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Friday, 18 July 2014

Baker Days review & GIVEAWAY! Letter Box Cake*

CAKE?! Cake!?
Who mentioned cake?

When I saw an email pop into my box a few weeks ago about receiving a CAKE to review I was sold. I didn't even have to read the email, I knew that I'd be accepting it straight away.

Next was the concept. Andrea at Baker Days had contacted me to say that they wanted to send me a LETTER BOX CAKE. Now obviously I was confused as I'm sure you all are so I went over to their website to do some research. Basically, a letter box cake is a cake that fits through your letter box. It couldn't be any simpler. The main idea behind it is that it would be a nice present to send to someone that doesn't live close (friend, relative etc) so that they receive something more than a card for their occasion. And who doesn't love cake?!

Andrea said that I could send her a photo and she would get that printed onto my cake and get it in the post for me. I used this image of me and my boyfriend. However, when I opened my cake I saw that they had not only added my blog banner, they put XO all around the outside, how sweet is that?! I thought that was the nicest thing as I was just expecting a cake of me and boyfy! 

I'm not sure what kind of sized cake I was expecting but they are very small. I think I read somewhere they are made for 4 (small) portions so I didn't feel bad eating the whole thing to myself over the course of a day or two (hehe). 

I also wondered how on earth a cake could make it through the post and through my front door and still being in one piece! The cakes are put into a cute tin, and then the tin is wrapped. Each parcel also comes with a little bag of balloons, candles and a streamer! I thought that was the sweetest thing ever!

The cake itself was very nice. I'm no food critic so I can't really tell you about the taste etc but I had a vanilla cake with normal icing and it was LUSH. If you know me you'll know I eat sweets. A LOT OF SWEETS. I even had a tooth out recently because of it (oops!!!) so a personalised cake, who was I to turn that down!? 

I had the nicest experience with Baker Days and I would recommend anybody to use their services. You can't go wrong!! And whats more.. Andrea has given me a chance to giveaway 2 cakes!! 
If you would like to be in with a chance of winning one, please enter via the rafflecopter giveaway below! This giveaway finishes in 2 weeks time so get entering!! 
Happy competitioning!




  1. This looks and sounds amazing! Chocolate cake is definitely my favourite ;D

    Jess xo

  2. Looks so yummy such a cute idea too! ox

  3. CAAAAAAAAAAAAKEEEEEEEE! I love a good old Victoria Sponge cake. Nom! xx

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps

  4. <3333 lovely post !

  5. Has to be chocolate!


  6. that's seriously amazing, i'd love to be sent a cake haha

    xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram

  7. Awh I'd so love to receive a cake via post, unfortunately I don't think there's a service like that here in Ireland. Your cake looked lovely! :)

    Fiona @

  8. I love a light and fluffy sponge cake with cream and jam in the middle and a thick layer of soft icing on top!

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

  9. COOL BEANS! They should have something like this in Canada !

  10. Hello lovely, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it! :)

    Great post and thanks for sharing. This is an amazing giveaway, everyone loves cake! :D thank you!!


  11. They contacted me last week and I can't wait to receive my cake, they seem so delicious x


  12. chocolate cake is my favourite but I love all cake!

  13. I love classic victoria sponge! x

  14. I am a complete sucker for good old victoria sponge type cake, my absolute favourite :) too yummy!! xx Sunshine On A Cloudy Day Blog :)

  15. Chocolate fudge cake is my favourite

  16. My favourite type of cake is chocolate cake.

  17. This is my sort of giveaway! haha love it and LOVE cake! Favourite is chocolate cake or just plain sponge with vanilla buttercream icing! :D
    Amy x


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