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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Make-up Revolution Palettes

If you follow me on twitter (I feel like I always say that!!) you will see that I have been RAVING about  these palettes so much I think even makeup rev are even getting annoyed with me. SOZ! 

I was recently in contact with the lovely people at Makeup Revolution who said they would like to send me some palettes. WOOHOO. If you read blogs and you've never heard of these people, seriously where have you been!? I've been very late on the bandwagon with these palettes but I love them all the same. I was sent 2 palettes from the 'I HEART MAKEUP' range, both of which I adore. I actually filmed a video to go along side this blog post so please check that out at the bottom!

The one with the pink gem is called I Heart Passion and the purple gem is called I Heart Sin. I Heart Passion is a more of a night time palette with lovely purples and blacks, whereas the I Heart Sin (as you can see below) is full of gorgeous florescent colours. 

I Heart Sin is the most amazing palette I've ever seen!! Just look at it. It would be PERFECT for a festival themed makeup look, or if your brave enough you could wear it during the day. 

Both palettes come with 16 eye shadows, some matte and some shimmers. They also both come with a slightly larger pan of what I've been using as highlighter colours. I'm not sure if that is what their actually for but it works for me!! 

The palettes from the outside are nice, they are plain black with a huge rhinestone. They both come with huge, very good quality mirrors which is always a plus! I'm chuffed with just the mirrors! 

I'm yet to use Sin because I don't want to ruin its goodness but I swatched a few shades in the video below, and they are so pigmented.
I Heart Passion*

Next on to I Heart Passion. Now, I have actually used this one so I can give a better opinion on it.. Ready?

AMAZING. No other word can describe it. So super pigmented, so lovely to apply, such nice colours!! I had so many compliments when I wore a look from this palette, it was lovely! I had so many people ask what palette it was, who did my makeup, did I do it myself (yes, I did!) etc. I was shocked that I got such a good response considering people don't usually take notice of MY makeup!

I'm desperate to film 2 separate makeup looks with these palettes because I just think they are amazing!! They are defo my new faves and (sorry) but they blow MUA out of the water! I mean come on! Everyone knows how much I adore MUA but theres a new guy in town.

Each palette retails at £7.99 which again, is just an amazing price. I have seen quite a few blog posts where some of makeup rev's palettes have been compared to the likes of Urban Decay Naked palettes, doesn't that just tell you instantly how good these are?!

I cannot WAIT to be placing a huge order when pay day comes around!! <3
Thank you again Makeup Revolution! 


Have you tried anything from Makeup Rev?


  1. Love the pallet with bright bold colours!
    I don't own one like this and would totally love to!

  2. what amazing colours! I imagine you won't need any more eye makeup for a while now!!!

  3. The I Heart Sin has such a gorgeous selection of colors. They are so vibrant! I like the yellow & neon pink.:] // ☼

  4. The colours look so pretty! and so affordable!


  5. Makeup Revolution are definitely taking the beauty world by storm. I've done 2 large hauls but not got anything from the I Makeup range yet, though a couple of items on my Wishlist ... now including the I heart sin palette ...

  6. Love the look of these, I've not used Makeup Revolution yet!


  7. They look lovely, i just ordered a few eye dusts and a contour palette!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  8. love the 2nd palette!

    from helen at

    ps. there's a cute Dahlia trench coat giveaway on my blog at the moment, click here!

  9. I definitely need to make a huge makeup revolution order! They have such good reviews and the prices make it hard to say no! x


  10. The quality of these palettes is just amazing, isn't it? Need. More x

    and beauty or something.


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