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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Travel Diary - Part 1 / AMSTERDAM

Myself, my boyfriend Kayne, my dad, his girlfriend Catherine and her daughters Ada, Dorothy and Queenie decided a few months ago we was going to do some traveling. Our journey started with a 4am wake up call to be ready to leave at 4.30. We drove for around 2 hours to Dover to get our ferry to Dunkirk. The ferry journey took 2 hours, by which time it was light so we ventured outside. We actually won £30 on a Deal or No Deal machine which we played to pass the time! Once we arrived in France, we had to drive to Amsterdam which took about 4 hours. 

We found our apartment and briefly looked around/unpacked before we went straight out to find some food. We were all starving so we just got snacky bits so we could pick what we wanted. 

We got on the tram which was literally 20 seconds down the road from us and went to the main centre. 

We walked to the main station which was gorgeous inside. There was actually a huge group of Ajax fans (Amsterdam football team) who were celebrating. We have since worked out they won the legue that night, hence why they were celebrating! 

We walked around the red light district and down loads of back streets which were lovely. 


Amsterdam is well known for its large (and many!) canals. 

We went into this massive sweet shop and they had this Easter duck which was 100 euros! I couldn't believe it. I was in heaven as I am a true sweetaholic!! 

We got the tram home and just spent the rest of the night chatting. We also FaceTimed some relatives that were in San Diego, which was amazing because we were both in different parts of the world!

Part 2 will continue tomorrow..

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? 




  1. This looks amazing - great photos. Glad you and your family had a super time :-)

  2. Oh wow! So jealous, my friend wants to go for her birthday later on in the year it looks like so much fun! Enjoy! X

  3. looks great i need to make a trip to amsterdam

  4. Looks great - seems like you had a great time!
    I just want to eat all that chocolate, haha!!

    Lizzie //

  5. Amsterdam looks beautiful, I would have been in heaven in that sweet shop! x


  6. Went to Amsterdam quite a few years ago now & absolutely loved it. Seeing this post & your pics makes me want to go back so much


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