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Thursday, 22 May 2014

BEAUTYUK eyeshadow palette*

As I've been unable to blog for a while I've got a small pile of things accumulating that I need to write about, some of which are the posts you will be seeing for the next few days. I asked on Twitter if you'd rather see a general post or separate posts about each product, and you all said separate posts.

 I was sent some lovely bits by BeautyUK. The clue is in the name. A beauty company based in the UK, see what they've done there? ;-) They offer really good quality but cheap makeup products and they are up there in my eyes with MUA (yes, really). If you understand my obsession for MUA you'll understand why this is big to me!!! 

The first in the series is this lovely nudes palette. This pan includes 10 colours to create a perfect natural eye look. I love these because they are really easy to build adding colours. The price of this is £3.99 which I think is amazing value. Each colour is 0.35oz of product, which whiles it isn't LOADS, its plenty for the price your paying.

I use the first pale glittery shade daily. I find that this is a gorgeous base colour but looks lovely on its own too, so I've found myself putting it all over the lid and in the corners of my eyes everyday. The colours aren't the most pigmented in the whole world, but all you need is a bit of patience to build the colour and you can get some amazing looks with this little palette. I'm also SO HAPPY to tell you IT FITS IN MY MAKEUP BAG!!! It's about the only palette I own that can actually fit so I take this with me everywhere. 

You will be seeing a few more BeautyUK posts over the next few days, but I hope you liked this first one in the series. I would definitely recommend checking this brand out if you haven't before, it is amazing and such good value for money!! My new fave.

Have you tried BeautyUK? Will you be trying them?



  1. This looks pretty good, love the shimmery shades in this palette!! And for £3.99?!?!

    Lizzie //

  2. Oh this palette looks super cute - I love the earthy browns

    Laura x

  3. Love, love, love Beauty UK! Not tried this palette though. It looks lovely :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  4. SO lovely! I love the palette X

  5. This looks amazing for the price x


  6. This is a lovely palette! I've seen their stuff in superdrugs but never thought to buy anything. Might pay closer attention next time I'm in there. x


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