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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Life Lately.. #2

I'm staring to annoy myself by starting every single blog post with a 'sorry I've been gone guys!!!!!!!' when truth is I've just not had much time recently. I FINALLY HAVE A NEW HOME COMPUTER which means lots more blog posts more regularly becaaaauuseeee I don't have a 'crap laptop' excuse anymore. I actually have quite a few posts lined up so watch out for those.

This is photos from the last 2 weeks or so.. In my last Life Lately I did say that I was only going to do these when I actually had photos to show you because my weeks are very 'same old' and not much change. The past 2 weeks have been busy though, so here I am showing you!! Enough rambling. 

new love; casting sunkiss jelly | night in with my bro | invited to see McBusted

I recently bought and blogged (read here) about this stuff.. oh wow. Just wow. 
I had a night in with my brother! I used to look after him quite a lot but haven't done recently, so we got a load of snacks (and fake wine!) whiles my parents went out. We were going to watch a nice old Disney film and then whiles browsing Joe took quite a fancy to 'Jackass The Movie'. An 18. I know, really bad of me but he really enjoyed it! 
Amelia rung and asked if I wanted to see MCBUSTED!!!!!?!?!?!!!?? ERRRR YEES!!!!

new work trousers | SHOPPINGGGG!! | lush cake 

I have finally started my new job (if you follow me on Twitter you'll know as its all I've been going on about) and I got these lush trousers. I'm in love.
I came home to a few deliveries and did a massive work clothes shop with mum! I filmed a 2 part haul but the camera was running out of battery and is slightly off my head so I'm debating weather to even edit it. Let me know if you wanna see it!! 
I got this LUSH postbox cake from Baker Days (review coming soon!).

playing with my new eyeshadow palette 

If you read my blog you will know that I've done work with BeautyUK before and they enjoyed what I had done so offered to send me some more stuff. I have a full review of this palette going up sometime soon, but just AHHHH look at these colours. I did this just before taking off my makeup after a whole day so excuse the red horribleness but I might do a tutorial on something with these colours. They are just so nice!! Again, let me know if you want to see that!! 

McBusted in the rain :-( | McBusted selfie with Amelia

As expected, McBusted PEED it down. BUT then the sun came out and it was a lush evening!! Thank you Amelia for taking me! VLOG HERE!! 

new cup at work | wearing my new trousers (in love) | calendar writing

I have been slightly obsessed with getting one of these cups since I became a bit addicted to watching Essie Button's #VLUNE. I found one in Sainsburys, not the ideal colour but BOYYYY do I love it! I wasn't drinking nearly enough as I should have been so I came up with a theory that cups/bottles make you drink much more than you would from normal glasses (who's with me?!?!) and I can confirm my theory is CORRECT!!! I have drunk about 7 bottles of water since Monday (tonnes for me) and I'm still lovin' my cup!! 
Wearing my new trousers with my new VERY HURTY shoes!!!! :-(
Calendar writing. All I have done for the past two days. Hey ho, loving my new job!!! 

So there we have my (few) weeks. It's been a good time with new beginnings and good times with friends. Hope you enjoy this kind of post, let me know!! 




  1. Intrigued to know where you work now, but those trousers are to die for. You're so lucky you're confident enough to wear such a bright colour! x

  2. I want to see Mc Busted sooooo bad! They sound amazing!! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  3. I le mcbusted and recently saw them in concert. AMAZEBALLS popping over from


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