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Friday, 11 July 2014

Introducing.. BAILEY!!!

WE GOT A DOG!! Bailey is a cross cyprian poodle and saluki (I've never heard of either of those!) and she is about 12 weeks old. We picked her up on Wednesday evening so we have spent the past two days playing and getting her used to us. I'm so so in love!! 

She is so cuddly and spends most of her time cuddled up to Kayne, although she is warming to me. She has slept in bed with us for the past two nights (naughty, we know!) but how can you resist that face!? Bailey has started to learn to poo and wee on the training mats that we got her, she has slipped up a few times but she's only a baby and is still learning! 

She's far too scared to go outside at the moment and is yet to have her jabs so were keeping her inside for the time being. Bailey love's my fluffy socks and sleeps with one of those and one of Kayne's t-shirts. We actually put this on her because we were scared she was cold but she cuddles up to it and sleeps with it, SO cute!! 

She's still very nervous about everybody which is understandable, and is hugely off her food. We have been told that she can only eat hard food with a bit of water but she really doesn't like that at all so we've been crushing up the hard food and trying to feed her that. Another thing she won't do is eat it from a bowl. I had thoughts that it might be because the bowl she has is very big and deep, so today I bought her a small and shallow bowl and we shall see how she gets on with that. She eats a tiny bit if you literally put it next to her mouth but she won't eat much which is quite worrying. She does, however eat treats and dentisticks VERY quickly (typical eh!). 

If you have any tips on how to get her to eat and settle that would be amazing!! Anything would be appreciated as we are currently going mad with worry so were over compensating on affection which I fear might end badly in the long run! 



  1. Aw she's so cute! I remember when I got my puppy last year, he was so hard to train but we got there eventually. Alfie used to love his food but now he hardly eats anything apart from some treats and his dentisticks, the vet told us it's okay though as he is just going through a stage. When he was a puppy we used to soak his food in boiling water for 30 minutes which then made them a lot softer so easier to eat as puppies hardly have any teeth, make sure it's cool before you give it her though.

    She will soon settle in, just let her get used to her new home. Make sure you get her plenty of toys for when she starts teething. Enjoy the new member of your family x


  2. Shes so cute! Lovely name! xx

  3. Ahh she's beautiful, she looks so soft!
    Try wrapping a hot water bottle up in a couple of towels for her at night, she'll be used to cuddling up with her mum & other puppies so that should make her feel more settled. Other than that, she'll just take time to get used to you & her new home! Good luck, she's gorgeous :)

    Jess xo

  4. She's adorable. Can't wait to meet her.

    Trying to remember if Heidi had any problems eating when we got her. Not sure.
    She's probably just taking some time adjusting to all these new things, environment, people etc. - a few days without food won't kill her (dogs would've gone days without eating in the wild) so long as she's drinking plenty of water? Hopefully she'll get her appetite back once she's settled in. If not, worth checking with the vet at her puppy check-up. xx

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps

  5. Omg, she is so so cute - I really want a dog, jealous!

  6. Oh my god she is so cute! My nan's new puppy didn't have much of an appetite at first either so don't worry :) she will soon find her feet and be running around causing havoc in no time. She is adorable! xo

  7. Oh my! Bailey is a sweetiepie! So cute, I bet she will make you happy! As an advice - try let her eat alone as she grows up. My dog got so used to eat with me all the time, she wouldn't eat without me! But she's so tiny so she will settle just right xxx

  8. We had the same problem with my dog when we first got him, the vet told us to try and feed him chicken and he ate that, he gradually got better and started to eat normally. I hope she settles in soon :)


  9. Awh how cute is Bailey! I've never heard of those two types of dogs either but they make a super cute puppy :) xo

    Fiona @

  10. OMG Bailey is soooo cute! I need more pics of this puppy cuteness! X


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