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Friday, 25 April 2014

50 shades of daisydaisyxxo

Ha, do you like the title!? I found myself vey funny for that one. 
I have wanted to do this post for aaaages, if you know me well you'll know my hair is literally different every single day. I have it up 90% of the time but I do different styles every day. Please excuse some of the terrible quality pictures. This post is selfie central. I have tried to be chronological about the pictures but to be honest, I'm not sure if its right! My name is Daisy and this is my hair story.
How embarrassing are these pictures?! So it all started when I was younger. I always had a 'Bob and Sandra' which basically meant a bob but as my uncle is called Bob, his wife is called Sandra I re-named it. 

I used to always cut in fringes only to regret it the day after.
My hair obviously grew out of my fringe so I bleached it, orange.
I hated the colour so died it near enough black again. Nice pose.

I have a huuge thing that I will get my hair near enough blonde then die it brown and then do it again.
Blacky hair turned to brown.
Had like 3 highlights put in my fringe. Loved this picture! 
OH and were back to dark again.

So I think the second picture came before the first (sorry!) Brown turned to blonde.
Kept getting lighter and lighter.
I had loads of highlights put in and I loved this colour (end one!)

Bleached it and it turned quite blonde.
In all these photos, this colour is my faaave. I loved it this colour.
Still blonde (think the lighting was dodge, it looks browny)
Really really blonde fringe.

Ooooh another fringe! And bleach blonde hair. This is my dads FAVE.
Died my ends pink for Race For Life (was wash out!!)
Hair lightened quite a bit in summer on its own.
Started to go a bit gingery.

Full on ginge (no offence).
Still ginge, slightly more browny here.
My signature hairstyle two summers ago! Slick back straight pony tale.
Prom hair. Loved this so much I had the same style for my mums wedding (back to quite blonde!!)

Hahahhahahaha. I died my hair black. AND MISSED HALF OF IT!! HOW EMBARRASING
Another one of the badly died hair, KILL ME NOW.
I died it again, this time all over!! 
Started to fade (a bit)

Faded completely and I had brown hair again. 
Ombre'd it (cant really tell, I have a post about it!)
Most recently picture, bad roots, blonde ends, all different colours.

So there is more in this I haven't included, like the time I died my hair BRIGHT RED and my mum practically made me strip it, and once I stripped it and washed it off it was bleach blonde! But I cant find any pictures. And also during all this I had all my hair cut off, it was soooo short :( I'm sure there are so many other colours I've missed out but you get the general story. 





  1. I loved reading this post! I've never dyed my hair but I have natural highlights (I was born with them) so my hair is a bit of every colour, it honestly changes every day x


  2. You are seriously lucky to be able to pull of all those shades!! as a (bottled) blonde, i have to say blonde looks the best, it looks really natural on you!
    Love your blog so am your newest follower

  3. Loved this post you absolute legend hahahaha. You're so funny " Lucie you are gonna kill me " hahaha I LOVED IT! so jokes <3

    I must say I do love your hair now <3 x

  4. Fab photos....I don't even know my natural hair colour Great post x

  5. Haha great timeline of photos! You do like a change don't you! I am currently trying to grow my hair really long, I cut it off really short and hate it so want really long hair now!

  6. You're exactly like me when it comes to hair colouring. I've had my hair almost every colour lol. Would you mind if I used your idea and created a post like this in the future? I would give you full credit of inspiration at the end?xxx
    All About Kelz


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