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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sunkissed Tanning Mousse*

Tan isn't something you often see on here and that is because of one reason: I rarely use it. Thankfully, being an olive skinned girl (thanks mum!) I don't need tan. I have many friends that use tan on a daily basis and I always think their crazy because lets be honest, not many tans look nice. They normally always end up being patchy, streaky and un even which is why they have to do it on a daily. That really doesn't appeal to me, you can also normally spot a fake tanned girl a mile off! 

The only time I've ever had a tan was when I got a spray tan from prom. Looking back I would 100% say I only did it because everyone else was as it was kind of a 'thing' to get a spray tan for prom. I can honestly tell you it didn't do a thing to me. My friend who also got one at the same time was very very pale and she looked lovely but mine literally didn't make an ounce of difference. It was a complete waste of money but hey ho, we live and learn! 

I had previously spoken to Sunkissed about doing a review but nothing came of it so I just assumed that it wasn't going ahead anymore, then a few weeks ago I got an email asking if I was still interested. Everyone always wants to be darker than they naturally are (including me!) so I decided to take up the offer and give it a try. After all, it does go after a few days! I guess I'm probably not the best person to be doing a review about a tan as I'm clueless, I probably should have got a big tanner to also write a bit but hey, you got me so you'll have to deal with it ;-)

The tan itself is the consistency I would assume it would be for a mousse. I chose the colour 'dark bronze' which is the darkest colour because of my already dark skin but after using it, I could have done with an even darker tan. It didn't make a HUUGE difference (but definitely more than my spray tan incident!). The colour on the skin was really nice and although it wasn't too dark it gave a bronze glow which was really noticeable. I hear a lot of tanners say that tan smells like biscuits. I couldn't put my finger on what this smells like, but it wasn't a horrible smell at all.

It was very easy to apply with the application mitt* that they also sent me. As I say, I've never tanned in my life so me being able to apply this easily was like a god send! I was still noticeable after about 5-6 days but if I was a hardcore tanner I would have re applied after about 2 days, just to top it up. All the boyfriends of girls I know who tan always say about the orange bed sheets and yup, this did happen to me too! I woke up and it looked like there had been a murder (although the blood would have been a orangey colour, hmm..) but I'm fairly certain this happens with most tans. Just bare it in mind!

The packaging is very simple but I actually really like it because there isn't too much going on. On the bottle itself there are some very good tips to help the likes of me which where a god send. And finally lets just take a minute to praise the price point. This tan (online at retails at £4.99. Amazing eh? I know they also sell this in Superdrug but you'd have to double check the price there. For novices like myself this was very good. I would recommend.

P.S they also do beauty. THEY DO BEAUTY FGS.

Have you ever tried Sunkiss tan? What did you think?


Friday, 25 July 2014

Life Lately.. #4

Pictures from the last week (or so!). Not much has happened recently, I'm still loving my job and the past weekend was a lot of boyfriend/family time. Enjoy :-)

 my princess being cute as ever!! | playing in the field

Bailey still loves to be by our sides practically every moment she can get. She's better at eating since we got her some wet puppy food but she's still not 100%. She's having her first jabs either next week or the week after, I cannot wait (NOT!!).
If you didn't already know our house backs on to a gorgeous field. Pretty much all the houses next to us have fenced it off but ours is open so we can just walk in the field. As its been harvested there was these hay bales so we couldn't resist a climb! 

 completely gutted my bedroom and this was the mess ARGH

For some reason I woke up on SATURDAY morning and decided this was how I was going to spend my day. Afterwards my back was hurting and if you went in to the room you probably couldn't even tell I'd done anything, but I chucked a lot away!!

 Bailey came for a sleepover at mummys!! | my brother with Bailey

My boyfriend had to wash my stepdads car and we were babysitting Joe overnight so we took Bailey to mine for a sleepover. She actually ended up staying 2 nights because we had a BBQ Sunday that me and Kayne made and it was LUSH.
After a shaky start, Joe got used to Bailey. My brother has had a bad history with animals despite my step-dads mum and dad having 5 big dogs and Joe being practically bought up with them, so he's always wary of dogs.

I was sent some lovely products from BubbleT & w7 | trying out the eyeliner

This week was a good parcel week. I was firstly sent some bath products, then a load of lush makeup from w7. I'm actually going to be filming a one brand makeup look, along with a brand focus blog post so look out for those! 

selfie before filming | filming set up, so professional eh! 

It's been very hot and sweaty in the UK so when I got home the other day I quickly re-applied my makeup (with a bit of colour!) that you can't see properly and I was happy with it!
My make shift filming set up. Professional as ever.

blog makeover!

I've had a blog makeover! I put it on Twitter and didn't get any response but I didn't want to dedicate a whole post to it, so let me know what you think! I'm really happy with it!

 the biggest spider I've ever seen INSIDE MY HOUSE!! 

UH. I'm not a 'AHH a spider' kind of girl but this just takes the micky!! 

bought Joe some 'loom bands' | learnt how to make it on my fingers

I don't know if you've got any younger siblings or family members but the small people world has been taken over by these!!! My brother hasn't made too much of a fuss about them but I bought him some today as he had asked very nicely (and they were only £1!) and he taught me how to do it on our fingers. I was so impressed with myself, I even made Kayne one!! 

So that's it for my week! I told ya, quite boring!! As always let me know what you've been up to


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Bubble T Cosmetics*

Aren't these products just gorgeous?! The packaging is so lovely. The colours are so nice!! Bubble T is a brand that I had never heard of before so I doubt you have either, but they recently put out a tweet asking if bloggers would be interested to reviewing some products. I spoke to them a bit and they were happy to send me some products so here they are!! 

I received two items. First was the hibiscus & acai berry tea restoring fizzy bath bombs*. You get 7 bath bombs for £6 which I think is so reasonable considering you could get 2 bombs for the same price at Lush. The smell is unreal and obviously they are PINKKKKK!!! The bath bombs have goji berry and hibiscus extract which is probably why they smell so good!! 

Secondly was the lemongrass & green tea stimulating shower gel*. Again, one of the main things is the smell!! I can't get over how nice these both smell! The shower gel also has lemon extract in it and I cannot wait to try this!

I'm yet to use either of these products but I honestly cannot wait to try them. They will also be featured in a video that I have coming up soon so look out for that! Thank you very much Bubble T for sending me these lovely bits! 

Have you ever tried Bubble T? 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Baker Days review & GIVEAWAY! Letter Box Cake*

CAKE?! Cake!?
Who mentioned cake?

When I saw an email pop into my box a few weeks ago about receiving a CAKE to review I was sold. I didn't even have to read the email, I knew that I'd be accepting it straight away.

Next was the concept. Andrea at Baker Days had contacted me to say that they wanted to send me a LETTER BOX CAKE. Now obviously I was confused as I'm sure you all are so I went over to their website to do some research. Basically, a letter box cake is a cake that fits through your letter box. It couldn't be any simpler. The main idea behind it is that it would be a nice present to send to someone that doesn't live close (friend, relative etc) so that they receive something more than a card for their occasion. And who doesn't love cake?!

Andrea said that I could send her a photo and she would get that printed onto my cake and get it in the post for me. I used this image of me and my boyfriend. However, when I opened my cake I saw that they had not only added my blog banner, they put XO all around the outside, how sweet is that?! I thought that was the nicest thing as I was just expecting a cake of me and boyfy! 

I'm not sure what kind of sized cake I was expecting but they are very small. I think I read somewhere they are made for 4 (small) portions so I didn't feel bad eating the whole thing to myself over the course of a day or two (hehe). 

I also wondered how on earth a cake could make it through the post and through my front door and still being in one piece! The cakes are put into a cute tin, and then the tin is wrapped. Each parcel also comes with a little bag of balloons, candles and a streamer! I thought that was the sweetest thing ever!

The cake itself was very nice. I'm no food critic so I can't really tell you about the taste etc but I had a vanilla cake with normal icing and it was LUSH. If you know me you'll know I eat sweets. A LOT OF SWEETS. I even had a tooth out recently because of it (oops!!!) so a personalised cake, who was I to turn that down!? 

I had the nicest experience with Baker Days and I would recommend anybody to use their services. You can't go wrong!! And whats more.. Andrea has given me a chance to giveaway 2 cakes!! 
If you would like to be in with a chance of winning one, please enter via the rafflecopter giveaway below! This giveaway finishes in 2 weeks time so get entering!! 
Happy competitioning!



Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Make-up Revolution Palettes

If you follow me on twitter (I feel like I always say that!!) you will see that I have been RAVING about  these palettes so much I think even makeup rev are even getting annoyed with me. SOZ! 

I was recently in contact with the lovely people at Makeup Revolution who said they would like to send me some palettes. WOOHOO. If you read blogs and you've never heard of these people, seriously where have you been!? I've been very late on the bandwagon with these palettes but I love them all the same. I was sent 2 palettes from the 'I HEART MAKEUP' range, both of which I adore. I actually filmed a video to go along side this blog post so please check that out at the bottom!

The one with the pink gem is called I Heart Passion and the purple gem is called I Heart Sin. I Heart Passion is a more of a night time palette with lovely purples and blacks, whereas the I Heart Sin (as you can see below) is full of gorgeous florescent colours. 

I Heart Sin is the most amazing palette I've ever seen!! Just look at it. It would be PERFECT for a festival themed makeup look, or if your brave enough you could wear it during the day. 

Both palettes come with 16 eye shadows, some matte and some shimmers. They also both come with a slightly larger pan of what I've been using as highlighter colours. I'm not sure if that is what their actually for but it works for me!! 

The palettes from the outside are nice, they are plain black with a huge rhinestone. They both come with huge, very good quality mirrors which is always a plus! I'm chuffed with just the mirrors! 

I'm yet to use Sin because I don't want to ruin its goodness but I swatched a few shades in the video below, and they are so pigmented.
I Heart Passion*

Next on to I Heart Passion. Now, I have actually used this one so I can give a better opinion on it.. Ready?

AMAZING. No other word can describe it. So super pigmented, so lovely to apply, such nice colours!! I had so many compliments when I wore a look from this palette, it was lovely! I had so many people ask what palette it was, who did my makeup, did I do it myself (yes, I did!) etc. I was shocked that I got such a good response considering people don't usually take notice of MY makeup!

I'm desperate to film 2 separate makeup looks with these palettes because I just think they are amazing!! They are defo my new faves and (sorry) but they blow MUA out of the water! I mean come on! Everyone knows how much I adore MUA but theres a new guy in town.

Each palette retails at £7.99 which again, is just an amazing price. I have seen quite a few blog posts where some of makeup rev's palettes have been compared to the likes of Urban Decay Naked palettes, doesn't that just tell you instantly how good these are?!

I cannot WAIT to be placing a huge order when pay day comes around!! <3
Thank you again Makeup Revolution! 


Have you tried anything from Makeup Rev?

Monday, 14 July 2014

Life Lately.. #3

These are pictures from the past week or so. I know its very photo heavy but when I asked on Twitter you all said that was fine, so here we go!! PS there are probably quite a few photos on here that you've seen already if you read my blog a lot. SOZ

selfie before my aunties 40th party | me and boyfy at the party

Quick selfie. Got to be done! 
We rarely have photos taken together so I was glad we did!

my outfit | outfit shot again | me and nan with the white jean memo

I took TWO photos of my outfit on this day because I loved it. Don't ask me why.. You know when you just really like an outfit?
Me and my nan were accidentally both wearing white jeans hehe. We all went bowling for my brother and cousins birthday, I vlogged and you can see it HERE

my cutsie broski on his birthday with some of his presents | announcing my #WEBlogger chat

My brother had a faaab day and he loved all his presents, he got so much! 
I announced over on Tweeeeter that I was co-hosting a chat. It happened last night and was amazing! Such a great experience. Post about it coming soon :-)

princess Bailey | falling asleep on my feet | the bed I want to get her

On Friday I wrote a whole post about Bailey, our new doggy. She is truly my princess and is SO spoilt by me and Kayne. You can read that post HERE
I mentioned in the post that she loves my fluffy socks and we've since found out she also adores my fluffy cardigan. She's too cute for words!!! 
HOW CUTE IS THIS!? I really want to get it for Bailey but Kayne is dead against it.. for now ;-)

princess with her daddy

The top right photo is just my new favourite thing. I just cannot cope with the levels of cuteness. There is just so much love in this photo and I literally adore it. <3
Bailey loves sleeping in bed with us. She is so cuddly and calm, she's actually like a real human!

makeup rev palettes | funny makeup selfies using palettes

I wasn't going to include these pics because well.. you can see for yourself but thought I'd give ya'll a laugh! I got sent these GORGEOUS palettes from Makeup Rev (reviews coming soon, I promise!!) and I sent these selfies to my mum because I was so so happy with my makeup. 

some doggy photos | bailey and kayne asleep | family photo | bailey in my cardi

Thought I'd put these all together as there is a lot of cuteness and I'm not sure if you can handle it. All Bailey seems to do is sleep, literally. She's always asleep, but were not complaining! We play with her tonnes when she does wake up but she just looooves her sleep! As I mentioned she has been sleeping in bed with us most nights and I felt like a proud parent when she slept by herself until 7am the other day! Well done princess!! 
When I was going home yesterday, I went in to say good bye and I was greeted by this. How do they think I could leave when they were like this!! Tucked up in bed being cute!!! 
Our first (hungover) family photo. We actually slept all morning like this, was so lovely! 
Finally princess asleep in my fluffy cardi. I just think this is the cutest thing ever! I don't wear this much anymore but its that REALLY soft material and I got it from Primark last year.. She sleeps with one of Kayne's tshirts and one day she picked this up and put it on her bed. She has slept with it since. <3

So there we have it! I hope the photo overload wasn't too much for you all, but as I said they are mainly of my gorgeous doggy so who can complain! Another week done!!!

What have you been up to this week?

Friday, 11 July 2014

Introducing.. BAILEY!!!

WE GOT A DOG!! Bailey is a cross cyprian poodle and saluki (I've never heard of either of those!) and she is about 12 weeks old. We picked her up on Wednesday evening so we have spent the past two days playing and getting her used to us. I'm so so in love!! 

She is so cuddly and spends most of her time cuddled up to Kayne, although she is warming to me. She has slept in bed with us for the past two nights (naughty, we know!) but how can you resist that face!? Bailey has started to learn to poo and wee on the training mats that we got her, she has slipped up a few times but she's only a baby and is still learning! 

She's far too scared to go outside at the moment and is yet to have her jabs so were keeping her inside for the time being. Bailey love's my fluffy socks and sleeps with one of those and one of Kayne's t-shirts. We actually put this on her because we were scared she was cold but she cuddles up to it and sleeps with it, SO cute!! 

She's still very nervous about everybody which is understandable, and is hugely off her food. We have been told that she can only eat hard food with a bit of water but she really doesn't like that at all so we've been crushing up the hard food and trying to feed her that. Another thing she won't do is eat it from a bowl. I had thoughts that it might be because the bowl she has is very big and deep, so today I bought her a small and shallow bowl and we shall see how she gets on with that. She eats a tiny bit if you literally put it next to her mouth but she won't eat much which is quite worrying. She does, however eat treats and dentisticks VERY quickly (typical eh!). 

If you have any tips on how to get her to eat and settle that would be amazing!! Anything would be appreciated as we are currently going mad with worry so were over compensating on affection which I fear might end badly in the long run! 


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

GG 'Guru Gossip' Scandal

So this post is definitely going to have a very varied response.. Should I write it, should I not. I'm not bothered. I will write what I want on MY blog. I basically just want to get my opinion across so I'm not tweeting about it or listening to other peoples tweets. Let me begin. 

What is it about?
A few months ago it was found out that people had been trashing bloggers on 'GG' (simply a bloggers/youtubers hate site) and it then came out that some of the people trashing were actually fellow bloggers, some of which our friends. There was accusations, fall outs and lots of nasty words exchanged which took bloggers twitters by storm to say the least! 

When this all came around I made sure that I kept out of it, after all it wasn't me that was being spoke about. I literally stayed off twitter for a day or so just to avoid it as it became VERY boring. It became apparent that one of my 'closer' blogging friends had been spoken about a was very upset about it. It all blew over and not much was said until now..

What has happened now?
This week more revelations have come out. A full list leaking the actual bloggers that were writing the hate comments. 

The list has been shown on Twitter a few times with lots of people being very shocked at some of the outcomes. Some were what people considered very close friends, some even best friends. Again, the GG scandal has taken bloggers Twitters by storm. I would like to say I am NOT involved at all, I'm simply stating my opinion.

Why is everyone going crazy over it?
This is one tweet that I've seen quite a lot. People maybe not understanding what has gone on can't see why people are so annoyed and there are a few reasons, some people have more reason to be annoyed than others but these are the reasons I believe bloggers in general should be annoyed: 
  1. If you were spoken about. I think this is pretty obvious and doesn't even really need to be said. If you were spoken about, of course you're going to be annoyed. I certainly would be. I know it upset A LOT of people who were spoken about as it would me. If I'm honest and I was in the situation where I'd been trashed on a very horrible website, I would probably delete my blog.
  2. Bloggers are a 'close knit group'. You will see a lot bloggers saying 'oh this community is so lovely, we are all so friendly!' which I'd 100% agree with. This whole 'scandal' took the blogging world by absolute storm because everyone is your friend! You never expect people to bitch about your blog, certainly not on a site like GG! 
  3. The leaked bloggers consisted mainly of 'big' bloggers. Now as I'm not directly involved this was the one thing that upset me most. A good 75% (maybe more) of the bloggers leaked had  several thousand followers. So what gave them the right to bitch about other bloggers?! Especially when they have been through all the hardship of starting a blog, gaining followers and mostly learning about whats good and whats not! 
I don't really know where I'm trying to go with this post, maybe to just insight people in to the situation if you don't already know, tell you what I think about it all.. I'm not 100% sure. All I know is that GG is a nasty, horrendous site and it really has made me think more about a lot of people. 

I can't believe that this site was MADE let alone is actually being used! It certainly shouldn't be being used by bloggers and I just want to say that if you are using it and you think you can get away with it.. think again. You will get found out, theres no doubt about that. There are TOO many clever people out there that can work out ways to find things out. 

What is your view on all this? I would love to know. 

*I would just like to state I was NOT involved in this, I HAVENT been spoken about and I HAVENT spoken about anyone. Just putting that out there :-)*

Friday, 4 July 2014

BEAUTYUK eyeshadow palette - galaxy*

No words can even tell you my excitement for this. When BeautyUK got in touch again after I reviewed some of their stuff a month ago, I was told I would be sent this palette and a nail varnish set. For some reason (I really can't remember why) I never checked out what this palette looked like so imagine my excitement when this came through my door!! 

As you know I tend to stick with browns and occasionally blacks if I'm feeling adventurous so when I  saw purple I thought 'ooh err....' but oh my lord I'm in love. In every picture the colours show up better 'with flash' so take more notice of those please!!! 

This palette has 10 shades, mainly shimmery with 1 matte shade. As I said, purple is out of my comfort zone slightly but these purples are soooo nice I didn't mind trying to use them! 

The shades are a lot better above and although it doesn't give the complete full colour, its good enough and hopefully you can kind of see how amazing this palette really is.

It's priced at £5.99 which is amazing when you think about it. It's 10 pans of gorgeousness, which are very buildable so if you want something slightly more subtle it can be done. 

I had a play around as you can see, and this was literally do it as you go along so none of this was planned but I think its a gorgeous look. Maybe too much to go out down the street with buuut nevertheless, very pretty! I really want to do some sort of makeup look with this palette, what would you like to see?

My pictures 100% don't do it justice but this is my new fave, BeautyUK just exceed my expectations every time! I will defo be buying more of these 'posh palettes' and they are my new best thing. Expect to see a lot more from these!! 

Please let me know if theres any kind of tutorial you'd like me to do with this palette!! 

*This was sent to me for review purposes but all opinions are 100% my own


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

June Favourites YOUTUBE


A real life beauty video. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know the countless problems I was having uploading 'real' videos, but vlogs were going up fine! So strange. Anyways THIS finally uploaded!!! WOOP. 

PLEASE subscribe and I will return any subs I do get! I would love to get into my YouTubing so please show me your support! Would be so appreciated. :-)

Thanks xxxxx


Life Lately.. #2

I'm staring to annoy myself by starting every single blog post with a 'sorry I've been gone guys!!!!!!!' when truth is I've just not had much time recently. I FINALLY HAVE A NEW HOME COMPUTER which means lots more blog posts more regularly becaaaauuseeee I don't have a 'crap laptop' excuse anymore. I actually have quite a few posts lined up so watch out for those.

This is photos from the last 2 weeks or so.. In my last Life Lately I did say that I was only going to do these when I actually had photos to show you because my weeks are very 'same old' and not much change. The past 2 weeks have been busy though, so here I am showing you!! Enough rambling. 

new love; casting sunkiss jelly | night in with my bro | invited to see McBusted

I recently bought and blogged (read here) about this stuff.. oh wow. Just wow. 
I had a night in with my brother! I used to look after him quite a lot but haven't done recently, so we got a load of snacks (and fake wine!) whiles my parents went out. We were going to watch a nice old Disney film and then whiles browsing Joe took quite a fancy to 'Jackass The Movie'. An 18. I know, really bad of me but he really enjoyed it! 
Amelia rung and asked if I wanted to see MCBUSTED!!!!!?!?!?!!!?? ERRRR YEES!!!!

new work trousers | SHOPPINGGGG!! | lush cake 

I have finally started my new job (if you follow me on Twitter you'll know as its all I've been going on about) and I got these lush trousers. I'm in love.
I came home to a few deliveries and did a massive work clothes shop with mum! I filmed a 2 part haul but the camera was running out of battery and is slightly off my head so I'm debating weather to even edit it. Let me know if you wanna see it!! 
I got this LUSH postbox cake from Baker Days (review coming soon!).

playing with my new eyeshadow palette 

If you read my blog you will know that I've done work with BeautyUK before and they enjoyed what I had done so offered to send me some more stuff. I have a full review of this palette going up sometime soon, but just AHHHH look at these colours. I did this just before taking off my makeup after a whole day so excuse the red horribleness but I might do a tutorial on something with these colours. They are just so nice!! Again, let me know if you want to see that!! 

McBusted in the rain :-( | McBusted selfie with Amelia

As expected, McBusted PEED it down. BUT then the sun came out and it was a lush evening!! Thank you Amelia for taking me! VLOG HERE!! 

new cup at work | wearing my new trousers (in love) | calendar writing

I have been slightly obsessed with getting one of these cups since I became a bit addicted to watching Essie Button's #VLUNE. I found one in Sainsburys, not the ideal colour but BOYYYY do I love it! I wasn't drinking nearly enough as I should have been so I came up with a theory that cups/bottles make you drink much more than you would from normal glasses (who's with me?!?!) and I can confirm my theory is CORRECT!!! I have drunk about 7 bottles of water since Monday (tonnes for me) and I'm still lovin' my cup!! 
Wearing my new trousers with my new VERY HURTY shoes!!!! :-(
Calendar writing. All I have done for the past two days. Hey ho, loving my new job!!! 

So there we have my (few) weeks. It's been a good time with new beginnings and good times with friends. Hope you enjoy this kind of post, let me know!! 


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