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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Makeup Rev | I Heart Makeup | Makeup Geek Palette

I have so many overdue posts that need to go up and I'm not totally sure why I haven't got round to doing it.. just being lazy. Obviously as you can see below I used this quite a lot before I photographed it and this really wasn't intentional but when if you own this palette you'll understand why. 

This is another I Heart Makeup palette from my beloved Makeup Rev. I was sent this weeks ago and I've used it to death but never got round to reviewing it. There are a mixture of matte and shimmers (mainly shimmers!) in so many different colours. There is literally a colour for every type of look in this palette; weather you want a dark smokey eye, a natural smokey eye, a bright and colourful look or just a base. Literally any look.

I have put a heart (see what I did there?) on the colours I've used the most. I will use the other colours but at the moment these are the ones that I have been using literally every day. My absolute favourite is the brass looking one on the bottom row. It's literally the nicest colour ever. Defiantly my favourite palette around right now! GET IT.

Have you tried the Makeup Geek palette? What do you think of Makeup Rev?



  1. There's so much variety in this palette, I love it! x


  2. I have never ever heard of them before. But the colours seems great and I dig the purple ones.

  3. Great colours. I can see why you chose the ones you did as your favourites.

  4. I've only just discovered this brand and I'm so impressed by it!
    I'll certainly be keeping my eye out for this one!
    <3 Fran - :) xx


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