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Friday, 2 May 2014

Travel Diary - GRONINGEN / part 3

Later that day we drove to Groningen which was the next part of our trip to stay with my dads friend Robert. By the time we got there it was around 6.30. We settled in and had a bit of a rest whiles Robert went to the gym. We were all starving so dad and Robert took us to a pizza place about 15 minutes away where my dad had been before (much to my excitement. I'm SUCH a fussy eater and this was my first meal into the hols!)

It was honestly so nice and we were the only people in there! 

We got home and pretty much went to bed straight away as everyone was exhausted! 

The next day we all walked into the main town to do a bit of shopping and sight seeing (although there is next to no sights to see!). Robert had mentioned about this tower. You could climb to the top! We found the tourist info centre and bought our tokens which were 3 euros each.

We got to what we thought was the top and the view was amazing! My dad decided not to climb because the stairs were very narrow and in a small place, both of which my dad doesn't deal well with and has panic attacks. 

After walking around at the top, we found a secret door which lead us right to the clock face! We were all so amazed but it was stupidly windy at the top. I recorded a video but its not working on here unfortunately. If your even in Groningen for any reason, I seriously suggest you go here! 

You can see by all our faces and hair the kind of wind!! 

Me and Kayne went off to do some shopping whiles everyone else went to get some lunch. After about an hour we met back up with them and me, Kayne, Dot, Queenie and my dad decided we were going to go swimming that afternoon. Catherine and Ada stayed in the town and visited some churches.

The swimming pool was amazing! It has flumes, a wave machine, whirl pools, lazy river and an outdoor pool! We ended up staying in the poor for over 2 hours! We went and picked up Catherine and Ada at the supermarket and cooked/ate dinner. We watched about 6 eps of The Simpsons! We had an early night because everyone was so tired and we had a loooong drive the next day! 

Have you ever been to Groningen? Part 4 is coming up tomorrow!




  1. I have never been but it looks like an amazing place!


  2. Ooooo those pizzas! Yummy!


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