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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

benefit brow bar waxing

Yesterday I had a day off and with absolutely nothing to do, I thought I'd use a left over Christmas gift card and get my eyebrows done. My mum got me a Benefit Brow Bar voucher and I've just had no time to use it. I went into Debenhams, where the brow bar is and booked my appointment. It was around an hour wait so I just window shopped whiles I waited.

Both pictures above are 'before'. I have very thick dense brows naturally (as you can see, with no product on or anything). I knew I definitely didn't want to loose any of the thickness as I would just look so stupid with thin brows. 

I had a girl called Chloe (for any of you who may go to Bury St Eds Debs, ask for Chloe!!) who I would 100% recommend to anyone. She was so lovely and made sure I was happy with everything she was doing. She asked if I wanted a natural curve or more of an arch. I decided to just go for something different so I asked to have more of an arch, although I had no idea how it would look. At the end of the day, eyebrows grow back (very quickly!) so it didn't matter too much if I didn't like it.

The process took about 20 minutes, which was a lot longer than any eyebrow waxing I've had before but I feel it was well worth the £11.50 I paid and I will defo be going back. I think she's done an absolutely amazing job and I'm sooo chuffed. I posted the 'before and after' picture to Twitter and had such an amazing reaction!

As you can see, I haven't lost any definition but just gained a neater and much nicer shape which I'm so pleased about. Chloe told me I should go back around 4-5 weeks later, which I will 100% be doing. As I've mentioned, I would recommend the Benefit Brow Bar to anybody!!

*UPDATE* - for those who are asking, in the after photos I have a small amount of Benefit Brow Zings although next time I go I'm defo going to get a tint!! 

What do you think of my new eyebrow shape?! 

*iphone pictures, sorry!!



  1. These look great. Do you have any product in in the after photos?

  2. They look really good! Have you filled them in in the after photo or did Benefit tint them or something?

    Abby x x x

    1. The lady put a small amount of Benefit 'Brow Zings' but next time I'm defo going to get a tint!!

  3. Wow what a transformation!! The difference is incredible x

  4. wow, I need to get mine done so bad i have to fill them in so much xx

  5. Your brows are incredible! You are so lucky you have such a great base to work with... my brows are so sparse I have to fill them in or it just looks like I have no eyebrows.

    xo, alison*elle

  6. They look SO good!


  7. WOW!!!!! Looks AMAZING, I really wanna go and get them done at benefit too :(((((( x

  8. I've been wanting to go to Benefit for my brows for ages! Will have to book in soon

    Jess xx

  9. Wow they look incredible! Probably the only thing I like about benefit is their passion for brows!

  10. Wow they look amazing! They really frame your eyes! x

  11. I think the arch really made a huge difference in the way they shape your face! It's crazy how much brows can change the way you look. I only recently just started filling in my eyebrows and although I keep them pretty natural I think it makes a big difference. I have never had them waxed or shaped by a professional though but I bet it would be beneficial especially for only £11.


  12. Your brows look great! I remember when I first got mine done and I've never looked back since, it makes such a difference x


  13. Wow!! They look fantastic.. my brows are blonde, so look pathetic unless I use a brow pencil over... may have to go and get a professional try their hands on mine.

  14. That's incredible! I really want to get my brows shaped as they're quite thick like yours and so unruly! I wanted to head to Benefit's brow bar but never had the chance to, I need a visit asap now! X

  15. Wow what a difference. Look great!


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