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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Life lately.. #1

Do you remember me? Yeah, I know, me neither. Soz. 
Life has been a bit hectic recently. Since it's been mega nice recently I've been out in the sun as much as possible (as you'll see below!). I usually hate these type of posts hence why I think I've written one before but I felt it was needed (plus I have nothing else photographed to show..) Enjoy!

getting ugly tan lines in my new shoes | nicest alcoholic drink ever tasted buy here | family day with nan, mum and brother blog here

This week I have been flaunting my lush new shoes from Newlook. Everyone seems to dislike them but I'm so in love!! What do you think?!
I found a new fave drink. Smirnoff have released these frozen pouch things. Me and my mum got one each to try and the result is - my new fave! Mum said she couldn't drink many as their very sweet but that's just what I love about them! Try it!! 
Family day was vlogged on my YouTube channel, so please go and show some love! I have loads of videos planned and I even have 2 videos edited and ready to be uploaded but I'm having difficulties. I will keep trying though! 

watching my uncle rick on ejector seat (hilarious) | typical English BBQ

If you follow me on Twitter I was going mad last week because my uncle Rick's episode of the Ejector Seat was on TV. All my family and friends went to the pub to watch, I couldn't believe how many of us there was! Well done Ricky!! 
As it was sooo nice we decided to have a BBQ when we saw a huuuuge black cloud come over. We thought it would fly over but nope, it chucked it down and even hailed a little bit! Any normal person would run inside but we all (about 10 of us!) just sat there and got wet. No surprise to say the sun came back out straight away! England, eh.

enjoying the lovely weather we've been having | got very burnt after 8 hours in the sun

Again, enjoying the lush weather. If your from Britain you'll know that sun=madness. Everyone (including me!) goes mad! I get out the bikinis and sunbathe in the garden! Other counties laugh at us but if you was English you'd understand! 
I spent 8 hours straight in the sun and got very burnt. I NEVER burn as I'm quite olive skinned anyway so normally just tan straight off so I didn't put on cream and this happened. I was not very happy. 

 burn on my back (ouchie!!) | hair after 2 days straight in a bun on top of my head | brother rubbing in cream to my poor burn

Again, my burn. I seriously didn't even notice this had happened until I got home! It was the most painful thing ever!!! I feel very sorry for you pale skinned people!
I have found a new hairstyle (basically a twisted bun, nothing special) but I wore this hairstyle all day whiles sunbathing and swimming, all night and the whole of the next day. This was the madness that occurred when I took it down. 
I had to have my little helper apply cream on my back because obvs I couldn't do it myself but it was soooooo sore :(

my new vice, orajel | college FMP sketchbook

I was meant to have a filling replaced months ago and because I'm so petrified of needles put off going back. Now it's gotten SO bad and I've given in and booked myself an appointment. It isn't until next week so I had to get this stuff to help in the meantime (I'm also living on painkillers). But seriously, this stuff is the tits.
Finally I've been doing my FMP at college. I study graphic design and have now technically finished my course. My final show is next Wednesday and after that I never have to go back! Woohoooo!! This is some of my sketchbook pages (decided last minute to do it digitally, what an idiot I am.)

So there we have it, what I've been getting up to recently. Busy old week which is different for me, I'm used to doing same old everyday!! I have actually quite enjoyed writing this post so let me know if you liked it. As I mentioned about my YouTube I would LOVE it if you could subscribe etc, show me some lurrrrrve! I will be uploading soon I promise and I've also got loads of posts planned! 

Ta-ta for now!! :)

daisy xx



  1. OMG how amazing does that Smirnoff Raspberry Sorbet sound?!!? It's like the perfect Summer drink EVER xxx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Sounds like an eventful week or so!! I've been spending the majority of my time outside in the hope that I catch some sort of tan, we have to make the most of it before its gone for good!! Best of luck with your college do, I have my ceremony-thing next week and so glad to have finished it all xxx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  3. Please please wear sunscreen even if you do tan easy. Being darker skinned doesn't protect you from skin cancer, not to mention premature aging. Don't mean to nag, but it is sooo important. Saw these drinks at supermarket & thought they looked delicious especially for whilst outside on a sunny evening. Love these types of posts ... in fact you may have inspired me to do one xxx

  4. Haha I can't believe your uncle was on Ejector Seat! That show is hilarious haha!! I love these kinds of posts :) xx

  5. Your uncles face on that ejector seat is funny x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  6. I bet it is hilarious when someone you know is on a TV game show! Hope you have the burn sorted out. My partner burnt also and he is peeling so bad now!

    Hollie X

  7. i love sunshine every time it feels as if its a new me if you know what i mean, lots of energy and positive vibes, glad to know you enjoyed it too

  8. Your uncle really made me laugh how funny. Popping over from

  9. haha Love your uncles face on this! Looks hilarious! Love those shoes too! xx

    Lucie xx

    Fatbeautyx // My Youtube Channel

  10. Meh, don't listen to anyone, those shoes are gorgeous! And regardless, you're the one that's wearing them so you're the one that needs to like them.


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