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Thursday, 6 March 2014

W7 matte lipstick

I know the photos are in the wrong order (if you noticed…) and they aren't the best quality/focus etc. YES I KNOWWWW!! It's 9pm. I had planned to schedule a load of posts but it looks like that isn't going to happen!! I'm also using my step-dads big Canon camera that I have no idea how to use (hence bad photos!)

Today I found this little bargain in my local Factory Shop. I also mentioned on Twitter that there was Essie nail polishes for £1!!!!! Everyone was so so shocked and I'm thinking I might have to get some because I have a giveaway planned. Who cares if you know they were £1? Its the thought that counts. 

Anyways, this is from the brand W7 which I have googled to have a look at and I can't actually find any kind of website. Just being sold on Amazon and places like this. I'm not sure why I picked this colour as it is very pink for me but I'm glad I did as I absolutely love it. Its a matte lipstick although when its on the lips I wouldn't say it feels all that matte. It glides on lovely and although I haven't tested staying power just yet, for £2 who cares if it needs a few re-applications. The colour (I'm not sure if you can tell) is slightly iridescent which I think is absolutely gorgeous because its not just a plain boring colour. It adds something without even knowing it!! 

Overall I would 100% buy these lipsticks again and I might when I next go in there (if there is still any left). The only downfall I would say is that where I got this from, there wasn't many colours options and they all looked quite similar. That isn't to say you couldn't get different colours!! 

Have you ever tried W7 products? What would you recommend??!



  1. I've never heard of this brand, but that's such a gorgeous colour!

    Phoebe-Cate x

  2. Your photos look fab to me! Love the colour of this lipstick, it looks lovely and such a bargain. Loving your new layout too!

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  3. The pics look good to me! :) Lovely lip colour xx

    Lucie xx

    Fatbeautyx // Youtube

  4. I love this colour! You really suit it x



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