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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Quick & easy makeup look

Today I have a quick makeup look that I wore last week and I was super happy with it. I used the old selotape across the eye method that has taken the beauty world by storm! 

I used all 4 colours from the Topshop Golden Aura palette. I have recently re-discovered this palette and can I just say I'M SO IN LOVE. Again. When I first had it I used it constantly and then I put it away. I'm so glad its back in my makeup bag, I looove it so much.

Sorry this is a really short post, I haven't had internet access for a large part of this week at my boyfriends.. We have a new computer arriving tonight so I will be able to blog more at home and hopefully get back on my blogging game! I remember a time when I blogged everyday!!! 

How do you feel about the Topshop makeup range? Good?


  1. Love the lashes, I wear fakeys every day, wish I had enough to wear my own!

  2. I've never tried it.
    It's weird but I think Topshop should stick to clothing.
    I don't like brands which do it all.
    Maybe this is a silly way of thinking but I prefer when company does just the make up or a skin care.
    this said... your make-up looks stunning and the choice of colours is perfect.

  3. I love the sharp look that the stelotape creates. Well done!
    Renee x

  4. Gorgeous makeup look! I haven't tried topshop makeup before but this look makes me want to :)

  5. Very nice fotd post!! :) You look lovely and your eyes are amazing!! xxx

  6. The few bits I've had from Topshop I really like but I haven't tried any of their eyeshadows. You look stunning by the way xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

  7. Your brows are so perfect! Would do anything for mine to look like yours! xx

  8. You look amazing:)
    Following you now via GFC,hope you'll do the same:))

  9. You are stunning! Your eyes are soo pretty! x
    xprincessjas | xx

  10. Your eyeshadow is just so so pretty Daisy, your eyes are beautiful x

  11. Stunning! Love the sellotape trick works everytime! Also pretty eyeshadow shades - really suit you.

    Hollie X

  12. You look really lovely here, especially your eyes! xx

  13. Love that look! Especially your eyes!

    Love from



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