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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Quick & easy makeup look

Today I have a quick makeup look that I wore last week and I was super happy with it. I used the old selotape across the eye method that has taken the beauty world by storm! 

I used all 4 colours from the Topshop Golden Aura palette. I have recently re-discovered this palette and can I just say I'M SO IN LOVE. Again. When I first had it I used it constantly and then I put it away. I'm so glad its back in my makeup bag, I looove it so much.

Sorry this is a really short post, I haven't had internet access for a large part of this week at my boyfriends.. We have a new computer arriving tonight so I will be able to blog more at home and hopefully get back on my blogging game! I remember a time when I blogged everyday!!! 

How do you feel about the Topshop makeup range? Good?

Saturday, 21 June 2014

THE HAIR DYING HOLY GRAIL - Loreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly

Again, it's been a while but you'll be pleased (or maybe not..) to know I have a whole week off until I start my new job so hopefully I'll be posting daily, if not more! I have loads to share with you. 

I have recently seen the adverts for this on TV, the L'Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly. I didn't really understand it and when me and Ma were in Boots today I took her to have a look. From what we could understand its a jelly-like formula that gradually lightens your hair. It says on the box it isn't recommended for people with hair colour darker than light brown, and luckily I have quite light hair so I thought I'd give it a go. 

You will have probably seen that I have ombred hair. I used a packet dye a few months ago and to be honest, it didn't really do much so I was going to do it again but held off. Since its been sunny for the past few weeks, my hair has lightened sooo much however I still want more! 

I called this a 'first impressions' post with the intention to do an update once I've used it a bit.

These are on a deal in Boots at the moment, and I honestly honestly can't tell you how much I already adore this. I got the shade 03 which is the lightest one. I would recommend this to ANYONE wanting lighter hair. It's meant to highlight natural hair, or lighten already highlighted/ombred hair. I used quite a bit, which since I've worked out your meant to use a bit and gradually build it. I cannot wait to use this again! 

The directions for use are to just apply on hair, either wet or dry and you can then wash it out or just dry your hair. I don't really know the science but basically once it's on, you are meant to either sit in the sun or hair dry it because the heat intensifies it to get the colour. I hair dried mine but I reckon sun would get much better results! I might try that next time.



Okay okay, I know what your thinking. It actually looks lighter on the first picture! But I honestly just think these are bad pictures.. I mean, who can ever get a correct hair colour in a PHOTO?! The ends are sooo light, I don't think I'll need to do them much more. I'm going to try and put some on the top of my hair though to see if I can lighten that. 

This was easily the best money I've spend on a hair product in a looong time, if not ever!! I can tell this is going to be my go to product for a very long time and if anybody out there is wanting highlights or to lighten their natural hair, I couldn't tell you enough.. BUY THIS. Even if you don't think you'll like it.. TRY IT! Because I reckon you'll change your mind. ;-)

Have you tried this? Do you think you'll try it?!


Saturday, 14 June 2014

Life lately.. #1

Do you remember me? Yeah, I know, me neither. Soz. 
Life has been a bit hectic recently. Since it's been mega nice recently I've been out in the sun as much as possible (as you'll see below!). I usually hate these type of posts hence why I think I've written one before but I felt it was needed (plus I have nothing else photographed to show..) Enjoy!

getting ugly tan lines in my new shoes | nicest alcoholic drink ever tasted buy here | family day with nan, mum and brother blog here

This week I have been flaunting my lush new shoes from Newlook. Everyone seems to dislike them but I'm so in love!! What do you think?!
I found a new fave drink. Smirnoff have released these frozen pouch things. Me and my mum got one each to try and the result is - my new fave! Mum said she couldn't drink many as their very sweet but that's just what I love about them! Try it!! 
Family day was vlogged on my YouTube channel, so please go and show some love! I have loads of videos planned and I even have 2 videos edited and ready to be uploaded but I'm having difficulties. I will keep trying though! 

watching my uncle rick on ejector seat (hilarious) | typical English BBQ

If you follow me on Twitter I was going mad last week because my uncle Rick's episode of the Ejector Seat was on TV. All my family and friends went to the pub to watch, I couldn't believe how many of us there was! Well done Ricky!! 
As it was sooo nice we decided to have a BBQ when we saw a huuuuge black cloud come over. We thought it would fly over but nope, it chucked it down and even hailed a little bit! Any normal person would run inside but we all (about 10 of us!) just sat there and got wet. No surprise to say the sun came back out straight away! England, eh.

enjoying the lovely weather we've been having | got very burnt after 8 hours in the sun

Again, enjoying the lush weather. If your from Britain you'll know that sun=madness. Everyone (including me!) goes mad! I get out the bikinis and sunbathe in the garden! Other counties laugh at us but if you was English you'd understand! 
I spent 8 hours straight in the sun and got very burnt. I NEVER burn as I'm quite olive skinned anyway so normally just tan straight off so I didn't put on cream and this happened. I was not very happy. 

 burn on my back (ouchie!!) | hair after 2 days straight in a bun on top of my head | brother rubbing in cream to my poor burn

Again, my burn. I seriously didn't even notice this had happened until I got home! It was the most painful thing ever!!! I feel very sorry for you pale skinned people!
I have found a new hairstyle (basically a twisted bun, nothing special) but I wore this hairstyle all day whiles sunbathing and swimming, all night and the whole of the next day. This was the madness that occurred when I took it down. 
I had to have my little helper apply cream on my back because obvs I couldn't do it myself but it was soooooo sore :(

my new vice, orajel | college FMP sketchbook

I was meant to have a filling replaced months ago and because I'm so petrified of needles put off going back. Now it's gotten SO bad and I've given in and booked myself an appointment. It isn't until next week so I had to get this stuff to help in the meantime (I'm also living on painkillers). But seriously, this stuff is the tits.
Finally I've been doing my FMP at college. I study graphic design and have now technically finished my course. My final show is next Wednesday and after that I never have to go back! Woohoooo!! This is some of my sketchbook pages (decided last minute to do it digitally, what an idiot I am.)

So there we have it, what I've been getting up to recently. Busy old week which is different for me, I'm used to doing same old everyday!! I have actually quite enjoyed writing this post so let me know if you liked it. As I mentioned about my YouTube I would LOVE it if you could subscribe etc, show me some lurrrrrve! I will be uploading soon I promise and I've also got loads of posts planned! 

Ta-ta for now!! :)

daisy xx


Wednesday, 4 June 2014


WOOO!! I uploaded a video!! I'm aware this video is rubbish and the quality is even worse but I'm working on it. Also I'm not sure why but when I was editing some of the files were corrupt so I couldn't use them, hence the rubbish ending.. soz!! 

I already have loads of videos planned (and hopefully my darling cousin Alex will help me sort out quality etc) and I'm going to be doing loaaads of vlogs as their my fave to watch. Hope this is OK.

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO ME!! And if you have any suggestions pleaseeee let me know!! Ta! 



Monday, 2 June 2014

updated: WHAT'S IN MY MAKEUP BAG & makeup look

I have something a taad different for you today.. A 'whats in my makeup bag?' with a twist. Instead of just photographing my makeup bag with the contents inside, I thought I'd split it into sections and also do a small makeup look along side it. I will also include all the links!

Firstly we have the base products. I only recently started using a primer, I have become absolutely in love with this one from MUA but they have stopped selling it!! WHY? So here's one similar: MUA flawless primer. I never saw the point in a primer but let me tell you, that opinion has changed!! Next I have my Olay essentials - a touch of foundation which is a gorgeous tinted moisturizer. I don't really need a foundation so this is perfect, its so light and it smells LUSH. Lastly I have a cheap MUA concealer. Again, I can't find this one but here are similar: MUA concealers. I don't use this often but I like to have it there incase of emergency. 

Next up we have powders and such. They are actually backwards but it doesn't matter. Firstly I have the Collection sheer loose powder (nice packaging there, does anyone else notice how rubbish the collection packaging is?!). Nexxxt I have Natural Collection bronzer that I've actually had for ages so I should probably chuck that out. I don't use it much, just sometimes. Finally my new holy grail product BeautyUK baked blush which I did a full review on here

My favourite part - EYEEES. I got sent this gorgeous BeautyUK eyeshadow palette - naked07 which you can read a full review here. It has quickly become my main eyeshadow palette and I use this everyday! I have my Bourjois liner pinceau and the Rimmel scandle eyes eyeliner incase I decide to mix up my makeup, although I don't use them much. My favourite two mascaras: NYC high definition mascara and Maybelline falsies mascara. I LOVE both of these and of course use them daily.

To apply all my makeup obviously I need some tools. In no particular order here we have them. Blusher brush - unknown brand, powder and bronzer brush - ELF, Real Techniques stippling brush for foundation, selected eye brushes from Crown Brush all eyes on you brush set and finally some tweezers - unknown brand.

For the last part of this post I have a quick every day makeup look using products from my makeup bag (obviously!). It's literally a very natural smokey eye that is easy and goes with EVERYTHING.

So if you've read this far you've done well, 10 points to you. I hope you enjoyed this post. It took me a very loooong time to do so please let me know if you like it!?


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