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Friday, 25 July 2014

Life Lately.. #4

Pictures from the last week (or so!). Not much has happened recently, I'm still loving my job and the past weekend was a lot of boyfriend/family time. Enjoy :-)

 my princess being cute as ever!! | playing in the field

Bailey still loves to be by our sides practically every moment she can get. She's better at eating since we got her some wet puppy food but she's still not 100%. She's having her first jabs either next week or the week after, I cannot wait (NOT!!).
If you didn't already know our house backs on to a gorgeous field. Pretty much all the houses next to us have fenced it off but ours is open so we can just walk in the field. As its been harvested there was these hay bales so we couldn't resist a climb! 

 completely gutted my bedroom and this was the mess ARGH

For some reason I woke up on SATURDAY morning and decided this was how I was going to spend my day. Afterwards my back was hurting and if you went in to the room you probably couldn't even tell I'd done anything, but I chucked a lot away!!

 Bailey came for a sleepover at mummys!! | my brother with Bailey

My boyfriend had to wash my stepdads car and we were babysitting Joe overnight so we took Bailey to mine for a sleepover. She actually ended up staying 2 nights because we had a BBQ Sunday that me and Kayne made and it was LUSH.
After a shaky start, Joe got used to Bailey. My brother has had a bad history with animals despite my step-dads mum and dad having 5 big dogs and Joe being practically bought up with them, so he's always wary of dogs.

I was sent some lovely products from BubbleT & w7 | trying out the eyeliner

This week was a good parcel week. I was firstly sent some bath products, then a load of lush makeup from w7. I'm actually going to be filming a one brand makeup look, along with a brand focus blog post so look out for those! 

selfie before filming | filming set up, so professional eh! 

It's been very hot and sweaty in the UK so when I got home the other day I quickly re-applied my makeup (with a bit of colour!) that you can't see properly and I was happy with it!
My make shift filming set up. Professional as ever.

blog makeover!

I've had a blog makeover! I put it on Twitter and didn't get any response but I didn't want to dedicate a whole post to it, so let me know what you think! I'm really happy with it!

 the biggest spider I've ever seen INSIDE MY HOUSE!! 

UH. I'm not a 'AHH a spider' kind of girl but this just takes the micky!! 

bought Joe some 'loom bands' | learnt how to make it on my fingers

I don't know if you've got any younger siblings or family members but the small people world has been taken over by these!!! My brother hasn't made too much of a fuss about them but I bought him some today as he had asked very nicely (and they were only £1!) and he taught me how to do it on our fingers. I was so impressed with myself, I even made Kayne one!! 

So that's it for my week! I told ya, quite boring!! As always let me know what you've been up to



  1. I love the new blog layout! Your puppy is so cute x


  2. My 6 yr old son is obsessed with loom bands at moment to. I have to keep making him starburst ones using the board .. Lovely new blog

  3. The new layout is nice, I love the colour! Ah Bailey is still adorable. I want one!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  4. Oooh your puppy is adorable! Your new blog layout looks lovely by the way! xx

  5. Amazing layout! Bailey is adorable and I love loom brands!!! eeek about the spider x_x

  6. oh my god that spider is frightening! I absolutely hate spiders and I think I'd just about pass out if I saw a spider that big.

    Ali |


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