I got that one too.

Patterns have only recently come into my wardrobe. I usually stick with plain colours, and although I'm not a 'self confessed monochrome lover' as every other fashion blogger seems to be, most of my outfits are very plain, sometimes I add a patterned scarf but thats about it. These two dresses have patterns that I would NEVER usually even look twice at.

I mean black and white checkered with FLOWERS on top?! Me? NEVER! And florescent pink with this pattern on it? I just can't quite believe that their MINE! They are both smock type dresses that admittedly don't usually suit me AT ALL but when I tried these on they looked fine! I initially thought they would be dress-up dresses but I've worn them both with sandals and they admittedly look much better like that. I wore the first dress to a PACKED family fun day and I got so many comments about how lovely and different the dress was.

I'm not actually sure where this post is really going, I guess I just wanted to share these gorgeous dresses with you and just to say that everyone should step out their comfort zone once in a while. You never know, you might surprise yourself. 



  1. love these two - the black and white one is great! such good finds!

  2. Well, I'll comment!

    Both those patterns really suit you. I'm trying to branch out from plain clothes too. Patterns are just that much harder to pull off though. xx

  3. I saw the black and white flower one in New Look the other day, I think it's gorgeous and really suits you! Great post!xx

  4. Lovely prints on these! :) You look gorgeous!
    xxx (I have a giveaway running too!)

  5. Bright, bold and a little something different is good! Love these fabrics particularly the pink one - great choice.

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  6. Such pretty prints, my favourite is the black & white with flowers :) You look lovely x


  7. I'm also more of a beauty post reader, but this post is a great fashion post. I love both of the prints x


  8. LOVE these prints - they're both so bold and gorgeous xx

    Gemma //

  9. I love the colours on these two. I am quite boring and need to be braver with my patterns

  10. Love both of these prints babe, The one on the left looks banging on you in the pics with bailey xx


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