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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Makeup Rev | No Photos Please

As I mentioned in my last post I'm being seriously slack recently with my blog and I know its bad but I'm getting there. I have a HUGE back log of posts that will be coming to your screens soon!!

But on to the main star of the show.. can we please just take a moment? For £4.99 you can get 10 amazingly pigmented shades. Now we all know my love for Makeup Rev and my love for palettes so put together their the perfect thing. This palette is small enough you could fit in in your makeup bag to carry around but the colours are all so wearable and easy to do looks with.

The blues and purples are just so gorgeous as you can see. You could literally do any kind of eye look; natural smokey eyes, dark smokey eyes then you could add a bit of colours with the blues. Green isn't a colour I've ever tried on my eyes but I think it could work well if it was worn with the right look. I love khaki green clothing but I'm not sure if I'd like it on the eyes! 

Without blowing their trumpet, Makeup Rev (as you all know by now!!) are the best cheap makeup brand around at the moment.. I still can't believe how good the eye shadows are and I've been using palettes from them for a few months now! I will own every palette soon, trust me!! 

These little palettes come with a mini primer which is also amazing.

Have you ever tried green on the eyes?! What do you think of this palette?


Friday, 22 August 2014

Life Lately.. #5

Well HI! It's been a while with one of these posts.. In fact nearly a month! I have had a ridiculous amount going on in my life the past week and without going into too much detail its not good. I haven't split up with my boyfriend as I've had a few people assume and I'm not going to say what but basically I'm on my own for a few months. I will rarely see my dog which is obviously very sad for me and yeah, I reckon I'm sounding mad now so I'll just get on with it.

 princess being cute!! | our first pictures together

Bailey is literally getting bigger every day at the moment. I haven't seen her in a few days (when I'm writing this post) but honestly every time I see her she's grown. She's a little nightmare now! 

cuddles | presents | first time out

Again, more cuddles. She is just so cuddly!! 
I may have treated her a bit. Alright the training pads aren't really a treat but she LOVES the milk!
This was Baileys first proper time out of the house after her jabs. We took her to a local park and it also has a lake where people go swimming. She wouldn't go anywhere near the water but she loved being out and seeing other dogs.

 beach date | date night 

We knew we had a big day coming up so we was just spending as much time together as we could. My parents went away for 10 days so we spent every night together and had lots of dates. We went to the beach which was lovely (I made a small video HERE) and we went out for dinner.

 reunited with boo | going out for a meal

Finally I was reunited with my brother!!! Happiest day. 
Then we went out for a meal to celebrate my mum and uncles birthday. My uncle was actually 40 so it was a biggennn! Their birthday is on the same day but their 3 years apart.. weird.

 selfies paha

Just a quick outfit and face shot!! 

very bright top | lush lunch!

I defo wasn't wearing a very bright top was I?! Hahahaha!!
Lush lunch, bit the sundae wasn't actually as nice as it looks :-( but the cheese & tomato pasta is my life at the moment!! 

So yeah, not much has happened over the past month but its been very busy with a lot going on. Blahhhh. Next week is busy, this weekend I'm going camping with all my family, it's my 18th birthday along with a lot of other stuff! Enjoy your bank holiday weekend!


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Makeup Rev | I Heart Makeup | Makeup Geek Palette

I have so many overdue posts that need to go up and I'm not totally sure why I haven't got round to doing it.. just being lazy. Obviously as you can see below I used this quite a lot before I photographed it and this really wasn't intentional but when if you own this palette you'll understand why. 

This is another I Heart Makeup palette from my beloved Makeup Rev. I was sent this weeks ago and I've used it to death but never got round to reviewing it. There are a mixture of matte and shimmers (mainly shimmers!) in so many different colours. There is literally a colour for every type of look in this palette; weather you want a dark smokey eye, a natural smokey eye, a bright and colourful look or just a base. Literally any look.

I have put a heart (see what I did there?) on the colours I've used the most. I will use the other colours but at the moment these are the ones that I have been using literally every day. My absolute favourite is the brass looking one on the bottom row. It's literally the nicest colour ever. Defiantly my favourite palette around right now! GET IT.

Have you tried the Makeup Geek palette? What do you think of Makeup Rev?


Tuesday, 12 August 2014


I rarely do makeup looks on here anymore (I say rarely but I mean never..) but this look was the result of a YouTube video gone wrong. OBVIOUSLY. I'm genuinely just thinking that YouTube is NOT for me and I should just leave it alone. NOTHING has gone right in my 'YT journey' but that's enough about that. It's making me angry just thinking about it.

Anyways, so there I was doing this makeup look last night for a good 35 minutes (I can ramble let me tell you!) then I go and check once I'm finished.. the screen is black. Black!? I had talked for so long the camera gave up on me! COOL CHEERS. I loved this makeup look so much that I couldn't just leave it. A few snaps later and I had a blog post already photographed. Well done me.

I used my new Makeup Geek* palette from Makeup Revolution which is just utter bliss. I have used it so much already but I completely forgot to photograph it before it was used so lets just say I may or may not have some messy looking palette photos coming up soon.. sorry.

I also used some lashes from W7 (Real Hair Lashes 03 I think..) which are just amazing. I never wear lashes because lets be honest, I don't really need to (not blowing my own trumpet here!) but I don't. However I do think I'm converted because these are just amaaaaazing. I'm already planning when I need to order some of these for my birthday which is coming up soon.

So yeah, here is my face in all its glory. This is defo something a bit different then normal and I hope you don't mind! If you want an actual tutorial/in depth talk about this look please let me know, it has been my go to look recently so I'd be more than happy to do it for y'aaaall!


Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Blush & Highlighter Dream Duo

If you're a major cheap skate like I am, these two are a blush and highlighter dream duo. Both of these products come in well under £10 which is amazing. The MUA highlighter was actually a repurchase after my mum stole my first one, but hey, for £3 who cares?! And this Sleek blush was a recent purchase but I've used it every single day since. It is amazing.

I must admit, I am a complete blush novice. Blusher until recently wasn't even a word that existed in my world. In fact, I rarely used any cheek products (that's what the beauty blogging world does to you!!). I still only own about 3 blushers but this is by far my favourite. It's called Rose Gold which I personally think is the perfect name. Looking from straight on this is a gorgeous coral/pinky colour, but as soon as you turn you can see the hints of gold which is just gorgeous. I have quite dark skin and this is a perfect colour as bright pink blush really does not suit me.

Next on to the highlighter. As I mentioned, I already had this and this was just a repurchase as mine went missing *ahem, I'm looking at you mum!!* I knew I loved this but little did I know how much I would love this WITH the Sleek blush. I don't want to crack out all the corny cliches but you know when something just works together?! That is these two. They compliment each other so very well, it's like they were meant to be. Now I'm starting to sound like I'm slightly in love.

So there we have it. My two dream cheek products (that I didn't even realise that I'd love a few months ago). And if you don't have these GO AND GET THEM.

Have you tried either of these? What is your favourite blush and highlight duo?


Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Hurraaah for the new series!! This series will be every Tuesday and if you hadn't already guessed it's called 'The Big Debate'. I have wanted to do something like this on here for ages.. I love the idea of causing a stir and getting a debate going as we all know I love a good argument! The whole idea of this is every week I will ask one question that might be considered as 'risky' and it will always be related to blogging, however it's blogging in general so it's not just about #bbloggers, #fbloggers etc.

I wasn't initially sure how I wanted to do this. I was going to just write a post about my personal opinion and then ask you to comment your opinion but I changed my mind and thought I'd include just a few replies I got on Twitter and Facebook and then write my opinion after. If you have been included down below and still want to go into more detail in the comments then feel free! I want as many opinions as possible.. after all, it is a debate! And I won't be offended if you don't agree with me.

Q- is it okay to blog for the money?


Personally 100% yes. Why would it not be okay? I know there is a constant thing of 'you should only blog for the love of doing it' but c'mooon.. If theres a chance you could be earning from it, who isn't going to take that?! It hurts my head thinking about all the legal stuff and thats one reason that puts me off ever even thinking about blogging full time for the money. I'm currently in a position that my job allows me to blog a lot so I would class myself as part way full time blogger (although I don't put in anywhere near as much effort as some people do, *slaps wrist!*). 

I think a comment above 'if you think you're going to get rich blogging you're probably mistaken' is literally the best comment of them all. Lets be honest, we all know you can make a bit of ££ from having a few thousand followers but I genuinely couldn't see how I could quit my main job to become a full time blogger/youtuber UNLESS I had 10000000 followers. I just cannot see how with 1500+ followers your making much money unless your doing sponsored posts daily! 

For example, I know a lot of 'mummy' bloggers start their blog from being bored and not having much to do whiles being stay at home mums so any income from blogging is a miracle. On the other hand, I also know people that work full time and spend any free time on their blog yet don't earn anything from it. So where is the balance? 

Another comment that got me thinking was one that says a lot of new bloggers try and make income and receive free products far too early. It's very true that people who make a substantial amount from blogging have normally been doing it for absolutely years and baring in mind there are literally millions of blogs around these days, your always trying to better yourself and make your blog the one that people want to read so that you can earn an income. It's hard. 

It is also very very true when people say that it's everybody's dream to one day earn a lot from blogging. No matter how much you love blogging, your not doing it for the love and I don't care what anyone says. If my blog wasn't being read, wasn't getting views and comments I honestly don't think I would still be running it and thats the honest truth. Receiving free things is always a bonus (and thats a whole different debate!) but I wouldn't say thats the reason I blog. 

This has turned into a huge ramble of opinions and questions but I'd be really interested to hear what you think about it. 
Is it really okay to blog for the money? Do people try too hard? Do 'newbies' jump into it too quickly?

Thank you very very much for reading and if you got this far I salute you, well done. I really hope you enjoyed this post and it got your heads ticking. Please please let me know thoughts about this and the new series and I will see you next Tuesday for The Big Debate #2! 

PS. (I promise I will go away soon!!) How would you feel about turning The Big Debate into a Twitter chat? And then turning the Twitter chat into a weekly blog post? LEMME KNOW. 


Saturday, 2 August 2014


Smock dresses - both £15 in the sale - AX Paris via Newlook

Fashion is something I've consciously stopped on my blog recently. I found that it rarely got views/comments (and no, I'm not just worried about that but its always nice!) and it was never a huge talking point on my blog. I love fashion, but I prefer writing about beauty. I find it a lot easier to do and my readers obviously prefer it as well. I mention a lot that I'm a huge blog commenter and I spend hours every day commenting on blogs and although I read my fair share of fashion blogs, unless I really love an item I don't tend to comment on them as much (sorry!!!).

When I was in Newlook having a payday spend I picked up a dress that I had tried on a few weeks ago but decided to not buy full price. When it was in the sale of course I had to pick it up. I then went in the next day and they had the exact same dress in a different pattern so I got that one too.

Patterns have only recently come into my wardrobe. I usually stick with plain colours, and although I'm not a 'self confessed monochrome lover' as every other fashion blogger seems to be, most of my outfits are very plain, sometimes I add a patterned scarf but thats about it. These two dresses have patterns that I would NEVER usually even look twice at.

I mean black and white checkered with FLOWERS on top?! Me? NEVER! And florescent pink with this pattern on it? I just can't quite believe that their MINE! They are both smock type dresses that admittedly don't usually suit me AT ALL but when I tried these on they looked fine! I initially thought they would be dress-up dresses but I've worn them both with sandals and they admittedly look much better like that. I wore the first dress to a PACKED family fun day and I got so many comments about how lovely and different the dress was.

I'm not actually sure where this post is really going, I guess I just wanted to share these gorgeous dresses with you and just to say that everyone should step out their comfort zone once in a while. You never know, you might surprise yourself. 

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