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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Products I wouldn't repurchase #1

Reading literally thousands of beauty blogs, it's very easy to read the same review again and again about a certain product. It's also very easy to bow to pressure and buy something if every beauty blogger and their dog give a product a good review. Here I have some products I've bought thanks to reading reviews but really didn't understand the hype for.

Okay, so I must admit that this isn't really a highly rated product ALTHOUGH I have seen some reviews about it around. I got it because it was £1 and for that price, I guess I can't really complain but something about it just didn't work for me! I hated the texture, colour, application and packaging. There  wasn't a part of this product I liked.. Not one bit! I went for Shade 4 because that was the darkest shade and even so, it didn't look dark enough for me. I used it anyway and I haven't used it again. I think my mum used it for a while buuuut I'm not too sure on her opinion. I will ask her.

You can see why I didn't like this and the Benefit mascara here but to sum it up, its just crap. For a girl who wears A LOT of mascara, this was absolutely awful. It did NOTHING for me at all. I don't know what it was, if it was the formula, the wand or what but no, no, NO.    

Everyone literally raves about this foundation, how lovely the formula is, how lightweight it is.. Why do I not think the same?! I thought it was so heavy for my skin and although the colour was good, it literally looked as though it was caked on with a spoon! It may be because I am used to using BB creams and this is an actual foundation but I just don't know.. I have tried to use this over and over again to make me try and love it but its just not happening I'm afraid! 

As I mentioned you can read why I didn't like this in the link above. There wasn't anything really wrong with this, its just so expensive for what it is! I don't know how people can afford to keep re-buying this (but then again, I reckon people earn a lot more money than I do!!) I didn't mind this, but I don't see the hype. I would genuinely say my £3 mascara that I re-purchase again and again and again is 100% better for me than this mascara. 

Finally, and very unfortunately I hate this lipstick. Its just the colour. I recently won this and I could have picked any colour MAC lipstick I wanted and I went for this one.. BIG MISTAKE. As this was my first MAC lipstick and I had heard so much about the neutrals being a big bloggers fave, I went for this. My picture makes it look a lot pinker than what it is, but on the skin it looks like I've just put foundation on my lips. Just slapped it on. I reckon I will LOVE MAC if I got a different colour (maybe a red or coral..) but this specific colour is a no no for me. I have waaay to dark skin for a nude this pink! 

What products would you not bother repurchasing? Any I should watch out for?!



  1. Great post chick, love these types of posts so helpful, they're real I thought was pretty so so like I didn't think it was spectacular I've tried drugstore equivlants that give the same results,that being said I'm not really a Benefit Fan haha x

  2. Yaaay you did this post!! I'm so surprised Creme cup's in here!! I looove it and I always thought it would go beautiful on most skin tones, what a shame that you don't like it. You should sell it on depop hun since it's got quite a lot left in it! I really like the They're Real too but it's really expensive for a mascara and I've stopped using it since finding a cheaper alternative that works just as well if not better. I really wanted to try that Bourjois foundation but I think I'll give it a miss now!

    Abby xxx

  3. this type of post is really useful im not a fan of the benefit theyre real either XX

  4. I love the Healthy Mix foundation but I have to apply it with a primer or it can go abit patchy after wearing it for the day. I totally agree about Creme Cup, I tried it and it did nothing for me at all! A really nice nude is Jubilee, it's really nice on brunettes and has a natural look to it. Really enjoyed reading this post!

  5. I have to agree with you about the Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara... it did nothing for my eyelashes either and I much prefer my Max Factor 2000 calories one :') xo

  6. We read alot of reviews and majority are positive so its great to read a honest opinion about a product.That does not mean its a bad product its just not right for every one. Great post and hats off for your honesty.

    1. Yes - that's why I've said its products I personally wouldn't repurchase. My opinion only! :)

  7. Glad to see an honest review! Mascara is so expensive and most of the time there is no real reason for the price!

  8. Refreshing to see a post that gives honest reasons. I too do not like rimmel mascaras and the MUA products all there packaging looks a bit bland and uninspiring

  9. Aw that's such a shame about Creme Cup, it's my favourite mac colour but that just shows how different shades suit different skin tones! :)
    emmerliejay x

  10. Love these types of posts Daisy, I always find them so helpful. I know I'm getting a they're real mascara to try in my birchbox which I'm looking forward to trying, I'm gutted for you and your mac lippy! It looks like a gorgeous colour! Im sure one of the bbloggers would buy it off you in a blog sale :) x

    I've recently added a poll to my sidebar to see what kind of posts and videos my followers would like to see, If you have a second, I'd love it if you could go and vote so I can focus on the posts that are the most popular! :)

    Lucie xx

    Fatbeautyx // My Youtube Channel

  11. I think face products are really hit and miss for a lot of people. For me I loved the MUA pressed powder for the longest time but I have extremely pale skin and the lightest shade really matched me well. But with only 3 selections to choose from I think it would be hard for many to get their perfect skin tone. Although I have switched to my Rimmel Stay Matte powder and I do find that it is much better than the MUA but for £1 I didn't find it too bad.

    I have one of the other formulas of the Scanaleyes mascara in Retro Glam and honestly I wasn't that impressed with it either. It feels very clumpy on the lashes and just makes them all stick together. I really have to have a light hand and constantly push the brush into my eyelashes to get them to separate and even then its still pretty clumpy overall.

    For me the one product that I hear hyped a lot in the beauty community on Youtube and blogs is the Falsies Volum Express in Flared and I don't get it.. It separates my lashes and gives them some length but I don't see how this is meant to resemble false lashes in the slightest. I almost wish I would of saved my money and chose a different one.



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