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Friday, 2 May 2014

Dance the night awayyyy...

I was recently (I say recently, more like a few months ago!) contacted by the lovely Amy over at Fanny Crown dresses, inviting me to enter their monthy bloggers competition. I was so excited as I loooove looking at fancy ball gowns (they even do wedding dresses!!). As prom season is fast approaching, I thought it would be a perfect time to post this as the lovely people at Fanny Crown have given me my own discount code! OOH *find at the end of the post*.

So the competition is to pick one of the dresses from the website and style it pretty much. The competition is monthly and more importantly its OPEN TO ANYONE!! So go ahead and enter. 

OUTFIT | Golden Evening Dress | Topshop Court Shoes | BooHoo Clutch Bag | River Island Necklace
MAKEUP | MAC Lipstick | Topshop Golden Aura Smokey Eye Palette | Katy Perry Eyelashes | Elnett Hairspray

OUTFIT: Just look. Look at this. Perfection! This dress is just absolutely gorgeous. I've gone completely high street (and as cheap as poss, as I'm a bargain hunter at heart!!) with some Topshop court heals, a BooHoo clutch and a very simple River Island necklace. I didn't want anything too bright in the way of colours as I didn't think the dress needed it.. The same with the necklace. Its all very simple, because I didn't want to take away from the beaut dress! 

MAKEUP: Again, for makeup I have gone for simple with a big bold red lip, a dark smokey eye (brass and brown tones to go with the gold dress) and big big lashes. If you know me, I always have big lashes MY OWN I MAY JUST ADD so these are perfect for me. I don't wear false lashes but if I did, I would get these. I added hairspray to the list because lets face it, you need a lot of hairspray if your going to have some big hair do. I wish I had entered this competition when I had my prom! It would have been perfect timing. 

As I mentioned at the start they have given me a discount code to offer to my lovely readers for 15% off, so if you need a gorgeous dress for any reason, this is your chance!! 
VALID: 3rd MAY 2014 - 18th JUNE 2014! 

What dress would you pick?! 



  1. I love that necklace! I am going to have to head out to River Island and pick one up.

  2. That dress does look amazing! Don't know where I'd ever get the chance to wear it though, it's so glam!


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