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Friday, 23 May 2014

BEAUTYUK lipstick review*

The second in the BeautyUK series! Today we have a lipstick.

I'm really bad with remembering to put lipsticks on but I always keep one in my makeup bag juuust in case I remember (which would be a miracle!!). This lippy has swiftly replaced any other lipstick.

Obviously its a gorgeous colour, theres no denying that. It's a lovely pinky/red with such nice purple/blue undertones (ooh, get me talking about undertones like I know what I'm on about!). The packaging is just plain black, which I love for lipsticks as its just simple. It comes with almost a 'sample pot' on the bottom, which would be good if you was applying with a brush instead.

When I first put this on I was greeted by a lovely smelling matte lipstick, followed by a tingly sensation. I was so pleasantly shocked by this but since doing a bit of research on it, they are mint flavoured and I guess this is why I felt the sensation. 

For £3.49 per lipstick, I guess you can't go wrong and I will definitely be buying more of these babies!

Do you like the look of this lipstick? Which colour would you choose?



  1. This product looks really nice and considering the price I think it is worth a try! It looks like it has great pigmentation and really shows up on your lips. Would you say that these are drying at all or feel quite creamy on the lips?


  2. That's a great colour! I don't often wear lipstick though, and tend to just stick with lip balm.



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