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Friday, 22 August 2014

Life Lately.. #5

Well HI! It's been a while with one of these posts.. In fact nearly a month! I have had a ridiculous amount going on in my life the past week and without going into too much detail its not good. I haven't split up with my boyfriend as I've had a few people assume and I'm not going to say what but basically I'm on my own for a few months. I will rarely see my dog which is obviously very sad for me and yeah, I reckon I'm sounding mad now so I'll just get on with it.

 princess being cute!! | our first pictures together

Bailey is literally getting bigger every day at the moment. I haven't seen her in a few days (when I'm writing this post) but honestly every time I see her she's grown. She's a little nightmare now! 

cuddles | presents | first time out

Again, more cuddles. She is just so cuddly!! 
I may have treated her a bit. Alright the training pads aren't really a treat but she LOVES the milk!
This was Baileys first proper time out of the house after her jabs. We took her to a local park and it also has a lake where people go swimming. She wouldn't go anywhere near the water but she loved being out and seeing other dogs.

 beach date | date night 

We knew we had a big day coming up so we was just spending as much time together as we could. My parents went away for 10 days so we spent every night together and had lots of dates. We went to the beach which was lovely (I made a small video HERE) and we went out for dinner.

 reunited with boo | going out for a meal

Finally I was reunited with my brother!!! Happiest day. 
Then we went out for a meal to celebrate my mum and uncles birthday. My uncle was actually 40 so it was a biggennn! Their birthday is on the same day but their 3 years apart.. weird.

 selfies paha

Just a quick outfit and face shot!! 

very bright top | lush lunch!

I defo wasn't wearing a very bright top was I?! Hahahaha!!
Lush lunch, bit the sundae wasn't actually as nice as it looks :-( but the cheese & tomato pasta is my life at the moment!! 

So yeah, not much has happened over the past month but its been very busy with a lot going on. Blahhhh. Next week is busy, this weekend I'm going camping with all my family, it's my 18th birthday along with a lot of other stuff! Enjoy your bank holiday weekend!



  1. Your puppy is adorableee!! It looks like you've been having a blast, love. PS. You look amazing in that outfit pic xx

    Crissy @ My Cup Of Tea

  2. Daisy you are so pretty! And you're hair is lovely, I'm thinking of getting that lightening jelly cream thing actually :) Bailey is so adorable! Hopefully the next moth goes quickly for you so you don't feel on your own for too long :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. You're so pretty and your dog is soo cutee!

  4. My puppy looks a lot like yours! So pretty btw!

  5. Loving your hair atm babes! That ombre looks LUSH :) Hope you're ok too! xx


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