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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Monthly lovin'

Well its that time again. Another month down?! How?!!! I try and do a monthly faves every month but to be honest, I think this is the second one I've done this year so its already failed bad.

Pantene Hairspray - 300ml £3.69
A lot of people using hairspray daily, granted. But for some reason, this month I have been absolutely loving this specific hairspray. They were buy one get one free in Tesco so me and my mum both got one and I have used this pretty much every day since. I have number 4 which I find is perfect for me.

MUA Primer - £3
Of course I had to include this. I use this every single day. My mum went and bought 5 of these a month or two ago and I'm not sure if MUA have stopped selling this but I can't find it anywhere! I hope they haven't as I love it sooo much. Best primer ever.

OLAY 'touch of foundation' - 50ml £9.99
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this on my blog before, probably but to cut a long story short I have been using this for months and months. I dabble in other foundations but almost always come back to this (as I have again this month). It's so light, its perfect for me because I don't need a heavy coverage. I just like to have something there so this is perfection! Would defo recommend. 

I don't use this every day. But when I do, I love it. Every blogger and their dog have this brush and I haven't heard a bad thing about it, so it must be good, huh? 

My mum got this when on a whim because neither of us wore blusher - I had never even tried it! But since she's got this, I always nick it when I'm at home. I'm meaning to buy my own one, but I love this.

I received this kit in the giveaway I recently won and to be honest, didnt really know what to expect. But since getting this, I have used it every single day. Bye bye Benefit brow zings! This is my new favourite thing. I have just seen that they do individual parts so you don't have to buy the whole kit but I'm hoping to do a full review of this very soon.

My mum has had this liner for longer than I can remember. Last year I went through a stage of knocking and wearing it every day so for Christmas I got my own! I hadn't even opened it until recently when I decided to use it during a makeup look I did, and since its become an every day wear. My friends would probably say I look weird without it on now! Which is funny.

I also got this for Christmas and didnt really see what the fuss was about. In fact, I included it in my 'Mascaras I wouldn't repurchase', and I still stick by that buuuuttt I have been using this a lot more.

I also re-bought this old fave of mine. I loved this when I was still in school but haven't recently used it.. However when Tesco had a 3 for 2 (my mum was buying 2 things already) I chose to get this as her 3rd thing. I can remember why I loved it so much! 

Ebay makeup brushes eyebrow brush (no link)
I got this in my Ebay brushes that I bought a few months ago. I hadn't used it until recently, and I use this before I do my eyebrows. I just find my lines etc much better once I've done this to prepare them.

Please send me any links to your monthly faves if you have one! I'd love to see! 
What are your fave products this month?



  1. I'm the very same with blush and that blush was one I picked to dabble into the blush scene!
    I also adore the mascaras and real techniques brush!


  2. The Real Techniques Stippling Brush is the holy grail of all my base brushes, love apply BB crème with it- soooo good! I love your blog! xxx

  3. I love both of those mascaras and the Stippling brush is my go to brush when applying blush/bronzer

  4. ooooo Love all these bits Daisy! I really must get my hands on some of this MUA primer you and your mum have 6 bottles of hahah :P

    Lucie xx

    Fatbeautyx // Youtube

  5. I really like Benefit They're Real and Maybelline The Falsies - two of my favourite mascaras :) Anything by Real Techniques is also a winner in my book!

  6. I actually love Benefit they're real, in fact anything by benefit is aces in my book haha. I've been meaning to check out MUA and get an inexpensive primer, so thanks for that awesome tip! :)


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